Monthly Horoscopes for: June 2024


June’s stunning opener paves the way for some great and glorious ideas.  Yet the second week puts them to the test, ensuring nothing is a flight of fancy.  As Mars squares off to Pluto on the 11th you re-play an old story.   Yet there are new and exciting ones that whet your appetite for greater connection with those who share your views.  The 22nd offers you a Full Moon that sets your name up in lights and you end June feeling you’ve added to your bank of experience.



So much activity in your zone of finances and self-worth encourages you to up your value in every sense.  Of course, the process is not without setbacks which mainly occur in the second week of the month.  A punctuation mark which requires you to take a deep breath and revert to practicalities rather than force any issues.    The action planet Mars fires you up from June 9th to July 20th so it’s going to feel hot in your world (no matter the weather).  Save important conversations for June 14th when the Sun and Mercury illuminate the best ideas.   Summer Solstice on the 20th is followed by a Full Moon in your zone of play and heart centred activities – brining out your radiance.



The Venus star point in your sign on June 4th when the Sun meets with Venus before her reformation as the Evening Star is pivotal for a return of love energy.  As Mercury also joins forces with generous Jupiter in Gemini on the same day followed by your very own New Moon on the 6th many twins will be feeling doubly excited and activated.    However prepare for a slow down between the 8th and 12th as Saturn’s strict influence reins things in for a while.  The Full Moon on the 22nd is your chance to shine in all matters to do with joint ventures.



A word in your shell-like ….. don’t push anything until after the Summer Solstice on the 20th when the Sun pulses into your sign and you can get your pincers out.  A Full Moon in the relationship angle of your chart on the 22nd is a chance to set your sights on someone and you get another go next month when there will be yet another Full Moon in Capricorn.  Venus is with you from the 17th through to early July so tap into that loving feeling.



Putting your best foot forward is easy to do when you’ve got all the right people around you in early June.   There’s a surge of planets in the people angle of your chart creating new gatherings, introductions and networking opportunities which allow you to shine.  The second week of June is harder work but the 14th is a stand-out for an important discussion or resolution.  After the solstice on the 20th you can relax as the Sun dips low on your personal horizon.  Laze in your lair whenever you can and reap the rewards of all that you’ve set in motion.



If all is not well in the zone of relating put it down to the activation of Saturn and Neptune in the relationship angle of your chart which tests the reality of certain situations and requires the utmost effort not to follow a misleading path.   Concentrate instead on what you’re putting out into a world that is eager to receive your efforts.  From the 20th friendships are flying, romance and happy pursuits pick up.



Entering into a time of discovery sprinkles more happiness into your life in all sorts of ways.  Planets lining up in the area of your chart associated with everything outside of your existing territory trigger an urge to reach out, go beyond, see and do more.  Although you can’t entirely abandon the here and now as sensible Saturn reminds you more than once this month,  there is plenty to engage you in the grand picture.  Besides, Summer Solstice brings the Sun to shine on your midheaven from which the vantage point is magnificent.



Celestially speaking, this is the time of the year when you are at your Scorpionic best as Jupiter forms a powerful alliance with Pluto the transformation planet and you experience a regenerative energy that works its magic on both your prospects and your soul.  New possibilities for joint ventures arise.  On June 9th go-getting Mars enters your relationship zone, initiating a six week stretch of high octane activity.  Summer Solstice on the 20th is for setting your sights further afield whilst the Full Moon on the 22nd is for signing off an agreement, contract and knowing an idea has landed.



Early in the month, a plethora of planets in your zone of relating ensures June is going to offer up those interesting interactions that set your world alight.   Some may come with strings attached or play to the wishful thinking side of your nature, however Jupiter is giving you many chances and choices.  This isn’t the time to entirely abandon the routine side of life as Mars wants to keep the wheels turning, however there’s so much goodwill and the prospect of future delights all of which put a smile on your face.



Whilst you’re busy spinning plates care of the huge amount of activity in distracting Gemini you’re also quite enjoying yourself once Mars enters your zone of life’s pleasures from June 9th.  True there are some onerous tasks which other people tend to think is something you’ll take care of.   However once Venus enters Cancer on the 17th and the Sun shines in this sign from the Summer Solstice you’re experiencing some beautiful exchanges.  What’s more the Capricorn Full Moon on the 22nd suggests you’re ready to make important decisions.



Gemini season has you at your sparkliest and as Jupiter aligns with powerful Pluto in your sign there’s a sense of expansion which stands to transform your life.  Even if you experience mini contractions in the second week of the month, put them down to the necessary need to pause and think about what you really want.  Discussions hold a breakthrough energy on the 14th with the Sun/Mercury cazimi and next steps put in place one by one for the rest of the month.  Take time out on the Full Moon to tune into your independent spirit.



Whilst June is a month to nurture your inner self, you’re feeling the presence of Saturn and Neptune in Pisces in their twin efforts to get you into a more settled and spiritual place – which counter-intuitively means ditching whatever disturbs both of those qualities even if you’ve been sucking it all up until now.  Summer Solstice has you heading to happy places in your life – those locations, activities and people that bring out the very best in you.  The Full Moon on the 22nd is an invitation to immerse yourself in life’s joys.


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