Weekly Horoscopes for: 19-25 March 2023


It’s a wow-factor, X-factor week with the Sun shining in Aries from Monday and your own New Moon here on Tuesday.  This alone is enough to put you up amongst the stars.   However a huge shift is also taking place behind the scenes as Pluto moves into your zone of colleagues, friends and followers shaking off those who are not aligned and building a new platform for a joint effort or enterprise.  Finally Mars moves to activate a pulse point on your midheaven.   You’re on!



Contradictory influences suggest that you are both ‘off’ and ‘on’.   A lot is going on beneath the radar and behind-the-scenes.  So get on with your own thing and enjoy the gestation period.  As Pluto performs a momentous move to your midheaven for the first time in near on 250 years there’s a growing sense that your role in life is taking on a deeper meaning.  Can you feel the passion stirring?



It seems forever that Mars has been churning up your sign with its forward and backward motion creating both fire  and dead ends.  In fact, it’s been a total of 7 months – and as it departs next Saturday, the celestial atmosphere is changing big time.  Spring Equinox coupled with a New Moon brings the breeze of something new.  Pluto makes its first foray into your fellow Air sign of Aquarius in nearly 250 years stretching your horizons beyond what you ever imagined possible in the coming years.



Prepare for lift off!   Action planet Mars zooms into your sign next Saturday for a six week session of work-outs and driving forces so this is the perfect time to get on with the rest of your life.   Especially as you will feel the excitement of new seeds being planted with the New Moon on your midheaven and Pluto ceasing to oppose you after 16 years!



Mars is taking up position in the most strategic sector of your skies for the next six weeks so although Aries season begins and you’re filled with fire-power it’s best to begin with small sparks that build long term.   Pluto is also changing position taking a three month taster in the relationship angle of your chart which has you re-evaluating the power dynamics in your interactions.  Especially if you’ve given it away – it’s time to reclaim.



If things have been a little pear-shaped due to Neptune’s chaotic influence this is the week when you can strike a deal, make an arrangement and generally tidy things up.  It’s most certainly a week of new beginnings and fresh starts and with Pluto moving to accent your cohorts and alliances you could find yourself in the power seat or with entre into a brave new world.   It’s all about who you know.



Both the Spring Equinox and New Moon in Aries highlight the importance of other people in your life.   Especially those one-to-one connections of a business or personal nature that have the power to move you forward over the coming weeks.  Someone is going to bring you alive.   In other news, Pluto’s insistence that you take the enjoyment of life to a new level will be welcome.  What with that and Mars in pole position directing action and achievement you’re in take off mode.



Your powerful ruling planet Pluto is changing signs for the first time in 16 years and making a foray into the most personal angle of your chart.  You’re no stranger to the process of digging deep but the next few months will enable you to turn within to find even more of your own true gold.  Meanwhile your everyday life will receive a transfusion of new purpose with Tuesday’s New Moon.



If 2023 has been rather an uphill struggle so far take heart from the rebirth energy generated by the Spring Equinox followed by Tuesday’s New Moon which re-starts your inner clock and encourages new shoots of life.  Pluto is also making an intervention in the people angle of your chart over the coming months which will set you amongst those who share the same frequency and remove the hangers on.



If you think back to 2008 when powerful Pluto first entered your sign you can no doubt trace some dramatic turns in your story since then which amount to nothing less than a hero’s journey.  On Thursday this planet of transformation steps out of your sign until June 11 before its last hurrah in Capricorn.  So take the promise of this week’s New Moon as a signal to start living as the alchemist you are.



If you have a birthday near the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius life is in transition mode  – perhaps you know the planetary placements in your chart and can see the potency of 0 degrees!   All water bearers should regard Pluto’s  initial foray into your sign for the first time in 248 years as something of a milestone.  It will visit you for a few short months initially but you will get the sense of powerful changes afoot.



Saturn means business in your sign so you can harness that energy to take advantage of the burst of new life given by the Spring Equinox and subsequent New Moon.   Gather your soul parts and personal drive and energy to align with what comes next in your life.   Be the instigator rather than the responder and you can shape things as you wish.




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