Weekly Horoscopes for: 18-24 February 2024


A really interesting meeting is taking place between the North Node and Chiron in Aries this week.  A sense of tapping into destiny, recognising the lessons you’ve learned on your journey and preparing yourself for a big push which will come on April 8th with the solar eclipse in your sign.  You stand on the threshold between the past and the future.



You can dip into the gentle energy of Pisces from Monday which soothes your soul.   Even if there’s a flurry of activity in your world you find ways to maintain your connection to those things and people which provide meaning and emotional intelligence.   This is important as towards the end of the month you’re going to make some all-important choices which reflect your true inner values.  



Moving into Pisces season puts the Sun at the top spot in your chart which provides a lot of overhead lighting for your goals, aims and ambitions.  Between now and the end of the month you’re determined to get something over the line.   It turns out that certain people are pivotal for the next stages and absolutely ready to make themselves available.



At the moment you’re trying to look at the bigger picture.  However you do need to operate bigger boundaries to avoid overwhelm.  On no account allow people to jump on your bandwagon or to feel you need to fulfil their expectations that you take on more than you can handle.  Right now you need to be a strategist.



\Venus and Mars are cavorting in the relationship angle of your chart which brings certain people to your attention.  Of course it feels good to open up but don’t say yes to everything.  Saturn’s strict quality control will come into play later this month so it’s important to take things one step at a time.



This week marks the run up to the one and only Full Moon in Virgo next weekend.   Much activity centres around those that wish to be a bigger part of your life.  Yet you have so much going on you simply can’t be all things to all people.  Enjoy the dance but reserve some time for those things that are your true priorities.



As Venus and Mars are joining forces this week there’s an upbeat energy that draws you into something really rather fun.  Of course you know there’s work to be done but following your heart also has its place and makes other business feel more worthwhile.   Besides, there’s a thread of fate or karma that needs to be settled with a particular person.



The presence of a number of planets in Pisces helps you to flow more easily and visualise everything falling into place.  Your inner charisma and strength are also switching you on in a way which makes other people respond more readily to who you are and what you’ve got to offer.   Far from being the secretive Scorpio – this is the time to make your mark.



It’s easy to overlook your inner life in favour of what’s going on in the outside world.   Yet matters close to home or in your  personal realm are reaching a crescendo.  State your desires as openly as possible and you will absolve someone else of the need to be a mind-reader!



Having overcome various sticky situations, you’re in need of a little more ease.  Counter-intuitively the more you have a resolute plan for what’s possible, the more it flows.  Start with cutting out everything that isn’t strictly necessary and make room for those things which lift you to another level.



Venus and Mars, the twin planets of love and desire are fusing together in your sign.  Which provides a flash of energy that could take you out of your comfort zone.   You need to be ready to step into the world of feelings and reactions – it will be an interesting experiment if nothing else.  It might even light your fire in ways you never would have expected.



The arrival of the Sun into your sign on Monday creates quite a line-up of planets in Pisces.  By Friday 4 out of 10 celestial bodies with be swimming in the sign of the fishes, elevating you to a bigger pool or pond where you can follow your heart’s desire and own interests.   Right now the most important thing is for you to get clear on what those are.




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