Weekly Horoscopes for: 25 May-31 May


Much as you would like to speed things up, your impatient nature has often got you into hot water before.  Right now, there is a need to see what’s going on as part of the bigger picture.   This includes a past review, particularly 19 years ago in 2001 as there is some resonance now with what you experienced then.  Time to position yourself to make exactly the right decisions this time around


There is movement in your life despite the constraints.  In fact, you’re coming up with creative ways to move things forward and break with some of the old onerous patterns.  Finances are in the frame between now and the upcoming lunar eclipse on June 5th and you’re re-considering how much everything is worth, including yourself!  There is also a bit of resonance between a new cycle which is beginning now and what was happening 19 years ago in 2001.


So much activity in your sign is a signal to think long and hard about what you want, the kinds of choices you make and why.  In 2001 you were in a different cycle and are beginning a new one now.  As Venus reverses through Gemini you are looking at karma and conclusions as well as major decisions that are bound to be triggered by the upcoming lunar eclipse in the relationship angle of your chart on June 5th.


This is the week when Mercury, messenger of the Gods will enter your sign and remain with you until early August.  Mid June, Mercury will retrograde through Cancer until July 11th, so it’s highly important that you get your ducks in a row as soon as possible.  You really do have some important things to say and you know exactly who should hear them!


It seems that you’re on the edge of an important breakthrough which has depended on someone else’s input.   Despite the slowdown and mixed messages you’ve been receiving there is a lightbulb moment that ignites a strongly decisive streak.  As Venus is currently reversing through the heavens there is bound to be some back-tracking and going over old ground.  This is a valuable part of the process and the eventual outcome.


As Venus and Mercury are still at odds with nebulous Neptune and the planet of love is in reverse it seems that a partnership could have reached a sticking point.   A lull in the proceedings, a little distance might be necessary.   You are seeing the shadow side of what once glistened as gold.  However, it’s very important to see reality rather than the ideal side of a situation.


As your ruling planet Venus, remains in reverse gear, you might feel on the back-foot regarding a relationship.  This is not a time of great clarity.   However, you’re heading towards the lunar eclipse on June 5th that will provide a lot of information and opportunity for discussion.  In the meantime, think about all the circumstances that have led up to this situation, including your own part in it so that when you get a chance to sort it out, you can do it from the vantage point of the over-view.


The cosmos is currently complicated…. therefore you need to step back and allow events to unfold, rather than try to force the issue.   A chink of light is becoming highly visible that will throw you a life-line in frustrating circumstances.   There is also a sense of you starting a new cycle and reviewing where you were in your life 19 years ago in 2001 – as you will find there is some resonance.


On June 5th there will be an important lunar eclipse in your own sign, the first of a series of eclipses that will end in December 2021.  These are connected to some that occurred in 2001 and therefore you are in the position of comparing the past with the present.  In addition, Venus is reversing through Gemini, enabling you to see the blind spots that have existed.   These are interesting times and it’s necessary to keep your wits about you.


Whilst you’ve been busying yourself trying to keep the show on the road, attending to all the small details that make up your daily life, the planets have been focusing on some major changes to your bigger picture.  Now that you’ve loosened your grip on your old life, you’re beginning to see the sense in opening up to different opportunities.  In some cases, you may even believe that these are quite simply ‘meant to be’.


It’s very interesting that you’re being drawn backwards in time.   Perhaps as long ago as 2001 as there is something similar afoot.  In particular you’re looking at who’s around you in terms of friends, associates and like-minded people.  Recently you may have felt that the spark has gone out.   Yet a little distance could be all that’s needed for a few weeks as you re-calibrate for the next step.


You’ve been navigating by intuition for quite some time.  Early this week it seems your gut instincts are so strong that they are impossible to ignore and for many Pisceans this heralds a springboard to the new.  Yet June will contain a pair of eclipses that will clear the path so that you can step forward unhindered.  The next few weeks are certainly eventful, so don’t feel you have to push when you can achieve what you want without any force at all.