Monthly Horoscopes for: August 2021


Pushing through is characteristic of you and the first week of August is a case in point.  The challenge lights your spark, especially around the time of the New Moon on August 8th.  Relationships are receiving a cosmic boost care of Venus in Libra from the 16th through until September 10th and this is a wonderful time for exploring, renewing and revealing what and whom you adore.  Play it big at Full Moon on the 22nd as your circle of contacts, like minds and cohorts are in a time of co-creation that makes a difference to your life.


Your personal life and matters close to home call your attention, with no easy fixes but a requirement to see everything from a new angle.  How can you liberate yourself from any areas where you are stuck?  Tell it like it is on the 19th when Mercury joins with forthright Mars.   Showcase your talents and be on-purpose at Full Moon on the 22nd.  You’ll bring a sense of fun to the everyday  details of living that amplifies a sense of joy if you come from that grounded,  solution oriented mindset that steadies both you and others.


You’ve got a big message to get out there, whether in terms of steering a project or initiating something new, putting your views across or dealing with conflicting opinions.  There is the safe option or the controversial one – and you juggle them both.  Yet mid August brings the gorgeous Venus into Libra, your fellow air sign, which lifts your spirits and provides the bright and breezy experiences that suit you best.  The Full Moon re-activates what was happening around July 24th – giving you completion, closure and another chance to make those all-important decisions.


So much activity in the financial area of your chart this month suggests that you’re in the process of a negotiation or transaction, going through budgets and calculations or considering quite simply what is worth-while in your life and what isn’t.  It’s time to plant new seeds on the 8th and to gain awareness of outcomes and consequences between the 19th and 22nd.  All-in-all, August could push you through to the next level in terms of your own self worth because at the end of it, you recognise you’ve learned so much.


The Leo New Moon on August 8th overturns the crashing waves of the first week of August, steadying you with a new resolve.  You can find a way, perform a turnaround or embrace a fresh perception on those bothersome situations.   Mentally, you are razor sharp and the 19th is your go-to day for cracking the code. This is followed by the Aquarian Full Moon on the 22nd drawing your attention to the state of play in relationships and your need to settle, complete and decide on the direction you are taking with someone close to you.  You see the threads that have led up to this moment, interwoven between you so that the conclusion is obvious.


Venus smiles on you until mid-month and Mars is busy in your sign especially on the 19th when your analytical powers have a peak moment.  So it’s full on, yet your heart may not be fully in it whilst the Sun’s position, low on your personal horizon makes you hesitant, preferring to observe , strategise and watch from the side-lines until the 22nd when Virgo time begins.  Play it cool, put on your game-face and allow August to unfold all around you whilst you take it all in.


You’re receiving tall orders early in the month care of Saturn and Uranus in full war-cry, pulling you this way and that.  Take things one step at a time and you’ll reach the New Moon on the 8th ready to start over into a welcome new phase.  Venus, goddess of love and your ruling planet graces your sign from the 16th onwards enabling you to smooth things over, spread the love and enjoy the harmony that always brings out the best in you.  It’s Full Moon time on the 22nd – a time to hand things over as the Sun enters Virgo into the r and r sector of your skies.   Give yourself a well-earned break.


Leo season is pitching you into a strong time for career and/or life decisions.  Especially during the first week when you seem to be at something of a change point.  The New Moon on August 8th offers you a chance to move from your past to your future.   Team work is important and you’ve attracted some very strong advocates, movers and shakers which becomes obvious on the 19th when words are put into action in record time.  Reserve some space that’s just for you in the second half of the month – time spent processing is well spent.


Moving on up with your plans is your intention, despite cosmic turbulence in the first week of August that threatens to make things difficult.  However, the archer rides on regardless, with a big smile that is your secret weapon.  From the 8th it appears the world is your oyster again.  Keep your wits about you on the 19th when immediate action is necessary.  The Full Moon on the 22nd provides plenty of talking points and interesting interactions.


Although you are a sign with the greatest resilience the first week of August might require a more ingenious approach rather than just battening down the hatches.  It is a classic case of should you hold on or let go? Mid-month brings personable Venus to the most visible position in your chart which could work wonders for your presence and profile.  Allow everyone to express their views on the 19th, despite the discord.  It is only the Full Moon on the 22nd that enables matters to be resolved, transactions to be completed or deals to be done.


The Full Moon in your sign that took place on July 24th is paired with another one on August 22nd and the period in between is vital for working out where you stand and how you want relationships to be.  You are normally the cool, calm and collected one, yet your feelings are running close to the surface.   Besides you might find those close to you are creating higher stakes, issuing ultimatums or acting out in some way.  Don’t be afraid to create a new world order.


Whilst you may be so busy with work or other wheels-in-motion issues that it’s hard to stop and think, there’s no doubt that someone close to you requires a good deal of attention.  You might find you’ve got a sparring partner on the 19th or that you just enjoy a healthy exchange of opinion or advice.   At Full Moon you simply wish to cut yourself some slack as some form of retreat beckons, maybe just some time out, a disappearing act or activities that feed your soul and replenish your spirits.


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