Weekly Horoscopes for: 4-10 December 2022


An agitated Full Moon catches the vibes of Mars retrograde on Thursday so try to keep your cool.  Channel your energies into something positive and steer clear of those who trigger frustration.  You’re moving into the lime-light so show your best self.



Letting things be can be soothing, however that red rag is waving coupled with Full Moon fever so you may find yourself in a storm of action and reaction.  For some Taureans this could settle a financial matter you’ve been waiting on which would relieve you of  wondering.



For some time you’ve been playing host to Mars retrograding through your sign which has slowed your pace.  However, Thursday’s Gemini Full Moon so close to Mars is likely to ignite some fireworks.  Perhaps you get that breakthrough or decision but try to make peace not war.



It’s time to address all those things that make you uncomfortable and be absolutely honest with yourself and others.  Thursday’s Full Moon excavates your feelings, bringing them front of house.   Perhaps you’ve been sitting on things for far too long.



If you were looking for closure on something that’s been outstanding for way too long this week’s Full Moon is perfect for shutting, if not slamming that door in no uncertain terms.  You’re moving into a time of re-organisation that will clear the decks for 2023.



There’s nothing laid back about this week’s Full Moon which crosses the life direction axis of your chart bringing things up for urgent decision-making.  It’s all been brewing for a while so you’ve had some time to percolate.   Now is the moment to take action and show people just how capable you are.



Keeping a balance at Full Moon time is never easy, but especially not when fiery Mars is centre stage and you’re in the middle of a conflict of loyalties or simply can’t decide what to focus on.  Whatever sparks up this week, keep an open mind and view exchanges as interesting avenues and ideas rather than a done deal.



As the Full Moon’s close proximity to Mars highlights how and where you want to be involved with others, you may find yourself presented with an offer.  Think twice rather than jumping in right away as the perspective you gain over the next few weeks will be valuable.



A vibrant Full Moon in Gemini positioned ultra-close to fiery Mars is heating up the temperature in a relationship perhaps causing it to boil over or light your fire in a more positive way.   One thing’s for sure  – someone is high impact and looking for a result.



Try as you might to stay out of certain situations you can’t help feeling some kind of emotional reaction to the Full Moon’s forthright expression.  In fact someone could be deliberately provocative.  But steady yourself ready for the arrival of Venus into Capricorn next Saturday giving you an inner glow and radiance.



There are some high octane energies around as if the cosmos is holding a very noisy party.  It could be lovely to be amongst the hubbub or make you want to be away from it all – Aquarians are mavericks!  It’s all a juggling act which you usually perform with star power.



The Full Moon’s conjunction to Mars adds extra oomph to the atmosphere – and you already have Jupiter partying in your sign and making things feel a bit extra.  Extra good or extra difficult?  Which direction will you swim in?   Making the right choices is all-important.




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