THE WEEK AHEAD: 6-12 April 2020

The pink Supermoon in your opposite sign of Libra should normally sprinkle some rose petals into your life.   Yet Mars at odds with rebellious Uranus creates a maverick energy which means nothing is quite the same as it used to be.  Take it as an opportunity to change things up in terms of how you handle both yourself and others. With Mercury flying into your own sign next Saturday this is in fact a prime time for reflection and connection.


Your communication airwaves are coming alive from April so as an entrepreneurial sort it’s up to you to instigate and initiate new ways of getting in front of people whilst physically it might be impossible.    It’s likely that you experience a new form of empowerment around the might Jupiter Pluto connection on April  5th which is followed by the Full Moon in Libra on the 8th.   This highlights relationships of all kinds – how you are getting on with others right now and what issues are being brought up.    Mercury heads into your own sign on the 11th which clears your head and offers a eagle-eyed perception of how your life is working.

The Sun in Aries raises your chi energy, your vital life force which lifts your spirits considerably, even though you might face some challenges on the 14th and 21st.    Late April is a time to look at new financial directions.



As 2020 is all about re-grouping and setting yourself new goals – relationships are also part of this remit. You are well aware of what needs to be done and not shy of facing up to the challenges of endings and beginnings. As Venus is retrograde between mid May and late June there’s a lot of clearing to be addressed in the relationship department. Mars is also travelling backwards in Aries between September 9th and mid November, so instead of rushing into the new, take your time to review exactly where you want to go and with whom.



Even if you feel you’re taking a hit during January’s correctional cosmos, this is just to make sure you’re aware of certain realities. You will experience many opportunities to move into a larger playing field during the next 12 months and to reap the rewards. During the Mars retrograde through Aries in the Autumn it is wise to hold fire from starting anything new as delays and revisions may even lead to complete changes of plan. Yet December 2020 holds the key to a triumphant new cycle that is well worth waiting for.`

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