Weekly Horoscopes for: 28 June – 5 July 2020


Your va va voom is enhanced by the arrival of Mars, planet of desire, drive and energy into Aries for a six month stint.  Talk about firing on all cylinders!   The initial pick up this week will be obvious to you – as the cosmos is also pulsing with intense Capricorn energy that fixes your sights on your goals and enables you to finally let go of anything that falls short.


Your sights are being set on a future that couldn’t be more different from what you envisaged even this time last year.   Embracing a radical new future seems less terrifying and more exciting – besides, as the past slips away you can’t dwell in a no-man’s land.   What transpires this week shows you that you still have everything to play for and being positive about it is a must.


Having come through a few months of Groundhog Day, you’re starting to re-birth into new opportunities.  The way is clear for you to establish collaborations that will have a mutually beneficial effect for both parties.  As a result you can finally drop what’s been the old pattern here and complete a story that has been long drawn out.


You’re taking a good long look at who’s in your life and working out where you go from here.   True, many twists and turns have come about through forces beyond your control, but perhaps this has flagged up existing flaws or even surprising gifts.  Whilst Jupiter and Pluto bring out your desire for ‘more’, you’re in no mood to settle for second best.   Next Sunday’s lunar eclipse in the relationship angle of your chart is your opportunity for your shell to either open or close.


Going back over your life story is time well spent.   In doing so, you can understand the patterns are work within yourself and your relationships.  The good news is that you don’t have to keep repeating an unsatisfactory narrative but can make wiser, better choices.   The universe message of personal empowerment in the upcoming lunar eclipse will encourage you to take a stand.


The Summer season of eclipses has its grand finale on July 5th – and you have felt an unrelenting pressure to ‘fix’ things that haven’t been working.  The frustration of Venus retrograde is that all the minor flaws have been magnified and as a Virgo it’s impossible to simply overlook them.   Now you have the power to curate your life as you wish to see it.  Choosing what goes where and how it will fit together, even if certain pieces must be discarded.


Go-getting Mars in Aries is now very firmly on your case and will be for the coming six months.   This is bound to stir things up in the relationship department as those close to you want answers and results, not maybe’s.  Besides which a potent eclipse can unhook you from the past and bring about a closure that cleanses and purges all that’s been hanging by a thread.   What a relief!


It’s not so much where you go and what you do that determines your output, but the extent to which your mind is engaged.   As a Scorpio you have an extraordinary capacity to give your all to ideas and projects so that your thoughts are constantly digging, processing and creating.   Be prepared for a new level to enter your life this week as Jupiter and Pluto up the ante – this could be a wonderful offer and the chance to rid yourself of those things you find less interesting.


Fed up with sweating the small stuff?  Here comes your chance to think much bigger and better as Jupiter joins up with the transformative planet Pluto.   This spells big changes and opportunities that could take you into a different league.   However, you need to remove all that has been blocking your pathway so that the new has a chance to flow in fully.


A positive upturn is embedded in Jupiter’s fortunate meeting with Pluto in your sign this week – either the potential for a change for the better to manifest, or simply a more positive mindset.  As the old is on its way out care of the potent lunar eclipse in Capricorn next Sunday, there’s nothing for it but to allow one door to close so another can open.


You’ll definitely need some time and space to yourself this week as so much is going on inside your head.  Your internal landscape is shifting enabling new potential to form and as Saturn vacates your sign where it’s been during lockdown, you’ll know exactly how you want to emerge from it all.


Your team or tribe, friendship group or circle is becoming charged with intense energy.   Ideas and projects are brewing that you want to be part of as you can achieve so much more together than you ever could on your own.   However, if you’ve never felt that you truly belonged in one particular cohort this is absolutely the time when you can let yourself out.