THE WEEK AHEAD: 25 May-31 May

Much as you would like to speed things up, your impatient nature has often got you into hot water before.  Right now, there is a need to see what’s going on as part of the bigger picture.   This includes a past review, particularly 19 years ago in 2001 as there is some resonance now with what you experienced then.  Time to position yourself to make exactly the right decisions this time around


A great deal of celestial activity focuses on the area of security and finances this month.  Early in May you’re discussing matters and looking at your options before the Full Moon on the 7th provides a possibility of settling a score, resolving a financial issue or at least knowing where you stand.  The capacity to keep lines of communication open is paramount as you could find yourself in a holding pattern over various other areas of your life.   Venus turns retrograde on the 13th so plans must be tentative at this stage.  Whilst there is plenty of enthusiasm for ideas and projects, Neptune’s influence remains strong which tends to move things into a dream space rather than actual reality.  Use this time to create strong intentions so that when the time is right you can act on them.



As 2020 is all about re-grouping and setting yourself new goals – relationships are also part of this remit. You are well aware of what needs to be done and not shy of facing up to the challenges of endings and beginnings. As Venus is retrograde between mid May and late June there’s a lot of clearing to be addressed in the relationship department. Mars is also travelling backwards in Aries between September 9th and mid November, so instead of rushing into the new, take your time to review exactly where you want to go and with whom.



Even if you feel you’re taking a hit during January’s correctional cosmos, this is just to make sure you’re aware of certain realities. You will experience many opportunities to move into a larger playing field during the next 12 months and to reap the rewards. During the Mars retrograde through Aries in the Autumn it is wise to hold fire from starting anything new as delays and revisions may even lead to complete changes of plan. Yet December 2020 holds the key to a triumphant new cycle that is well worth waiting for.`

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