Weekly Horoscopes for: 6-13 June 2021


An intense peak is reached at the solar eclipse on June 10th which produces a big aha moment.  You might feel as if you’re brain is being re-wired to think new thoughts, embrace a new perception or dynamic.   Certainly the kind of information that’s coming on-board gives you a different take on what you’ve been thinking and feeling.   Once Mars moves into your fellow fire sign of Leo on Friday through to late July your playful, sparky nature is evident as Summer expands your reach.


You might sense that this week is going to be a ‘big one’, judging by the way people are over-reacting and attempting to control the uncontrollable.   Of course, you’ve been known to try to do the latter yourself, pitting your formidable powers of resilience against sticky, chaotic challenges and often wondered why you bothered afterwards.  Perhaps to prove a point that you can hang in there.  But now the solar eclipse is approaching and you know you must look at money, assets, resources and self-worth.  Who you are is actually more valuable than anything you might own or want.  Invest in yourself.


You can count on something unexpected to come up when Mercury is reversing through your sign.   However, its is Thursday’s eclipsed New Moon in Gemini which presents the major thrust this week, an event, idea or situation that continues its ripple effect for a good six months.  For many Geminis this heralds the start of a new you, a re-branding exercise, a change of emphasis and a cutting with the past.  As the Sun’s close conjunction with Mercury takes place as part of this, the discussions that take place this week are going to be especially significant.


For the past few weeks, Mars in Cancer has had you on the move, poised and ready for action, or combat!  As this feisty planet leaves you on Friday you’ll be able to take things down a notch and sense the relief.   This dovetails with the eclipsed New Moon which takes place in the most reflective and inwardly looking sector of your skies.   Time to take a deep breath.


Get ready for the most pro-active of planets to enter your sign on Friday and as Mars continues to pulsate in Leo through to late July it’s as if the celestial thermometer will be turned up.   Close to this, the solar eclipse highlights the kinds of people you want to take with you.   Approaches are made but think carefully before accepting as Mercury’s retrograde indicates some chopping and changing.


Towards the end of last year you were thinking of hitching your wagon to a particular star.   Now the solar eclipse in the most prominent place in your chart gives you an opportunity to assess how far you’ve come.   Or not as the case may be.  Mercury in its retrograde will join the Sun on Friday for a chance to evaluate, discuss and download all that has come to pass and to re-orient yourself for the six months to come.  Mars is also slinking into the private area of your chart – so keep your plans close to your chest.


As Mars takes up position in the most people-oriented sector of your skies you’re needing to use all your networking and social skills in the coming weeks.  People are wanting to move mountains and may across as impatient and demanding but they definitely want you to be part of this group effort.  Meanwhile, Thursday’s eclipsed New Moon takes your attention towards your own pathway and journey.  The things you really believe in, the places you want to explore in life.   Between now and the end of the year these assume greater importance.


The issue of trust is a big one for Scorpios.  You learn some of your greatest lessons through the people you have entrusted with your money and your heart.  The upcoming solar eclipse falls in this area on Thursday, continuing a gradual awakening that has been a theme note of the past 18 months.  It seems the universe is asking you to look at turning any darkness into light in these areas.  At the same time, Mars is also moving to accent your worldly accomplishments and goals which will be a driving force through to late July.


As Thursday’s eclipsed New Moon falls in the all important angle of your close relationships and business partnerships  you’re receiving a big download of energy that will kickstart a new cycle here.  Perhaps something big is happening in the life of someone with whom you are closely connected, or the union itself is set for a major shift forward.  As Mars moves to accent adventure, you are definitely in a growth spurt.


If there are any flaws in your system, including your health and the way you ‘work it’ then this is the time to implement major change.   The solar eclipse points the way forward, perhaps introducing a new rhythm into your state of affairs and daily life.   This is a chance to up-level the way you do things and to introduce a better quality of life that flows into mind, body and spirit.   Someone close to you will appreciate it.


You always retain your independent spirit whether you are involved in a partnership or not.   Yet the celestial picture is heavily starring a greater level of connection and interaction in the coming weeks and months.  Mars in Leo activates your partnership zone, stimulating attention on you and providing a driving force to get things off the ground between you.  Thursday’s solar eclipse is in the most playful and romantic area of your chart, enabling you to flirt with life if not that special someone!


It’s always easy for you to get side-tracked by other people’s needs, yet the arrival of Mars into your 6th house produces a need to get with your own programme.   Whether this means paying more attention to your health, or your daily schedules and needs, you are getting on the case.   A solar eclipse is also accenting your personal life, kick-starting a new cycle here that will take you through the next 6 months.



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