Weekly Horoscopes for: 4 – 10 June 2023


The arrival of sunny Venus into your companion fire sign of Leo for a prolonged period lights up the most entertaining sector of your skies.  However, you could feel the pressure initially – either someone is resistant or pushing too far – either way you don’t enjoy the control element of their tactics.  However, you always do things your own way and by the end of the week you’ve found the sweet spot.



There’s no point adding fuel to the fire when Venus is in lock with Pluto.  Wait it out and see if someone’s power point can align with your own as an internal shift rather than external warfare.  Friday’s miraculous connection to magical Neptune suggests your inspiration is the ultimate healing balm, the transcendent elixir that alchemises your perception to a place where peace reigns.



During Gemini season you’re able to radiate your light out into the world in such a way that many opposing forces are neutralised.   Right now it’s a question of timing plans and arrangements so that the short term and long term can happily co-exist in your mind.  Bothersome issues are receding into the background as you begin to explore new delights.



Whenever Pluto is playing a pivotal role the emotional atmosphere is amped up.  Besides which a recent Full Moon is still altering the landscape.  So go gently and see how things settle.  Within days you’ll be exploring possibilities that appeal to the creative side of your nature, offering a chance to soften all the hard edges.  It’s a matter of perception.



Prepare yourself for the long haul of journey of Venus through your sign.  Taking you to early Autumn as you enter a profound Venus retrograde process that has the potential to reframe how you relate and all aspects of value and love.   From now until early October you’ll be in a time of initiation, realisation, awakening and transformation.   It starts on Monday with an impactful link to Pluto so take note of what’s stirring.



Are you experiencing a replay of past events?   As Venus excavates your memory bank from its position in the 12th house you need to work something through between now and early October.  Past loves might resurface, all the messy stuff of human emotions that can’t be rationalised.  Meanwhile, keep an open mind.



Venus and Pluto are a heady mix to start the week, plunging you into an intense scenario that has the capacity to disrupt the Libran balance.  However, it might be that you need to be taken out of your comfort zone in order to realise the truth of how you really feel and what it is you most value.  Give yourself the gift of this awareness and know that you’ll return to centre with a greater knowing.



As your powerful ruling planet Pluto is centre stage on Monday it seems you’re arriving at a moment of truth.  Entering a period of important decisions on your life direction for one thing.  Your gut instincts are spot-on so go with what feels right and vote with your feet.  Friday’s dreamy link between Mercury and Neptune releases all tension and allows the magic to flow.



As Venus is moving into your zone of futures and far horizons you could be experiencing a case of ‘if only’.  As Pluto appears to be pulling you into the here and now many archers are in the hot seat.  However, this too shall pass and Venus will be sailing in these promising fields until early October so you have plenty of opportunity to explore other offerings.  Meanwhile release and relax as much as possible.



Financial matters are to the fore and it could be that you are dealing with someone who isn’t good at sharing.  However, they have reckoned without your tour de force and as Pluto is due back in your sign next weekend you’re not in the mood to roll over but to act with all the power that is your birthright.



As Venus meets with Pluto in your sign, eyes across a crowded room style there’s no getting away from the impact someone is having on you.  Perhaps you’re finding someone rather compelling or repelling!  Whichever way you’re not in your normal cool detachment which makes for an interesting situation where you learn something new about yourself.



Something about the working pattern of your life appears to be bothering you and steps need to be taken in order to ensure a better mind-body-spirit flow.  Fortunately by the end of the week when Mercury encounters the blissful Neptune in your sign you’ve dreamed up lots of ways to enhance the feel-good-factor.




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