Weekly Horoscopes for: 22-29 November 2020


  You’re thinking ahead now which is just as well as the pair of eclipses activating the think tank and realm of possibilities zones of your chart will soon make manifest.  In the meantime you’re discussing who’s coming with you and how you could make it work.  A step back from or towards someone is a big part of your dance this week.


The arrival of Venus into the relationship angle of your chart this weekend is a blessing for the law of attraction.   Except these days your frequency is not what it used to be care of the revolutionary planet Uranus in your sign. The old rut no longer appeals, you’re up for something that fits in with your new normal.  Communication is flowing and magical, you’re able to go a level deeper…..


Now the Sun is lighting up the relationship angle of your chart your attention is turning to who is in your life and where things are going.  With the approaching lunar eclipse in Gemini at the end of the month you’re keen to get things moving along your path of vision.  Which is why you could complete on or opt out of things that have bound you to others.  Right now you’re formulating what that looks like and making the necessary cuts and adjustments whilst forging deeper connections.


An empaths guide to the universe is what you need when Venus is pulsing through your 5th house of love and pleasure.   Since you intuitively know what others enjoy this could be your moment to turn things around and focus on what floats your own boat.  Promise yourself that you will inject that vital magic into conversations and discussions that enables those close to you to surprise you.


It’s a rare Leo who doesn’t enjoy this time of year when things turn a little sparkly.  No matter what your circumstances, you appreciate any opportunity to warm the heart.  Get into creative mode and see how you can make the most of your options at this time.   As they say, necessity is the Mother of invention and now, more than ever you can make a big difference to how someone feels.


Being rational by nature, you tend to analyse rather than allow things to unfold.   Yet you’re on the brink of a very positive development that will take you into new territory mentally and emotionally.  Asking too many questions can slam doors shut, so just feel your way through and focus on the openings that are making themselves available to you.


Your values and priorities have been shifting this year and so you’re prepared to make a different kind of decision that reflects what matters now, not what used to dominate your thinking.   |Where you once might have prevaricated and postponed making choices, the answers seem crystal clear at this point.  Besides, you’ll find others are keen to find ways of adapting and making things work.


The love goddess, Venus, enters your sign just as the Sun moves out of it this weekend, so relationships with others are centre stage.  Whilst you’ll find this time of the year enables you to radiate your Scorpio magic, you’re also up for something very different and unusual.  The new seems much more appealing than the old at this point so don’t hesitate to step out of a rut and align yourself with what you find intriguing and interesting.


The Sun’s entrance into Sagittarius lights up your life and your vital energy so that you instantly feel more upbeat and alive.  Whilst discussions continue behind-the-scenes you realise  there is something about this lockdown energy that enables ideas to gestate in privacy which can be a good thing.  Very shortly you’ll be able to shout from the rooftops, but for now you can quite enjoy your secrets.


It’s not your style to jump at things, as you prefer giving things time to percolate and to assess the right thing to do.   However, there’s something about a person or an opportunity that comes up that entices you to be more spontaneous than usual.   It all boils down to whether you can trust your instincts and it’s about time you did!


You seem to be ticking someone’s boxes and gaining attention which is priming you for being the face of the Aquarian Age zeitgeist of 2021.  Make no mistake you will be a prime mover and shaker once Jupiter and Saturn move into your sign towards the end of this year and find that others are finally understanding what you have understood all along.


Even if you’ve suffered setbacks and stagnation at times during 2020, there’s a whole movement and flow that will enable you to make up for lost time.  This partly comes about because you find yourself connecting with those that are in total alignment with how you think.  This means you can take that vital step forward and cut loose from what has held you back.