Weekly Horoscopes for: 24- 30 September 2023


Whatever has been a long time in the works is coming to fruition with the Full Moon in Aries this week.  The arrival of the Sun into Libra highlights how to move forward with others and to enjoy the exchanges and growth whether in a personal or business setting.  It’s feeling highly charged, but keep your centre.



Full Moons always move the dial but Friday’s lunar landing is accompanied by Venus squaring off to Uranus in your own sign which provides that extra bit of oomph.   So don’t be surprised at what’s coming up for you now and enjoy the new dimension it brings.  Turning things around if only in your own perception (which is the filter for your reality) so it’s really quite exciting.



You can expect a lightbulb moment towards the end of the week which eliminates those things that can’t work and affirms those that can.  Besides, you’re not moving in a vacuum but are part of a bigger plan with others who are equally motivated to establish the best direction.  It’s fun to be in it together.



Full Moons often have you waving your pincers and it seems you’re at a transitional point which alters the emphasis in your life.   Whilst you’re happy to explore new avenues some of which add positive delights, you’re looking for an important anchor. Cancerians need security, yet paradoxically this will come out of making some essential changes.  



When you are dealing with so many things even a lion can shut down emotionally.  However, you’re feeling curious about life again and eager to explore what’s out there.  Especially those places, activities and people who can provide a different slant on life and open you up to something new and exciting.  Be ready to step into a new beginning.



As the angles of your chart connected to your resources are lit up with celestial activity you’re being offered a ‘pop up’.   No doubt from a perspective that you’ve never considered before which offers a completely different take on what it means to be ‘well-off’.   Blessings come in many forms if you have eyes to see them.



As the Sun is now in your sails there’s much for you do.   Just in time for the Full Moon in your opposite sign of Aries to draw your attention to other people’s needs and wishes.   Is this a battle or your chance to be fair?   Decisions are easier with the fire planet Mars pulsing through Libra.  Make them.  You’ll be glad you did.



You’re in private mode with planets nestling in your inner sanctum, processing, preparing and exploring plans.  Signs of growth and unexpected developments are piquing your curiosity and encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone.  First though, you must ensure the container is strong which means completing on the past.



The upcoming Full Moon in your fellow fire sign of Aries highlights the need to tap into your own adventurous spirit and engage with what you love.  This will become increasingly important at eclipse time on October 14th which is a re-birth cycle.   Wherever you have lost heart, now is the time to reclaim it.



The accent is on your place in the world, the grand scheme of things, your role and purpose – which means you are checking to see if you’re climbing the right mountain.   However, Friday’s Full Moon is all about base camp and your personal life so matters need to be settled in order to provide a greater level of security.



You’re fine with interesting new developments even if they turn existing arrangements upside down.  As you think on the spot and welcome whatever’s outside of the box you’d rather deal with change than stagnation.  Besides, your greatest strength lies in broadening the perspective of others, so you have plenty to talk about this week.



Deciding factors accompany Friday’s Full Moon – yet they only confirm what you’ve felt all along.  In fact it’s a relief to know that your intuition has been guiding you onto a new pathway which is laid out as a fresh start and a chance to give your talents greater expression and acknowledgment.




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