Weekly Horoscopes for: 17-24 January 2021


    Perhaps you are beginning to detect an air of optimism – or maybe it is still early doors but nevertheless still welcome.  Yet Mars and Uranus are forming their electrifying union on Wednesday which could either light up your world or cause a power outage.  This combination has a reputation for producing the unexpected, so this isn’t the time to take any chances.  Next weekend, the Sun and Saturn hove into view as the dominant pair, gravitas and great effort is their thing.              


It can be quite hard to remain a calm and placid bull when Mars and Uranus power up in your sign producing sparks, surprises and all manner of high voltage incidents.  Don’t be surprised if events or people are provocative to your usually docile nature.  It’s also good to recognise that you too can be a first responder and totally in touch with an adrenaline rush.   You have the power to do something completely different and surprise yourself in the process.


The speed at which life unfolds can be dizzying when Jupiter, Mars and Uranus are in the mix.  Suddenly things look different or people change tack so be prepared for rapid turn arounds.  One element of your life could suddenly become a thing of the past as you find yourself in new and unchartered territory – a thrilling but slightly daunting scenario.


Mars and Uranus carry an activist energy, there is definitely something wild and unexpected about the energy this week which could result in your seeing certain people in a totally different light.  Things happen quickly which means you have to think on your feet.  Yet next weekend carries a soothing balm and a down-to-earth stock take of all that has taken place.


Here comes the Sun! Into your partnership zone as it reaches Aquarius and will join with Saturn next weekend which will give you a strong marker and reference point as to the state of your unions with others.  In the meantime, Mars and Uranus has you on a roller-coaster ride which could change the status quo in your work plans or even alter the direction in which you want to go.


You are quite likely to end this week looking at things quite differently as Mars and Uranus set to work upending your best laid plans.  Factor in time to adjust to circumstances beyond your control and to fix the weak spots in your system.  Doors open and shut under these cosmic influences and therefore it could be wise not to look back.


You could find yourself full of the joys of a very early Spring or undertaking a spot of crisis management under these unexpected influences.  Perhaps even both as you tend to attract both ends of the scales.  It takes a clear head to remain calm when things suddenly open up or break down and there’s no doubt that you shouldn’t take anything for granted at this time, but you possess the skills to sort them out.


Whatever someone brings into your life this week is likely to be something you never expected as Mars and Uranus are the master team of surprise.  Yet it’s not so much the ‘thing’, or event but the feeling that goes along with it that liberates you from where you’ve been stuck.  January is a month of considerable change and the only way to navigate it is to go with it.


It can be frustrating for a fire sign like you to have to put up with things that limit your freedom of movement, yet this week’s aspects create such a desire in you to push the envelope you could end up disrupting something just to gain some personal relief.  There are consequences coming along in the shape of Saturn, next Sunday, so ensure that what you do will stack up in a sensible way.


It could take all your efforts to keep the ship steady this week as extremely volatile aspects are circulating that produce unexpected events and exchanges all around.  It could be that you are prized out of a rut, yet you will want to return to your default setting of stability as soon as possible when Saturn meets with the Sun next Sunday and everyone turns to you for the answers.


As Mars conjoins with your volatile ruling planet Uranus midweek you’re unlikely to feel like settling into the status quo.   It is bound to bring  outspoken, controversial, rebellious energy to the surface.  Not just in you either!   You could be liberated from a tie that binds or thrust into something entirely unexpected.   Yet as the Sun is about to join for the first time with Saturn in Aquarius next Sunday 24th, there will be some kind of reckoning.  You are in a significant time of decisions, results and consequences.


There’s bound to be some turbulence when Mars joins with wild child planet Uranus.  Someone stirs the pot, acts out or you receive something quite out of the blue.   It’s all food for thought so try not to jump in but buy yourself some time to work things through.   Especially as sensible Saturn is on its way and by next weekend you could pull back from the front line and see things in a very practical way.



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