Monthly Horoscopes for: June 2021


The eclipsed New Moon on June 10 plants new ideas and plans that are fermenting in the Mercury retrograde period and are therefore subject to checks and changes.  Yet once the action planet Mars enters fiery Leo on the 11th you feel enthusiastic about pushing forward with all your usual vim and vigour.  Of course, the world itself is still a place of uncertainty and this is reflected in our June stars – especially mid-month when the desire to be free clashes with ‘the rules’.  The Full Moon on the 25th brings a greater sense of knowing and purpose into what you’re doing and where you’re going.


Although Mercury in retrograde until June 22 means you’re constantly juggling figures and budgets, the eclipsed New Moon on June 10th signals the start of a new cycle that could spur you on to try something that will add to your sense of security.  Apply your nurturing powers to this fledgling project and it should grow to be rewarding and prosperous.    For some Taureans this also means letting the axe fall on what’s been draining your time and energy.  Mid June brings the second of a trio of clashes between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in your own sign – tired of restriction you wish to re-set your outlook, perception and value system.  For all the times you’ve upheld the status quo you’re being pulled by revolutionary Uranus into untried territory.   Its a release from the past.


You seem to be at some form of cross-roads whether this is personal or professional and the Gemini eclipsed New Moon on the 10th could set the tone for a fresh start that has been a long time in the making.  Prepare to move away from old activities and people who used to fill your time and reach for your tribe and the things that really matter to you.  June is very much a month when karma comes home to roost which is a catalyst for endings and beginnings.   Besides which, Mercury retrograde in your sign until the 22nd cautions you to think very carefully about what you really want.


You receive a wonderful uplift from Venus in your sign for most of the month of June bestowing you with appreciation and attention.   Mars is with you too until June 11 and apart from getting your pincers out on the 5th you’ll enjoy having that get up and go energy that gives you many wins.  The eclipsed New Moon on the 10th highlights how you need to let go of past issues.  Mark it up for a new beginning that starts internally and filters through into the outside world.   Summer Solstice on June 21 brings you to the fore and there’s more than a hint of passion in the air.


Prepare for a change of gear from the 10th when the eclipsed New Moon plants new seeds of intention, followed by the arrival of action-packed Mars into Leo on the 11th through to late July.   You’re entering a hugely busy period, albeit with Mercury retrograde until June 22nd which requires a number of quick changes.  Mars gives you the lion’s roar, the swagger in your step, so you’re in the mood to get things done. You have to negotiate between the past and the future on the 14th and something has to give.  The Full Moon on the 25th encourages you to clear out old systems and habits ready for the gorgeous Venus to enter Leo on June 27th – all eyes will be upon you.


It’s disconcerting when Mercury is retrograde and under the obtuse rays of Neptune.   Clarity may elude you and plans change several times over.   Yet the eclipsed New Moon on June 10th at the top of your chart signals that a new era is beginning regarding where you are in life.   Give it time to unfold, particularly as you are still dealing with practical issues from the past and can’t just jump into the future.  Picking your way through alternatives and revisions is your forte, so you are well-equipped to deal with the issues that come up.  A heartfelt Full Moon on the 25th is a joyful interlude.


Plans are in abeyance with little clear direction whilst Mercury backtracks through the heavens under the misty influence of Neptune.   That’s not to say that you don’t have your dreams – particularly around the eclipsed New Moon of the 10th June when the future is being planted.  Yet you know that you have to attend to certain realities and practicalities whilst trying to manoeuvre yourself into a place of liberation.  Whilst you work out the right balance, you are also aware that the outer world and your personal one are at odds.  If it’s been a stretch, late June is the time to redress those scales of yours.


You’re entering a new chapter when it comes to trusting certain individuals with your deepest feelings or perhaps exploring financial ventures. The eclipse on June 10th highlights the dawn of a new era that will unfold in the coming 6 months.   Mars is also climbing to the top of your chart on June 11th actioning your goals and place in the world right through to late July.   This is despite Mercury’s retrograde motion which may fudge the details.   It seems you have to keep something going whilst elevating to something new which is no mean feat.  Think bigger picture but keep your eye on the smaller bits and pieces.


As Mercury reverses through your relationship zone until June 22 you’re experiencing some interruptions to your best laid plans.   People come back from the past and others seemingly disappear from your future.   Partnerships and significant people fall under the eclipsed New Moon on June 10th that pinpoint a new trajectory – taking you closer together or further apart depending on an element of what’s meant to be.  As usual you are philosophical and able to make the best of things, even striking a winning deal on the 25th.


You’re focusing on matters to do with health and well-being that require fresh input from you.   Whether it’s your mind, body or soul that needs repair, June is the month to do your personal MOT and make those vital changes.  In other news, Venus and Mars in Cancer form intense links with the transformative planet Pluto on the 5th and 23rd which urge you to dig deep and address where you are in relationships that matter to you.  On the 25th, the Capricorn Full Moon is one time of the year when you wear your heart on your sleeve.


It’s a job to keep everything on track when Mercury is retrograde and in true maverick style you may decide to leave the chips where they fall.  Whilst you’re drawn to being your most playful self around June 10th and are intrigued with matters to do with younger people and affairs of the heart you can’t ignore certain elements of your life that are bearing the strain on the 5th and 23rd.   Changes may need to be made in areas that are untenable.    Saturn in your own sign encourages you to see things through the lens of a reality check.


Your own personal life is very much under the most stirring stellar influences this month.   Matters to do with home, family and your own feelings are being pulsed by an intense solar eclipse on June 10th that encourages you to start over in some way.  Letting go is never easy, but your inner radar has been telling you that a certain situation is not going anywhere.   It’s up to you – but do you really want to give it any more time?  Of course you may to and fro over decisions whilst Mercury is retrograde, but by the month’s end something comes to the surface.


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