Weekly Horoscopes for: 28 November – 5 December 2021


Plans for the future could have a major turnaround either through choice or intervention this week.  However, even if things get re-oriented, there are many positives in clarifying your next steps.  Many rams are looking for that next chance to manifest something bigger and better and a total solar eclipse next weekend pinpoints your new direction.


A new deal or arrangement is about to be struck which will set your mind at rest regarding your prospects for 2022.  Financially this is a time of assess whether you’re in the right place amongst the right people and emotionally this is also a moment to reassess what you share on a deep level with those you care about.  A breakthrough is imminent.


Prepare for someone to surprise you as the upcoming solar eclipse in your relationship sign of Sagittarius could put the pair of you on an entirely new footing.  Perhaps you’ve been waiting for a breakthrough, or maybe you’ve been chugging along and events will steer you in a new direction.  What’s important is to recognise this is your chance to put your past behind you.


It’s time to take stock of how well everything is functioning in your life.   This may not sound glamorous, but strengthening weak areas is a must if you’re to keep evolving, growing and moving forward.  If you’ve taken on too much don’t hesitate to pare down your commitments.  Enter this final part of the year in a bright and shiny frame of mind, ready for 2022.


The celestial emphasis is on your happiness and joy so if anything is standing in the way of that do not hesitate to move away from it.  The upcoming solar eclipse next Saturday is designed to add more sparkle to your life and to up your capacity to connect at a heart-felt level.  This time of year provides a flattering backdrop for you to radiate your special brand of magic.


You really do have to feel your way along at the moment rather than being in control or directing events.  As a total solar eclipse suggests an intervention arrives in some form or other, the stalling effects of Neptune adds a slightly surreal air to the proceedings.  As things re-calibrate around you, give yourself time to process and re-organise.   It will all come good.


A total solar eclipse signals an unusual and extraordinary time.   What’s starts off as a discussion or news takes shape surprisingly rapidly and you find yourself running to catch up with the new status quo.  It just goes to show how adaptable you can be when the need arises.  Have a Plan B and do not allow your own expectations to block off your capacity to be open to the new.


A powerful solar eclipse slips into your area of self worth and net worth which could make a big difference to both.  Perhaps the results won’t be immediate but you’re talking to the right people and entering a new phase of gain.  Your recent shift in priorities is feeding into your frequency of manifestation enabling new prospects to take hold.


The last in an 18 month cycle of eclipses occurs in your sign next Saturday 4 December.   With this in mind, you are obviously in the mood to complete on something that has occupied you for many a moon.  For some archers a total transformation is in order.   For others, a step away from the past is enough to kickstart a new cycle.   Make this week yours.


You are a person who likes to take things step by step but this week suggests a major letting go of the past.  As you’ve been pondering this for so long it’s actually easier than you expect to simply draw a line and face forward into your future.  Sometimes people and events from long ago surface at this time for a pivotal check-in.   There’s nothing wrong with re-positioning them in your life.


Your friends are an essential part of your life if you are a true water bearer and this week’s celestial package is a gift for mixing and mingling with your tribe.  Add in some new faces and you will continually expand your frame of reference.  Networking is your channel for spreading your vision, gathering power to the people and initiating ideas that will manifest out into the world.


Get ready for a potent new pathway to open up as the total solar eclipse on your midheaven accents decisions taken and invitations accepted.  As Neptune turns around in Pisces to pick up speed and commune with generous Jupiter in 2022 you’ve got a vision that you must follow.   Allow it to take shape and take note of all the signs and signals you’re receiving.



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