Weekly Horoscopes for: 19-26 September 2021


The tsunami of feelings generated by the watery Pisces Full Moon is a potential deluge.  Try to take some retreat time just to let it all wash over you.  It’s a space of inner healing rather than pushing the envelope.  The Autumn equinox brings the Sun to Libra and the relationship angle of your chart which is already busy hosting the mind planet Mercury  and assertive Mars.  Dialogues could turn tetchy midweek.  Allow a break in the old pattern, reframe what’s happening and look to resolve it all at the end of the week when Saturn stabilises the situation.


The overwhelm of the Pisces Full Moon early in the week requires you to be more grounded than ever.  Especially around those that have lost all sense of proportion.  Sometimes the healing is in the simplest of things – it’s not rocket science as you well know.   Autumn Equinox sparks that swing of the Libran scales into the seasonal handover and you’re ready to gather in.  Yet Thursday offers up the most dynamic aspect of the week as Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus.  Stand and stare!  You find yourself on the other side.


Your direction is clouded early in the week with the Full Moon so close to misty Neptune, yet you feel ready  to let go of the impossible along with the constantly shifting goalposts. Be honest with yourself about what you really want. Raw revelations surface midweek which prompt you to disrupt the system in favour of something that really works.   By Saturday you’re in that time of accomplishment,


The healing medicine is in focusing on happy plans rather than dwelling on the past.  Break the communication loop by refusing to replay the old issues.  This week’s sparky set-to between Venus and Uranus encourages you to find new ways of expressing your desire for love, colour and creativity.  Rev up your soul life by daring to do something that’s good for it!


This is a good time to look at where you fall into the land of enchantment or under someone’s spell.  Being clear-eyed is essential now.   Nothing but the truth will do.  Autumn Equinox asks you to create new thoughts and ideas even if it means taking a break from how you thought things would be.  As Mercury is slowing to a standstill prior to retrograding on the 27th you could use a plan B.


True endings often occur in micro-shifts over a period of time and the Pisces Full Moon offers up yet another chance to fully let go.  Where have you been hanging onto the old story?  Trying to fix and solve? An emotional release is what’s needed  and the upcoming clash between Venus and Uranus disrupts the status quo so that you can take a different tack.  As Mercury is slowing down and turning retrograde on the 27th allow yourself to consider the roads less travelled.


Even if the Full Moon feels overwhelming you’re on your way to a clear-up campaign.   This involves speaking your mind and not sugar-coating your truth.  You’ll be surprised at how liberating this feels and how others respond rapidly to your needs rather than the other way around.  Bear in mind that Mercury in your sign is slowing to a standstill next Monday 27th so an interlude in your state of affairs is coming up.   All the more reason to get everything ticked off your list by next weekend which is gratifyingly do-able with a supportive Mars-Saturn alliance.


Having your heart touched by someone special at the Pisces Full Moon is a blessing early in the week.  Yet the Sun is joining Mercury and Mars in the inner sanctum zone of your chart so bear in mind that you need to do a bit of self-care and self reflection.  Particularly as Venus in Scorpio is about to have a run-in with wild-child Uranus on Thursday.   A highly charged aspect that can roll the dice in an entirely new direction.


An overblown Full Moon next to tidal wave Neptune could mean flood damage to your feelings and/or those around you.   Keep things real and neither inflate nor minimise issues but deal with things as they are rather than how you might wish them to be.  Never forget your power of choice which is not always about how you operate in the outside world, but how you think about things.  Perspective and proportion are everything.


Tempting as it is to dwell on imperfections, the only way through the twists and turns of this week is to live exclusively in the moment with an open mind.  This way you are free to make new choices and to create psychological distance between your past and the future. Saturday’s reassuring link between Mars and your ruling planet Saturn offers you the sense and sensibility to turn up trumps.


A Full Moon always brings an opportunity for closure and completion and you may feel it’s time to move on from a cycle of activity or emotional thread that’s been part of the pattern for a while.  Mid-week you get the message loud and clear that choices need to be made and there is a real sense of satisfaction in cleaning up your act.


A Full Moon in Pisces is not only special to you, but a potential time of healing as it signifies a real moment of connection with your true feelings.  Open yourself up to the intuitive realm, your dream-world and all your hopes and wishes.  Remember too that clearing away anything that blocks manifestation is an act of self-love.



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