Weekly Horoscopes for: 28 February – 7 March 2021


    Clearing away the Winter energy is your mission over this weekend.   You’re ‘done’.   As March opens up, you find yourself considering new options, feeling the urge to do different things.  As the focus moves from pure survival to actually living, Mars in Gemini offers up interesting ideas that stimulate and re-set your thinking.                


Re-connecting to life’s joys is an essential theme for end of February and moving into March.   You’ve spent too long in the underworld, and need to reclaim your rightful place in the realm of sensory delights, playfulness and creativity.  As Mars finally vacates your sign on Friday you feel a delicious sense of relaxation, not yet experienced this year.


Awaiting the arrival of the red  hot planet Mars into Gemini on Friday you’re sensing an anticipatory change from neutral to top gear.  Spring is going to be a real leap forward this year and you’re eager to action all that has been on hold.  It all starts at the end of this week with a great rush of positive optimisation.


Spring begins to flow and flower with a greater capacity to relate and connect to all that offers you a way out of the doldrums of stagnation.   Where you’ve stood still or held it together, now you’re excited by a great desire to release yourself into everything that enhances life and love.  A major part of this is to simply let go and relax.


The late February Full Moon clears out any residual cobwebs, giving you room to breathe and enjoy the early vibrations of March as it comes in with an exciting new dimensional energy.  For many Leos, who have simply grown bored without their usual entourage, the arrival of Mars into the people angle of your chart next Friday will liven life up and give you the exchanges and interactions that stimulate your psyche.  Great discussions lift all the heavy energy, filling you with optimism.


February’s high vibe ending with the Virgo Full Moon takes a few days to integrate.   You realise you’re stepping into a new phase and have closure on the past.  The heady connection between Venus and Uranus has much to offer in the way of new attractions and a change of emphasis so it’s no longer about hard work, but making moves forward.  A new dawn is opening in terms of who you are in the world as Mars takes up position on the top spot in your chart, taking you through Spring with a zest and zeal you haven’t experienced for a very long time.


An end of an era might be the climax of February’s Full Moon in the karmic angle of  your chart.   You’re ready to move on now and March initiates a different dynamic.  Wanting to embrace it in full, you’re discovering new ways to connect that shake you out of old patterns.  Mars in Gemini from Friday will also re-position your prospects, your territories, your pathways and trajectory over the Spring.   Get set for an adjustment that makes a positively big difference.


Your role in an organisation, group of people or team is taking you in a different direction.   New people are coming on board.  Perhaps you’d forgotten the joys of Spring as the Winter slumber sent even the most psychically attuned Scorpio into a spaced out state.   Yet you’re wide awake and noticing everything that’s going on with a curiosity and up-for-it mentality which creates a flirtation with life.


If you feel certain situation have been sucking all the joy out of life then this week restores the fun and frivolity.   Post late February’s Full Moon, you want to change tack and give your all to meaningful collaborations and the arrival of upfront Mars into Gemini next Friday gets the party started.   Between then and April 23 you’ll find people are all over you.  Enjoy!


Whilst you may have been nervous of thinking too much about the future, February literally gets you out of a rut as it closes, freeing you to explore new options.  You’ve been waiting for the green light and here it comes.  Just living differently in your daily life is an express ticket out of the old routine.   This is what you need and will make a world of difference.


The heavy earth sign energy of Mars in Taurus has caught you up in mundane matters that are simply not your bag, since early this year.   As the action planet moves to accent the things you find pleasurable, creatively, engaging and playful you move into March in a different frame of mind.  Besides which, the union of Mercury with upbeat Jupiter in your own sign on Friday gives you the kind of lift that makes anything seem possible.


The mesmerising energy of the love goddess Venus in Pisces steps up a gear as she encounters the sparky attraction of Uranus in early March.  It’s easy to magnetise excitement and surprises – or to simply enjoy the high voltage in your own energy field.   Whatever looks and feels good to you is stepping up a notch.



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