Weekly Horoscopes for: 14-20 July 2024


The celestial picture suggests a big clearing will take place.  Out with the old and in with the new.  You can be headstrong at the best of times, but Mars close to lightning speed Uranus ups the ante on your desire to be done with an old situation and alter tack.   Go with the changes and you will breathe more easily.  As Mars moves into the communication angle of your chart you’re heading for a busy Summer.



There is only one safe space or place when Uranus conjoins Mars in your sign and that is inside yourself.   Focus entirely on your own inner peace free from anything that’s happening in the outside world and you will experience a newfound liberation from being pulled around.   Perhaps you can conjure up your own surprises to have up your sleeve.  After all you’ve been on high alert for many weeks now and as Mars moves out of Taurus on Saturday you can pick who, when and what in your own time.



Whilst old issues are likely to re-surface this week you’re about to move up a gear when the action planet Mars moves into Gemini on Saturday.   Mars will take you through the rest of the Summer to early September and join up with generous Jupiter igniting a greater capacity to manifest opportunities and up-level your confidence.



Change is afoot with the Uranus factor very prominent this week and an upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn next weekend.  You need to make decisions, set yourself free from expectations and determine where a relationship is going.  What would you do if you believed in yourself 100%?   It’s a moment to take that leap.



Prepping for Leo time you’re clearing the decks, jettisoning anything you no longer want to carry and setting sail with the kind of people who float your boat.   It’s that moment to signal your intentions out into the world and be an inspiring role model for change.  Soon you’ll gather together all those who share your frequency which will lead to awesome waves of mutual satisfaction.



Hitches to your best laid plans could signify a change of direction is necessary.  This is an opportunity to accept the wisdom of the law of impermanence and embrace change rather than try to fight it.  As red hot Mars is about to move up to the top spot in your chart next Saturday for a full-on Summer getting clear about what really matters must be your priority.



You like things to happen smoothly but the Mars Uranus breakthrough energy is likely to be disruptive even if it serves a useful purpose of moving you on.  Putting up with the old status quo isn’t an option, especially as a powerful Full Moon follows next weekend which means something is finally completed that has lingered way past its shelf-life.



Decisive is the one word that defines this week as Mars and Uranus join forces in your zone of relating and either someone springs a surprise or you perform a move which others would deem out of character.  However, since tension has been building for a while the release will be an enormous out-breathe!  You can harness the motivational energy to get on with securing yourself an arrangement that really works for you.



Look at alternatives you’ve never considered before.  As this week’s fresh start requires a clean slate approach that could upgrade all your systems.  As pumped-up Mars is due to enter your zone of relationships on Saturday for a six-week stay you could say it’s going to be a hot Summer whatever the weather….   If you’re looking to make an impact on someone now is your chance.   Similarly, someone seems to be on your case.



Now is the time to unplug from the old, however much you thought certain features were part of the fixtures and fittings.  As Mars and Uranus provide the oomph to do something differently you’re ready to open up to the joys of life and live in the moment rather than planning every detail.  Besides a second Full Moon in your sign next Sunday implies you’re rather ‘done’ with that old way of living.



This is a time to travel light so as to respond to the mood of the moment which could change direction without any notice.  Show others how important it is to embrace change and stay one step ahead of the game – after all nothing stays the same forever.  On Saturday the action planet Mars provides vital energy for any life-enhancing or creative activities that push you all through the Summer.    Living life to the full.



Nothing should be allowed to hinder your sense of freedom in a week when revolutionary Uranus is centre-stage.  For once, you can see that you have many more choices than you previously allowed yourself.  Mars is also moving into a position where you can steer your own ship over the Summer so you can steadily make progress in the direction of your wishes.




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