Monthly Horoscopes for: March 2021


The pace steps up a gear in terms of connecting people and ideas.  Yet between the 11th and 14th surreal Neptune adds a la la land note to your life.  Nothing wrong with a dash of romance and creativity, but make sure you’ve got your feet on the ground.  On the 20th and 21st respectively, the Sun and Venus move into Aries, forming a magnificent conjunction on the 26th that warms every fibre of your being.  Appreciation flows around relationships that are full of mutual admiration with the Full Moon in Libra on the 28th adding even greater significance to developments.


Having spent most of 2021 in your sign, the exit strategy of Mars kicks into gear on March 5th and you find yourself in a calmer energy dynamic.   What seemed like a slog turns into pure magic between the 11th and the 14th when the Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune conjoin to create special effects that permeate love and relationships.  As a realistic Taurus you know that all that glitters isn’t necessarily gold yet you’re hardly immune to the dream world that presents at this time.  Moving onto Spring Equinox on the 20th when the Sun and then Venus hole up in the most private sector of your skies – you’re in preparation mode for the big reveal next month as the Sun and Mercury are set to stage a big Taurean news story on April 19th.


You’ve been waiting ever since the beginning of the year to see some action and here it comes in the form of Mars moving into Gemini on March 5th and with you until April 23rd.   A great energy rush comes over you which can be channelled into plans for getting things off the ground late Spring/early Summer. Mars is a fiery, feisty number and you’re not in the mood to hang around!  Yet between the 11th and 14th you’ll see that the world out there is still full of uncertainty and ambivalence which will take time to disperse.  You need like minds around you and they are there from the 20th when you see your role in a group setting which provides all the stimulation you seek and a sense of community and belonging.   Let the good times roll at Full Moon on the 28th which lights up the pleasure angle of your chart.


When Mars lies low in the most private angle of your chart it’s time to retreat into your shell and focus on your own needs rather than trying to be all things to all people.  Rejuvenation is key because you’re going to be full-on from April 23 when the action planet takes up residence in your own sign until mid June.  Besides, you’ve got plenty to inspire you as the the Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune offer up enticing, enchanting possibilities between the 11th and 14th. Your public profile gains attention from the 20th and many Cancerians will be thinking about their role in the outside world and how to balance it with your personal priorities.  You’re going to emerge out of all this with a wisdom and awareness that could only have come from a period of retreat.


You’re moving into more of an action period in terms of connection and collaboration which should suit your Leo people skills well.   However, bear in mind that the financial picture is rather hazy between the 11th and 14th so a steady approach is essential.  From the 20th you receive a great boost in terms of things really opening up for you, expanding your sense of what’s possible and on offer.  Make those plans for the future and what you’d like to explore!


Feeling that you want to make your mark on the world is what Mars brings to the table from the 5th so you should expect an active Spring period.  Yet the period between the 11th and 14th has a strong Neptunian influence which can weave fantasies and illusions making it imperative that you do your background checks!  A real surge of confidence accompanies the Spring Equinox on the 20th and you’re at your productive best, able to make great strides in terms of arrangements and financial agreements that deliver a stronger platform for you to thrive.


March puts you on a learning curve or trajectory towards a new destination.   First though, there are matters to attend to which keep you focused on the harmony between your mind, body and spirit. Whilst the first half of March is taken up with sorting out any flaws in your system you emerge at Spring Equinox on the 20th with an incredible burst of positive energy.  Later in the month, the Sun and Venus shine on a relationship and the Libra Full Moon on the 28th is a defining moment that swings the scales firmly in your favour.      


You need one foot on planet earth and the other in the astral plane this month!   Whilst Mars encourages you to look at all your joint ventures, financial arrangements and commitments, whilst the magical and ethereal sign of Pisces receives a cluster of energies between the 11th and 14th you’re by turns feet on the ground and head in the clouds.  The 16th and 18th are super-powered for delivering a rare kind of transformative development or connection and thereafter you’re busy working it through.  Take time out on the Full Moon of the 28th.


The presence of Mars in Gemini will ignite activity and passion over the next couple of months and get set for never a dull moment.   However,  a small pocket of cloud hovers over the period between the 11th and 14th when an element of confusion infiltrates your clarity.   Pass through the mist and you’ll reach the other side with all of your playful zest for living.  Especially form the 20th when Spring Equinox heralds the arrival of the Sun into your fellow fire sign of Aries and you’re quite literally full of the joys.


It’s a balance between keeping things moving along and allowing yourself some flights of fancy that restore your faith in the mysterious forces of the universe.  Mid-month you receive some direct input from powerful Pluto in Capricorn that reminds you that you’ve grown wiser and stronger through every single challenge you’ve faced and are able to use this wisdom to greatest effect.  Around the time of the Full Moon at the end of the month which lights up the aspirational midheaven point on your chart you’re ready to close out on an old role and move your efforts into a new one.


Always future-oriented, you’ve definitely got your eyes on the horizon as Mars opens up a new field of potential for you this Spring.  Yet a financial matter may perplex you in the first half of the month and needs to be resolved.  Perhaps you need to claim what is rightfully yours – self-esteem included.  Spring Equinox downloads with a fanfare of Aries energy on the 20th, infusing you with extra bandwidth that will take you into a whole new cycle of immersive connection and communication.


As you head towards a great line up of the Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune in Pisces between the 11th and 14th there’s an air of fascination, seduction, fantasy and dreaminess that can shoot you sky high or get you into trouble if you temporarily lose your connection to planet earth!   A little discrimination, some good boundaries and a reality check should avert wayward tendencies.   However,  it could be that you’re reaching a magical moment in your life and this is too beautiful to miss.  Finances occupy you in a mundane sense from the 20th whether you’re looking to negotiate a deal,  buy, sell or gain greater leverage within a joint collaboration.


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