Monthly Horoscopes for: December 2022


There’s the odd skirmish during this season of goodwill but your happy factor stems from the return of Jupiter to Aries on the 20th just in time to make this Christmas and New Year one of the sparkliest.   Whether you’re jumping for joy or to get your own way on the Full Moon of the 8th depends on the patience you have with various projects and ideas.  The pre-Christmas New Moon on the 23rd is a birth energy for a new cycle to unfold.  Mercury slows to a retrograde towards the end of the month so let 2023 unfold in the dream space before you set about ticking boxes.



There are financial realities but then there’s the Taurean desire to enjoy the sensual delights of the season and there’s nothing to say you can’t enjoy them to the full.  Especially as a Full Moon on the 8th could settle a financial matter and allow you scope to embrace what you wish for.  Venus moves into the most promising sector o your skies on the 10th and a New Moon here on the 23rd carves out some inspiration that will download in 2023 and open your eyes to sights far afield.  Jupiter is also settling back into guardian angel point on the 20th, presiding over Christmas, New Year and the first few months of the new year.



Mars is screeching backwards down the Gemini pathway this month and running into the Full Moon on the 8th which could be a huge check-point that delivers a denouement to a period of uncertainty.  Your friends and followers are very much around from the 20th as Jupiter moves into the more the merrier zone of your chart.   Yet make time for a special someone around the New Moon on the 23rd – this is something that shouldn’t be diluted.  Post Christmas Mercury slows down to retrograde before the end of the month so keep plans fluid and resolutions in broad brushstrokes.



The final month of the year feels as if you should be tidying up all loose ends.  But not so fast with Mars continuing retrograde and Mercury following suit before the end of this year!  Let yourself off the hook and allow matters to unfold in the fullness of time.  Reserve judgment particularly around the 8th when the Gemini Full Moon reveals just how heated a situation can become.  As Venus moves to Capricorn on the 10th enabling you to glue together with someone close and the New Moon here on the 23rd prescribes a new beginning the art of relationship is not lost on you.   Yet Mercury will reverse through Capricorn and Venus holds a meeting with Pluto as the year turns so easy does it.



It’s a full-on Full Moon on December 8th which does more than switch on the Christmas lights but could ignite your fire in other ways.  Many Leos are casting around for a new direction that appears when Jupiter enters Aries and your zone of adventure.  Perhaps you have distant places on your mind or an interesting idea to explore in the coming months.  Yet, allow plenty of leeway for nuance and flexibility as Mercury turns retrograde between Christmas and New Year.  Take the surprise option.



Stay light on your feet through December as Mars continues to reverse thrust and Mercury also turns retrograde on the 29th.  The good news is that Jupiter will light up your zone of financial collaboration from the 20th which sets the scene for some kind of bonus or rapprochement over the coming months.  Keep your heart chakra marked ON around the New Moon on the 23rd and all channels of communication open through this month.



Dynamic energy in December means you have to watch your step and also keep your eyes and ears open for news and events that come out of nowhere.  As the joyful planet Jupiter skips back into Aries on the 20th you finish 2022 and enter 2023 in a good place for connections, relationship and openings.  These are bound to put a smile on your face, even if there is still a state of flux around you.



Take all that transpires in December in your stride and in the spirit of the Christmas season.   There could be too much of everything and a lot of people who in need a piece of your Scorpio perception and insight.  Mars in reverse is still a maverick influence and although new proposals come in, they may take a while to take root.  As Venus and Pluto are invited to the New Year’s Eve party it’s cosmic tango night in true Scorpionic style.



The force is with you in early December as the Sun, Mercury and Venus gallop through your sign across the way from a Full Moon and Mars in Gemini on the 8th which should be a date to remember.  Thereafter, Venus breaks cover into Capricorn and the focus shifts to stabilising and renewing financial energies.  Jupiter’s move back to Aries is all fun and games but be patient with the opening of the New Year as Mercury turns retrograde on the 29th and things will take time.



The hectic cosmos of the early days of December have you sitting on your hands waiting to make your presence felt.  However, Mercury moves into Capricorn on the 6th, followed by luscious Venus on the 10th and Capricorn season begins on the 21st followed by a New Moon in your sign on the 23rd – all powerful initiators for your spirit and potential.   On the 29th Mercury begins its reverse turn in Capricorn whilst Venus and Pluto get up close and personal with you as the year turns.  Is it second thoughts or second chances?



Stirring the pot is catalysing many aspects of your life in early December as things re-calibrate and re-formulate to shift your position.  You’re a major part of what’s going on but also feel like taking a back seat whilst planets head into Capricorn and the most reflective portion of your chart.  Allow things to come together and drop off as they will, there are so many moving parts and no need to fix until well into the New Year.  Just give yourself that vital break and press the refresh button.



Whilst it’s all systems go in early December you’re well aware of the whirlpools and cross-currents that need to be avoided.  So stand back around the Full Moon of the 8th and refuse to be the sounding board for warring factions.  There are plenty of other people and positives that make your world shine during the festive season.  Hang as loose as possible, especially as some arrangements may unravel from the 29th when Mercury goes into reverse.


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