Weekly Horoscopes for: 1-7 August 2021


Startling as some of this week’s developments are, all along you’ve known something radical had to happen.  What’s untenable is getting flagged up.  Breaking the chains is a relief, freeing you to explore aspects you’ve never considered.  Bring on the new you!


Surprising yourself is a pleasant side-effect of playing host to the unpredictable planet Uranus in your sign.   Quite frankly, very little fazes you these days.   In fact, when you think back to days of old when you wanted everything set in stone you can almost laugh at the hubris.  Besides, it’s much more fun being completely open to whatever is going to happen next.   Without judgement.


Ordinarily you’d enjoy the mind games presented by the Sun’s close encounter to your ruling planet Mercury.   Yet because Saturn and Uranus are swinging between extremes you sometimes find yourself caught between a rock and a hard place.  This requires seriously elevated thinking.   You can do it!


Number-crunching is perhaps not your favourite task.   Yet there is something strangely satisfying about knowing what’s involved, the stakes, the risks and the safety zone.   You see certain people are playing with fire, whilst others are entrenched in fear.  The canny crab wears a hard hat but has a tenacious way of moving sideways to take the win when others least expect.


You really are on the edge of change.  Refusing to  allow others to define you, limit you or hold you back. Disrupting that old status quo feels dangerously delicious.  Freeing you from a mindset that had you boxed in and minimised.   Allow your lion power to emerge at full throttle.


You are either raking over the coals of the past or in the process of leaving it behind.  However, as no Virgo likes to feel exposed, you’re covering up, quietly getting on with it and working towards your final fait accompli.   This is your method of making absolutely sure you get things right.


Finding yourself in the midst of some awkward moments this week, reminds you that people are not as balanced as they seem.  The cracks are starting to show and you see both the realities and the lengths people will go to when they are under pressure.  Remember all you need to do at a time like this is to maintain your own equilibrium.


Putting your best foot forward at a time like this requires you to maintain your own centre of gravity whilst setting the stage for an exponential breakthrough.  Hold the space but be prepared for extraordinary developments that have the potential to alter or affect your role in life.  Haven’t you been waiting for this?


If someone has been putting the brakes on plans that you hold dear you’re doing your level best to engineer a work-around.  In your view, something has to give and you’re prepared to go all-out to make that happen. At this point you’re not prepared to let life pass you by, but make sure that you don’t do something. you’ll regret.


You like to do things properly or not at all, yet the situation you find yourself in calls for some different moves that re-write the rules.  Remembering that life always does move on and that we are all in a process of evolution helps you to consider new possibilities.   Why would you want to stand still when you can dance in creation?


Never in a million years would you have thought you’d be the one who wants to stay with what you know rather than throw yourself into new options.   Yet Saturn in Aquarius does this to you!   It’s not that you’ve lost your touch for the innovative, but you are tempering it with an appreciation of the need for timing and careful consideration.


You can tap into your innate adaptability to navigate this week’s swirling star-scape.   Perhaps you find yourself bogged down in a lot of responsibility whilst treading a minefield of explosive issues.   However daunting it feels, Pisces is the sign that can shape-shift to accommodate whatever comes up.   Use your super-power.



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