THE WEEK AHEAD: 25 January - 1 February 2021

A lot is bubbling this week which requires you to accept change, to take on board how other people feel and to look at the potential you have to turn this challenge into the best thing that ever happened.  Don’t rush to lay your cards on the table as Mercury will change direction in your sign next Saturday which could bring surprises in February.

THE MONTH AHEAD: January 2021

It’s now time to step into the Age of Aquarius which carries your personal branding out into the world.  You can hear the arguments for keeping things as they were, but there is no holding you back now.  The Water Bearer is stepping out with vision, determination and confidence.  What’s more others are taking you and your ideas seriously and you have an air of authority and serendipity to be in the right place at the right time.  No matter how many extraordinary and unexpected matters arise, you’re ready to meet and greet them.  On the 28th and 29th there’s a real connection with a significant other that has the potential to be enormous.


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