Monthly Horoscopes for: February 2020


Once Venus, the glorious goddess of magnetic attraction moves into your own sign on the 7thyou’ll feel the waves of a flattering lighting flowing over you through to March 5th.  It will shine a brighter light on your capacity to relate to loved ones, friends and  co-workers.  Not to mention the dazzling effect of having Venus in your aura when it comes to creating a positive impression on new people.  February’s Full Moon in Leo on the 9this an opening of the heart chakra.  Yet you’ll notice Mercury’s slowdown before its retrograde begins on the 17th. It’s a series of little slip-ups and mis-matches that appear to waste time but serve as an interruption that buys more of this valuable commodity.  From the 19th, an increase in personal space appeals.


February’s positive effect is welcome after January’s harsher cosmic climate. You now get a straight heads up in terms of outer achievements – whether it’s time to gird your loins for a new onslaught or wrap up an old package.   The Full Moon on the 9thaccents your inner life, personal world, home and family.  These form the crucible that hold you and tending to your personal affairs strengthens your soul.   Mars moves into your fellow earth sign of Capricorn on the 16thfor a six week stint offering you new vistas of things to come.  It’s all in your future as your ‘now’ appears to slow down from February 17thwhen Mercury spins its wheels in retrograde, giving you pause for thought and much needed time for reflection.


So many ideas, so little time!  Februarys throws you a lifeline of exciting options that send you on a voyage of discovery.  This is precisely how you should think of the energy this month as your ruler Mercury slows and then stalls on February 17thgiving you revisions, re-thinks and reviews.  So take it all as the cosmos intends – which is work in progress, rather than end results. Put your feelers out and prepare your intentions.  This is a month for a first impression prior to the big decision.  Allow the creative juices to flow and look at how you’re positioning yourself for maximum effect.


Time to delve deeply into what the secret deal is between you and significant others.  However it looks to the outside world, only you know what’s really going on, what if feels like to have that coding between you, the unspoken contracts, arrangements and agreements between you – the balance of power. A Full Moon on the 9thencourages you to redress any imbalances particularly in the financial area – to explore your own belief in your value.  The arrival of the red planet Mars into Capricorn on the 16thfor a six-week stint revisits some of the issues that came up in January. You’ll find those close to you are pushing out directives. Concurrently, Mercury turns retrograde so it’s all about taking a second look at what unfolded in January and having some back and forth about where you are now.


Sun in Aquarius draws your attention to significant others.  Even if you don’t technically have a ‘significant’person, make no mistake someone in your life is having a direct bearing on your state of affairs.  What transpires around the time of the Leo Full Moon on the 9thbrings your Leo spark right up to the surface.  You’re full-on and fabulous as the Lion King or Queen.  Yet it’s back to work mid-month and maybe to the drawing board as Mercury performs a re-wind, turning retrograde on the 17th.  The second half of February requires you to access your dream state, your inspiration and creativity.  Cosmic signals are subtle suggestions that download as insights, connections and symbols so all you need to do is join the dots.


First half of February is all about working on yourself – your mind, body, spirit connection, your health and efficiency.  These are all Virgo specialist subjects, so the tweaking and perfecting that is required comes to you naturally. Once the Sun moves into your opposite sign of Pisces on the 19thand Mercury has begun its reverse motion a few days before, you need to move into a more intuitive mode of being. Especially when it comes to relationships.  A new chapter is opening up with the Pisces New Moon on the 23rd.  A small seed of movement and tentative steps that will become more apparent with the Virgo Full Moon on March 9th.


Beautiful Venus arrives in Aries on February 9th, helping to alleviate any relationship tensions and issues.  Your radiant planet of likes and love is well placed for the rest of the month, providing a healing balm.  Your creativity is up, your joie de vivre restored. Yet, as Mercury moves backwards from the 17thit would be wise to regard everything as being in an exploratory phase rather than a done deal.  Enjoy the discovery of new ways of living and working as different options are laid out but do not feel compelled to make decisions.  After all, you’re a Libra – indecision rules!


This is a month to try and balance the inner and outer realms – that is what’s going on for you personally with your current goals and name-check out in the world.  Although it’s high profile at the time of the Leo Full Moon, the call of your inner passion is also up.  Planets in Pisces in the second half of the month show up as a desire to live a more enchanted life, to access your magic, romance and creativity.  How you do this may not be clear until Mercury moves forwards again in early March.  Until then, dream your dream..


Mars in Sagittarius until the 16thencourages you to leap forward in go-getting mode. Perhaps into new territories or adventures around the Full Moon on the 9th.  Yet a more considered approach would be wise once Mars has moved into down-to-earth Capricorn on the 16th and Mercury’s stalling effect means no-one is going quite so fast.  Instead, focus on who you are on the inside – the more reflective side of the archer.  Your personal affairs need a new lease of life and can only rekindle with a little time and attention.  Some me-time is necessary and will re-balance you.


A little relief from the January blast of planets in Capricorn ensures you enter February in a better place.  Yet Mars, the action planet, enters your sign on the 16thfor a six week period that sets the seal on the work you’ve completed and what’s next.  Although you’re eager to make moves as an antidote to all the soul searching you’ve been doing, the fact that Mercury turns retrograde on the 17thmeans that steady steps are best.   First up is an overall plan that will prove to be inspired in its conception.  By the end of the month when Venus angles Pluto in your sign you can take a deep breath and know that you don’t and won’t abandon yourself to anyone else’s power plays again.


The sun’s passage through your sign until the 19thbrings celestial sunshine and radiance to the water bearer.  Especially around Full Moon time on the 9thwhich activates heart felt connections and interactions. Yet Mars will move to accent the more sensitive areas of your life on the 16thand the next day Mercury turns retrograde encouraging a mood of contemplation rather than chasing returns.  This is no bad thing, as a little peace and quiet will encourage such inspiration that you will feel the universe healing you instead of the world crowding in on you. After all, even though you are a people person, you are also the sign of individuality.  Close the door and connect with your inner self!


Being in a clearing space is energetically healthy until the Sun enters Pisces on the 19th.   Besides, Mercury is slowing down and then reversing through Pisces on the 16thwhich means nothing is as it seems and you must play things by ear.  What is slipping through your fingers on an everyday level will be more than compensated by the high frequency of inspiration, connection and engagement you feel with self, source and others later in the month.  It can only be described as magical.  The Pisces New Moon on the 23rdis your moment to make deep intentions.  You’re only just beginning….