Weekly Horoscopes for: 6-12 April 2020


The pink Supermoon in your opposite sign of Libra should normally sprinkle some rose petals into your life.   Yet Mars at odds with rebellious Uranus creates a maverick energy which means nothing is quite the same as it used to be.  Take it as an opportunity to change things up in terms of how you handle both yourself and others. With Mercury flying into your own sign next Saturday this is in fact a prime time for reflection and connection.


The Taurean traditions are being tested right now as Mars confronts the revolutionary planet Uranus.   It’s all change and you need to be adaptable and inventive and to look at everything with fresh eyes rather than  attempting to re-create what used to be.   The Full Moon midweek is a time for management of the daily rhythms and making simple but empowered changes and choices.


A Full Moon illuminates the most creative area of your chart which encourages you to view the coming week as an opportunity to live in the most open part of your imagination.  Of course, not everyone is feeling the love as the clash between Mars and Uranus will testify.   Yet there is simply no point taking anything personally.It’s always important to understand that others are being triggered by fears that have nothing to do with you.


The less reactive you can be to what’s unfolding the better.  Although of course, that isn’t easy given the current climate and the Full Moon!  It’s well to remember that you tend to pick up other people’s moods and feelings so some of your consternation is not even yours!  Being present in the moment means practicing gratitude for the small things in life, not seeing yourself as engulfed in the great unknown.  Besides, this is your wake-up call to change deeply ingrained responses into something that will work for you, rather than against you.


As Mars pulses through the relationship angle of your chart everything is more electrical in your relationships.   Added to this Mars will clash with the volatile Uranus on Tuesday which could mean surprises  all round and unexpected interventions.    Your thoughts and powers of communication are highlighted by the Pink Supermoon in Libra mid-week – it could be the big aha!  It could be a deeply powerful exchange.


High voltage electricity is in the cosmos this week.   Which can translate as a supercharge or even a power outage that sends your plans into chaos.   Living moment by moment is the best answer rather than attempting to operate under controlled management.  Your mind is active and the Full Moon encourages a time to move past the old take on what constitutes security for you,


Your special Full Moon in Libra is here so as you glance up at the night sky it is a prime time for offering up those heartfelt wishes .  You are less likely to feel detached as Mars and Uranus are also provocative.   Yet you can take this energy and challenge yourself to make a big leap in matters of the heart.  It’s your turn to be the prime mover and shaker!


  Uncomfortable as it may be to be jolted from your old habits this is a new dawn that holds many special opportunities.  In some cases,  people are catalysing something you never thought possible.   You are certainly having to relate in a new way that challenges you to be upfront.  Wednesday’s Full Moon is more like a reverie, an internal communion with your unconscious so your dream life is activated.


You’re having to dig deep to access all your super-powers at the moment and for many archers this is an extraordinary time of personal transformation.  Yet the backdrop to all of this is volatile and edgy, so it is hard to guess what anyone else’s moves are going to be.   In fact, you may find people behaving in a way that is so out of character you wonder if you know them at all – but it’s purely a response to the tension that is circulating in the atmosphere.   Knowing the true meaning of friendship is what this week’s Full Moon is all about.


You are living through a time when everything is more dramatic and magnified – which for some goats means that they are feeling a great sense of accomplishment, whilst for others – the uphill struggle requires reserves of inner strength.   Yet, no-one is in a truly stable state as Mars and Uranus provide an explosive mix and the Full Moon in the relationship sign of Libra amplifies the longing for connection and harmony which may be lacking.   Maintain your inner joy and gratitude no matter what is being served!


You’re the truth-seeker and the new solutions person.  Yet Saturn’s heavying presence in your sign is weighing you down a little.  You could look on it as anchoring you to the daily necessities of life which feels like being reined in from your freedom state.   Yet as Mars in Aquarius clashes with your wow-factor ruler Uranus this week you’re likely to wriggle out of a tight spot.   Mentally, if not physically, you need to explore new options.


Although nothing much fazes you as the most  accepting and least judgemental sign of the zodiac, you will be hard-pushed to accommodate the twists and turns of the week ahead.   It could be that a personal or family matter re-surfaces, placing you in an awkward position.   Re-visiting ‘old stuff’ is bound to happen in some way, shape or form – so look on it as a time of clearing.