Monthly Horoscopes for: May 2022


You’ve been waiting 11 years for the gorgeous, generous spirited Jupiter to return to your sign Aries and on May 10th the big one is back!  Expect a significant uplift in confidence, radiance and enthusiasm, not to mention a wave of options, adventures and life-enhancing possibilities.   Of course, no planet is a magic wand and May has its hot spot around the lunar eclipse of the 16th – where overdoing things is best avoided.  Keep your feet on the ground, but your eyes on the horizon.



This month provides plenty of opportunities to cut with the past, re-focus on those people who bring light into your life and regain a sense of adventure and hopefulness.   As Mercury will be in retrograde from the 9th you might find concrete plans are in short supply, yet anything that leaves your life should be well and truly looked at from the rear view mirror whilst you navigate ahead. The 16th is the eclipsed Full Moon in Scorpio and you’ll see who’s destined for keeps.  The 18th is rather a magical mystery tour. The final few days of May bring your gorgeous ruler Venus into your sign together with an auspicious Mars Jupiter connection which is when the angels whisper in your ear.



If you’re a typical Gemini you can dance around awkward situations and hit on exactly the right moment to make your point.   As Mercury will reverse through Gemini from the 9th there could be some scrambled plans, but the appearance of auspicious Jupiter in the people angle of your chart from the 10th means support is at hand.  The period between the eclipsed Full Moon on the 16th and the Mars Neptune union on the 18th could be testing, yet there’s also a lot of enthusiasm which will download before the end of the month.



As crabs tend to move sideways you can hightail in an unexpected direction on the 5th when the Sun meets with radical Uranus.  A big blessing is the arrival of generous Jupiter at the midheaven point of your solar chart, lighting up your manifestation pathways over the next 5 months.  Be patient, as Mercury stalls and turns retrograde on the 9th and an eclipsed Full Moon on the 16th triggers sensitive feelings.  Late May brings some positive developments for your goals.



The winds of change are blowing but you may not feel in charge of what’s unfolding.   Especially around the lunar eclipse on the 16th when you are stretched to the limit and it could be something has to give.  Bear in mind that Mercury is retrograde from the 9th and hitches and glitches are par for the course.  Yet the arrival of radiant Jupiter in the most adventurous angle of your chart on the 10th sets the scene for a myriad of possibilities to develop over the next 5 months.



Be prepared for what you least expect this month as several celestial factors throw curve balls into the mix. Perhaps you have to revert to Plan B more often than you would like or someone is not coming through with what they promised – the timing is off.   However one bright light on your horizon is the entry of Jupiter into your zone of shared assets and joint ventures, paving the way for mutual benefit to develop over the coming months.



Whatever glitches you are faced with this month (and the cosmos is not in free flow!) you can look forward to the expansion of a highly significant relationship as generous Jupiter arrives in Aries on the 10th followed by the action planet Mars on the 24th.  This pair of planets offer a growth factor around a partnership.   In other news, Mercury is retrograde from the 9th throwing spanners into communication and an intense eclipsed Full Moon on the 16th could feel temporarily like a dark star.   However, keep the faith – things are opening up for you.



The presence of the Sun in the relationship angle of your chart can create an interesting new dynamic with a significant other.  Besides which, the Scorpio eclipsed Full Moon on the 16th makes a powerful impact when it comes to your own agency, potency and expression.   However, beware crossed wires as Mercury is retrograde from the 9th and keep your feet on the ground on the 18th.   Jupiter is also making an upgrade possible over the coming months which brings a wellbeing factor you haven’t felt in years.



The arrival of Jupiter into the most pleasurable and entertaining sector of your skies on the 10th for a five month period must be music to your ears.   At last you can enjoy yourself!  Yet Mercury’s retrograde motion and an eclipsed Full Moon are also to be factored in – so go carefully.  On the 18th it’s possible something doesn’t come through as you expected, but there are plenty of other possibilities being presented before the month is out.



The on-off nature of Mercury’s retrograde motion from the 9th can cause frustration with your best laid plans – so allow some flexibility and let things go rather than being overly attached to specific outcomes. However, abundant Jupiter is taking up residence in the most personal angle of your chart from the 10th offering some life enhancing potential in the coming months.  There’s is a new story emerging around home, family or your personal affairs which is very welcome.



As the total lunar eclipse on the 16th is connected to Saturn in your own sign you may well feel that something has to go.  Think back to last November which is linked to where you are now and make the appropriate choices.  Wherever the axe falls, new growth is possible care of the generous planet Jupiter which is moving into the communication angle of your chart prompting a wealth of new ideas and projects.  Perhaps you simply need to clear the space for them to grow.



New ideas are floating around yet with Mercury retrograde from the 9th perhaps you’re not in the mood to act on them yet.  The period between the lunar eclipse on the 16th and Mars and Neptune’s union in Pisces on the 18th will make it necessary for you to base decisions on what’s real rather than wishful thinking.   Jupiter will be enhancing your finances and self-worth from the 10th providing you with ample opportunity to make headway in the coming months.


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