Weekly Horoscopes for: 7-13 August 2022


This is bound to be  a roller-coaster week as the planets pinball and ricochet around, activating a whole set of contradictory feelings and factors.  First of all, do not take anything personally and position yourself as an observer rather than wading in.  As a bystander you’ll get to see people’s true colours which is interesting in itself.



You’ve been experiencing something of a re-set and the show isn’t over yet!  Whilst some developments feel frustratingly blocking, others jolt you into a new awareness that means you can take matters into your own hands around the time of the Full Moon on Friday.  However, be aware that for every action, there is a reaction and therefore more karma.



It’s a dance of quick quick slow so you’re having to adapt to a change of pace and deal with some events that have split second timing whilst other areas leave you hanging.   Keep your light bright and you’ll breeze through to the Full Moon on Friday that clarifies your pathway into the future.



A set-to between Venus in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn flags up the Plutocrats in your life – where you have given your power away and need to reclaim it back.  This is an excellent week for releasing all that has been stuck so get behind Friday’s Full Moon and change your story to redress the balance between closeness and freedom.



There are so many energetic shifts for creating change this week.  If you are still living in a stuck space, the universe will send you challenges to purify and clear it out.  So you can heal your deepest fears and experience wholeness.   The Aquarius Full Moon is a portal for connection with yourself and those close to you.



Even if your outer world is relatively still, your inner one is humongously busy.  In fact, it’s churning with micro-bites of emotionally charged responses.   Where is the calm in the chaos?  You can find it through aligning with the infinite waves of the universe that lull and soothe you when all is stirred up within.  Soon you will find yourself in the desired Om zone.



A Venus/Pluto combo can bring out the best and the worst in people.  Even both at the same time which is something only a Libra can understand.   However, it’s within your power to live in a micro-bubble of happiness if you choose it.   Perhaps you imagine this would take a miracle.   However, it might only take a deep breath…



You’ve got a powerful message to put across – one that you’ve been holding onto for a while.   Suddenly an opening is here that is capable of re-calibrating the inner with your outer experiences in  life.  Make it a fresh start energetically.



Whilst this week has its choppy moments you’ll find it pays not to pre-judge what’s going on but simply ride the wave.  In fact, what looks to be disruptive might turn out to be so liberating and exciting you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it before.



Holding it together is your thing.  However, even you have to admit there is a time to let go.   Besides, forces beyond your control are introducing a radical cut-off point that means you’re at that point of no return.   It doesn’t have to be a drama.   Just a process of evolution.



Even if you find yourself on a sun lounger this week, your mind is not on holiday.  It seems you’ve just carved out some time to truly address certain things you’ve been putting off for a while.  Here comes the Aquarian Full Moon and the sense that making a big change is a no-brainer.



In order to keep those Pisceans dreams alive you need to cut yourself some slack and give yourself some space to ponder and take time out.  Of course its not easy if you’re present on the day job.  However, you’re channelling inspiration both awake and asleep.




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