THE WEEK AHEAD: 2-9 August 2020

A volatile Full Moon on Monday turns things on a dime.  Whether a wake-up call or a rude awakening, the revelation stares you in the face and gives you something new to take on board.  Fortunately, you’re quick on the uptake and with Mars in your sign can be pro-active enough to make the best of it.  Friday sends Venus to your personal life – a very welcome visitor for any Aries with her olive branches, winning smiles and love of life!

THE MONTH AHEAD: August 2020

You have Mars in Aries all month – in fact up until early January 2021 and this go-getting planet ups the ante on your desire to go full steam ahead.   However, not everything goes your way as Mars encounters the wrestle-for-control planet Pluto and the taskmaster Saturn.  It’s the hero’s journey you’re on, so be prepared to meet your helpers and your obstacles along the path.  It makes life more interesting and anyway, you do enjoy a challenge!  Rein in your feisty fire in the early days of August and again mid month and you should see that you’re inner power works on a deeper level than any kind of land grab.  Leo time is for enhancing your joie de vivre and feeling the love before  the 22nd when the Sun’s entry into practical Virgo encourages you to focus on how to make things work.



As 2020 is all about re-grouping and setting yourself new goals – relationships are also part of this remit. You are well aware of what needs to be done and not shy of facing up to the challenges of endings and beginnings. As Venus is retrograde between mid May and late June there’s a lot of clearing to be addressed in the relationship department. Mars is also travelling backwards in Aries between September 9th and mid November, so instead of rushing into the new, take your time to review exactly where you want to go and with whom.



Even if you feel you’re taking a hit during January’s correctional cosmos, this is just to make sure you’re aware of certain realities. You will experience many opportunities to move into a larger playing field during the next 12 months and to reap the rewards. During the Mars retrograde through Aries in the Autumn it is wise to hold fire from starting anything new as delays and revisions may even lead to complete changes of plan. Yet December 2020 holds the key to a triumphant new cycle that is well worth waiting for.`

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