Weekly Horoscopes for: 11-18 April 2021


Although the Aries New Moon signals a fresh new start, a great whoosh of energy around you, don’t expect everything to be plain sailing as the powerful planet Pluto clashes with the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury in your sign this week.   What this means is that you have to dig deep and pull out extra resources to meet a challenge – which in itself you find exciting.   Pluto can crack the codes, transform whatever has been blocking you and enable you to overcome what has become stuck – so breakthroughs all round.


You can feel a new cycle of energy is being planted, yet you prefer to stick with the known rather than wrestle with unknown quantities, future scenarios and far away deadlines.  Therefore, do what you do best, which is to apply yourself to the tasks in hand and wait until later in the month when you’ll know more.  As the gorgeous Venus arrives in Taurus on Wednesday it’s all about savouring the moment and enjoying whatever feels good right now, rather than clutching at straws.


It always amazes you when groups or teams fall out due to their own strong opinions and preferences rather than finding ways to pull together.   However, you’re likely to witness a degree of tension that could prove to be a big stumbling block.   For your own part, you’d rather put differences aside and allow go-getting Mars in Gemini to do what it does best.   Which is achieve a result.


You’d rather not have to flaunt yourself, hustle and compete with all and sundry, preferring to just quietly get on with things.  Yet Pluto contains that streak of envy or hostility that forces you to prove that you’re more than up to being the best.  Look on it as an opportunity to rise and shine, to come out of your shell and receive some long-overdue attention.


When it comes to analysing where you are in the pecking order, a Leo would usually put themselves at the top of the tree.   However, if someone has been making comparisons between themselves and what you have to offer, then now is the moment to assert that you do indeed possess the requisite skills, wherewithal and talent to make something happen that would be of benefit to you both.  Co-operation requires you to recognise your strengths and minimise the problem areas.


At this point it seems a lot depends on the level of trust that exists between you and others.  Now is not the time to widen any gulf in this area but to establish some common ground.  Perhaps it’s best to move your attention away from terms and conditions and concentrate on shared growth.


A new Moon in your opposite sign of Aries signals the dawn of a new era, a change in the way you relate with others and an opportunity to press the re-set button.   In order to avoid any awkward moments perhaps it’s best to go in without pre-conceived ideas or expectations.   You could find yourself on a steep learning curve.   Yet sometimes this is the very thing that creates the most stunning breakthroughs.


With your intense ruling planet Pluto very much centre stage this week you’re looking at changes to the way you live your life and/or your working routines.   Pluto requires you to access the utmost inner power in order to turn a corner and it some cases signifies a massive date with destiny.  The moment has come to eliminate all that symbolises merely going through the motions and live life with passion.


You may think of yourself as someone who’s generally upfront with nothing to hide.   Yet we all have those unconscious areas that exist below the surface.   This week’s extraordinarily intense aspects push them to the surface so you may discover feelings you’ve never had before, or run into a situation which presses all your buttons.   Yet Jupiter is also here, giving you the drive to make the best of everything and find the positives.


Although the powerful planet Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 requiring you to undergo major transformation, there are lulls and crescendos along the way.   Prepare for a rise in the emotional temperature this week.   In other words you’re more reactive than usual, situations are highly charged and intense.  Although you’re not one for drama, you could find yourself drawn into a minefield and need to tread carefully.  However, this isn’t about pushing everything down and containing within, but recognising and revealing what’s going on for you.


You’re not one to look backwards or dwell on the past.   Yet it seems some unfinished business is making itself felt and needs to be cleared and understood before everyone can move on.  As Jupiter raises the light quotient in Aquarius you’re encouraging others to be more positive.  Listen to where they are, but keep your foothold on the future you see.


This is hardly the kind of week that passes you by.   It could be a real punctuation mark in your developing story as Pluto ensures that something of great significance is surfacing.   How you handle it is everything.  Perhaps a revelation changes the way you feel about a certain someone or situation. You may need to digest it all fully.  Yet there is a feeling of divine protection around you so even if something feels rather film noir, you can be sure that you’re being rescued.



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