Weekly Horoscopes for: 22-29 May 2022


The arrival of action planet Mars into Aries on Tuesday marks a major surge of energy and even though Mercury is still in retrograde shaking the cosmic cocktail, you’re on a roll.  Much of what transpires between now and the end of May fills you with confidence and belief in your power to move forwards.



As Mercury reverses back into Taurus on Monday you’ll need to look at detailed plans for your next move in the coming days.   Strategy is everything and although you’re secretly whooping for joy as everything is looking good, pay attention to the finer points.



Being part of a team in a business or social sense is crucial now as Jupiter and Mars are infusing the group effort with the spirit of enterprise.  Keep the details loose as Mercury remains in reverse motion, yet it’s obvious there are many projects and events you can build together that open up a brand new world.



It’s all rock and roll as Mars and Jupiter join forces in upbeat Aries and you’re receiving a big expansion to your playbook.  Although some issues remain unclear whilst Mercury is retrograde, the generally upbeat nature of these times fill you with positive energy.  Anything less than perfect can be relegated to minor importance.



A force field of dynamic fiery energy surrounds you as Mars and Jupiter combine in Aries to lead the pathway ahead.  The next 6 weeks restore your faith and confidence in life as opportunities download that are both welcome and unexpected.   Don’t fret over Mercury retrograde glitches – they are small fry that should be put into context alongside your big blue sky outlook.



It’s too easy to fuss over the workarounds that are the hallmark of Mercury retrograde.   Yet doing so means that you are in danger of missing the bigger ticket items that are showing up on your radar which could catapult you into another league.   Therefore you need bi-focal vision and the capacity to anchor down the wonderful potential that’s on your horizon.



For a short period Venus, Mars and Jupiter will rampage through Aries and the relationship angle of your chart.   Whilst they have the potential to trigger a greater level of desire and connection, you don’t want things to unsettle you by taking off too fast.  Even business relationships need to remain grounded at this time.



You have to let the light in at this point to illuminate a future you didn’t know you had.  Re-visit ideas that were floated once upon a time and you’ll see that now the time is right.  Being optimistic about the way you can work things now lifts everything to a new level.



Pursuing big plans is always a way to make you feel life is back on track and the presence of Venus, Mars and Jupiter in the feel-good sector of your skies is generating great positivity.   However, the devil is in the detail and as Mercury is still in reverse, take care not to ride rough-shod over things that could trip you up. Go carefully but with good intention.



A possibility that you over-looked is coming around again for review.  Perhaps it will solve an important family dynamic yet as Venus is due to face off with Pluto in your sign at the end of the week it will take a change of perspective on your part and the capacity to transform rather than resist.



You really can’t be bothered to go into details when all you care about is that everyone enjoys themselves.  As an Aquarian you believe in the spirit of the occasion rather than the minutiae and in travelling lightly rather than getting weighed down by endless what if’s.    This level of detachment helps others to focus on the things that really matter too.



As the red hot planet Mars moves out of your sign and into Aries, thereby beginning its new circuit of the zodiac from Tuesday you will no doubt breathe a sigh of relief.   Pisceans dislike the urgency of Mars and prefer to go with the flow so you now have a period of doing your own thing.   Which also enables you to process the highly charged atmosphere of the past couple of months.




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