THE WEEK AHEAD: 2-9 August 2020

Monday’s Full Moon is a time for the normally emotionally distanced water bearer to align with the feeling side of life!   Your own emotions might surface or you’ll find yourself in an intense exchange with a significant other.  Not everything can be fixed through reason and rationale.   The voice of the heart has its own truth which will be speaking loud and clear.  Time for a new perspective.

THE MONTH AHEAD: August 2020


Very high voltage activity is erupting around how you relate and with whom.  Perhaps this is more to do with an ex partner than a current one, or a stimulation in the go-seek department.  You do seem to be at a crunch point – yet there is more to this story to unfold when both Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius this December which will give the next few years a significant flavour of endings and beginnings.  The most important thing you can do is talk.  Especially around the 17th when the Sun and Mercury join forces, giving you an all-important insight into what makes another person tick.  The New Moon a few days later is your wake-up call for a new energy cycle to move you and someone else in a new direction.  August has a couple of glitch points – but all hinges on your capacity to work at solutions rather than the blocks.



Up until March 22 you’re literally clearing the debris of your past whether that’s in terms of previous relationships, old issues that rise up in current ones or the old patterns that keep repeating. Then on March 22 Saturn moves into Aquarius for the first time in 29 years. This is quite something and heralds a no-nonsense approach where water bearers will come over all practical and even committed. Enjoy it while it lasts until July 1 and then Saturn backtracks out of your sign and returns on December 17th for a 2.5 year period. You are on the threshold of something very important whether you are deciding to move further in or further out of a relationship. This is a year of clarity about your needs, wants and capacity to be your own person whether that’s within the context of being with another person or just for yourself.


As Saturn is stepping in, then out, then back into your sign this year it would be wise to think long term about where you are investing your talents, your money, your energy. You need the sensible return on all of these, rather than tilting at windmills. Saturn is the planet of responsibility, hard work and also karma, in other words the rewards you get for the effort you put in. You’re prepared to sign on the dotted line for the right thing.

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