Monthly Horoscopes for: April 2021


It’s full steam ahead with your plans and projects, not to mention the movement in important relationships that determines where you go from here.  The Aries New Moon on April 12 is perfectly timed to open things up for you, although Pluto’s impact means you’re still in a process of larger transformation rather than ‘returning to normal’.  The final week of the month places the wild child planet Uranus centre stage, prompting ripples that could unsettle, disrupt and stir up excitement so that you suddenly change course.   It is really a case of never say never!


You’re lining yourself up for a major come-back.  Steady does it, one step at a time which is your preferred style and approach.  Your gorgeous ruling planet Venus arrives into Taurus on the 14th, uplifting your own personal magnetism and love of life.  Venus stimulates your attraction factor and helps restore harmony in relationships, mending bridges and creating new ones.  Sparks  fly from the 23rd to the end of the month when a line up of Venus, Mercury, Sun and Uranus in your sign form a combustible union which is compounded by the intense Full Moon in Scorpio on the 27th.  It’s make or break in the most exciting ways possible.


Mars is pulsing through Gemini right up until the 23rd, encouraging you to zoom ahead wherever and whenever you can.  As the most agile sign of the zodiac you’re finding new ways to push forward even in the trickiest of situations.  Take care on the 9th when slippery Neptune could produce a wrong turning, yet the New Moon on the 12th is all set for new collaborations and ventures.  You’re putting out a big message on the 17th with the full force of your enthusiasm, even though you’re talking a big ask for some people.  Later in the month as the Sun, Mercury and Venus sit in the silent retreat sector of your skies you need to recharge and refuel!


April moves your plans, aims and ambitions forward big-time.  The New Moon on the 12th is a resounding starting signal for things to take a leap – and perhaps Pluto’s influence is someone’s resistance to embracing the new.  If things get sticky over the ensuing week, rest assured that there’s really no going back.   Everything points towards new connections, collaborations, projects and group activities that are star studded with the excitement of new discoveries.


There’s no question that the month of April will get you out of a rut and into new areas that promise something more exciting and interesting.  After a period of relative stagnation, the doors are now opening for you to explore new terrain both mentally and physically.  Venus will arrive to bestow her favours at the top spot on your chart from the 14th followed by the Sun and Mercury, adding extra oomph to your plans and goals.  Yet the period from the 23rd is studded with changes that take a while to assimilate.   Even a new found freedom could feel strange at first.


The phrase ‘no man is an island’ might be particularly relevant to you during this month when you are casting around to see the right person or people with whom to collaborate or connect.  Of course, Virgo is essentially the most discriminating and discerning sign of the zodiac.   Yet you have your blind spots and the 9th might be a case in point.  From the 14th you’re wanting to spread your wings and expand your reach in terms of destinations or projects.  It’s in the final week of April that you surprise everyone by jettisoning what has held you back and embracing something very new and different.


Enjoy the full star sparkle of the planets in the relationship angle of your chart!  It means you’re getting the positive feedback, appreciation and warmth from others that makes your world go round.  The Aries New Moon on the 12th is a kickstart with an in-built challenge that asks you to step up to the plate.   This is a way for you to access your powerful inner resources and the middle week of April sets the bar high.  Once the planets start moving into Taurus you’ll find the second half of the month requires instant responses and rapid solutions.  Wising up to how fast the energy can move in any transactions, negotiations and discussions is essential.  


Striving to get things done is your major thrust during the month of April.   You’re plugging into a new regime, a new order in your life that will create a different way of living, working and operating.   Being a Scorpio makes you so resilient you probably haven’t even realised how much you’ve been putting up with a very long time – but now’s the time to clear the decks and start afresh.  Venus sashays into the relationship angle of your chart from the 14th and from the 23rd you can expect things to take off like a rocket as the planets conjoin with maverick Uranus – in some cases altering things in the blink of an eye.   The hugely important Scorpio Full Moon on the 27th reveals that you are truly at the end of one era and on the brink of another.    


By rights it should be a sparkling April, full of the joys of Spring, yet something tells you that you have to tread carefully around certain individuals mid month or some old issues could re-surface, de-railing your drive towards what you envisage for the future.   It’s not that you lack sensitivity, just that you don’t want to dwell in the past.   This is both your gift and challenge as you find others are more inclined to move slowly.  Fortunately your upbeat ruling planet Jupiter kicks in just when you need to add some brightness and levity to the situation.   Make them laugh!


Finding the tethering point in your life is essential as you need to secure your foundations before branching upwards and outwards.   It’s a month to dip into all that sustains, supports and stabilises your life and address those situations that create tension, especially between the 12th and 17th when Pluto in your sign dredges up those elements that you’d prefer to sweep under the carpet.  However, if the past year has taught you anything, it is that you are made of strong stuff and have the resourcefulness inside you to weather any storms.  The last week of April is your cue to surprise both yourself and others with how you can re-invent yourself, make changes and dispense with anything that cramps your style.


More than any other sign you find yourself thinking about an idea whose time has come.  Perhaps you’ve been sitting on this for a while, or that you now believe you have everything you need to push forward with a project, vision, enterprise or effort.  Certainly the New Moon on the 12th encourages you to reach out to those who have the power to move mountains.  You were never one for taking the tried and tested path, so any challenges simply add to your determination to find solutions.  Late in the month things happen at warp speed, rearranging your work/life balance and enabling you to make the genius move.


Securing your position is the main thrust of April and you’re ready to negotiate, make a stand, a sale or an offer.   Yet you need to keep your wits about you on the 9th as it could be you’re not seeing the full picture.  Don’t mistake an air of optimism for green lights all the way – other people have their motives and knowing what they are will ensure you go in with your eyes open.  The final week of April is all about thinking on your feet.   Events and ideas unfold rapidly, changing your landscape and plunging you into new territories so quickly that you find yourself on an amazing, enthralling learning curve.


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