Weekly Horoscopes for: 20-27 September 2020


As Mercury has a stand-off with Saturn, Pluto and Mars this week you’re having to  get in touch with your true sense of purpose.   Whilst some activities are hitting a brick wall, you’re finding ways to navigate and re-negotiate what matters the most.    Relationships are key here – who are your allies on the same wavelength because you’re done with the rest!


It might be possible to trace the breadcrumbs back in your life to where your current ordeal started.   This is all about your own capacity to choose your path or even destiny in life, rather than following the herd and if you’ve compromised too much in the past it seems Mars in retrograde has something to say about the matter.  It would be really interesting to see exactly which personal choices you’ve made and how many were influenced by others.   This is the time to get hold of your own truth.


If you’re experiencing power struggles at the moment it would hardly be a surprise with this lot upstairs!  This could be a repeating scenario even with different faces and places.  What you need to get hold of this week is where your own blindspot trips you up.  Where can you get hijacked by another person’s agenda?  The force is with you – so knowing exactly what you want and why is key.


If your personal life has not been a perfect match with your personal will then you’re being given an opportunity to re-calibrate.  The first step is to notice how much you have ‘done’ for others and how you feel about that.   Where your own needs have been shelved or your desires suppressed this is a time for you to explore what you really want.   You may not be able to make things happen immediately, but having a plan is a start.


What you say and how you say it are of crucial importance this week.   Words have power and if you feel frustrated you may sabotage what has been a perfectly convivial connection with someone who has supported you in the past.  The lion’s roar can be overkill if it’s not tempered with kindness!


This could well be a week where karma from your previous actions and decisions comes into play.  Sometimes not doing something has far reaching consequences in the same way as the things you do.  You’ll see what’s going on and the need to slow up, review, process and acknowledge comes in.   Repeating old patterns is simply not the way to go.


As Mercury tussles with Saturn, Pluto and Mars this week you’ll be more aware than ever that it’s impossible to please all of the people all of the time.   If this is the case then the single most important thing you can do at this point is to do what is right for you.  Coming into Libra time signifies a rise in your own vital life forces.   It would be a shame to waste the sun that smiles on you by hovering in the shadows.


Mars in Aries is an activation of your subconscious energy – a place with which you are familiar as a Scorpio can move between the invisible and the visible with ease.   Whatever has been welling up inside can no longer be ignored.   Acknowledging what you need to do now in order to unstick yourself from blocked energy is paramount.   You will feel a power surge in your energy field as you reclaim all that has lain dormant inside you.


You’re usually happy when you make others happy.  Yet lately you might have asked yourself if you are truly in alignment with the gang or it is simply a force of habit.  Whatever is rising to the surface needs to be addressed and possibly you need to advocate for yourself rather than others at this point.


This is hardly a time of unbridled forward march.   Rather a one step forward, two steps backwards process.  Put it down to Mars reversing through the heavens and Mercury’s  tangle with Saturn and Pluto in your sign, not to mention a snippy snappy stand off with Mars itself.   Remember, This Is Temporary!  Retain your composure and take note of what’s going on without feeling you have to engage with the drama.


As you tend to see quite far ahead you can avoid getting caught up in issues that threaten to drain your energy as you quite rightly see that what seems such a big deal at the moment will soon pass.  However, there’s no getting away from the huge mountains others are making out of molehills.  You might even find it interesting to observe how people behave when they don’t get their own way.   Useful for future reference.


The areas of your life that you share with others either personally or financially are the centre of a conflicted cosmos this week.   You might be looking back at times when you have given too much away or find yourself in a current situation where it’s impossible to meet people’s needs in the way they expect.  Getting clear on what is your responsibility and what isn’t will take away the confusion.  Lines must be drawn and you’ll be happier for it.