Monthly Horoscopes for: December 2021


A new vista looks promising care of the total solar eclipse on the 4th.  This could be a long range answer to a number of issues that have beset you in 2021.   Perhaps too a link to a new location or an expansion in your existing ‘territory’.  The arrival of go-getting Mars into this area from the 13th takes you into the New Year and underpins your vision of the future.  Meanwhile a retrograde Venus from the 19th and a Christmas time meeting with powerful Pluto  slows you down to think in depth about what you really want to do and where you go from here.  Yet there’s much to look forward to with the arrival of joyous, generous Jupiter into Aries for the first time in 12 years next May.


Your joint finances or emotional contracts are receiving a big boost care of the solar eclipse on December 4th.  Look to see where you can make things work better between the two of you.  December is all about strategy and going slowly is advised as your ruler Venus turns backwards from the 19th requiring extra input and thought about future plans.  Saturn squares off to Uranus in your sign pre-Christmas day perhaps resolving a long drawn out issue.   Connecting with those who share your outlook and values becomes important as the year turns and Jupiter makes introductions and enables teamwork to glow and grow.


December has saved a special moment til late in the year with the total solar eclipse on the 4th highlighting the importance of someone close to you and your prospects of being a dynamic duo or at least experience new vistas together.  The Full Moon in Gemini on the 19th is another pulse point in terms of how you feel and what truly matters.   Especially as Venus turns retrograde on the same day introducing 40 days of review when it comes to those trust areas around finances and feelings.  Jupiter’s sparkle is back onto your midheaven from the 29th moving you into the New Year on a wave of optimism.


It’s interesting that on December 19th  Venus will go missing from the evening sky and reappear as the Morning Star 40 days later all in the relationship angle of your chart, ruled by Capricorn.  What’s more this planet of love and relating meets with intense Pluto on the 11th and 24th ensuring that things are set to become deep and meaningful with an air of nostalgia or reconnection to things from the past.  It’s not the time to make rash decisions but to look at who holds the eternal flame in your heart.


Fortunately you’ve got so much inner sparkle at this time of year, you could light up a Christmas tree all by yourself.  Never forget the source of this power is inside you, even if the outer world turns a little dark from time to time.  There’s likely to be a slowdown care of Venus in reverse gear from the 19th and a need to reconsider some plans.  Saturn at odds with Uranus in the pre-Christmas period is another potential tripwire so keeps things loose and flexible.  Go for simplicity and place yourself amongst the deep and meaningful which could deliver rich dividends between now and January.


As the solar eclipse on the 4th reassembles the energy in your personal life, you’re set for a busy phase around home and family, especially from the 13th when the action planet Mars is all systems go on the home front.  However, Venus is stalling and then reversing through the heavens from the 19th necessitating some going over old ground.  It rather suits you to pick your way through the details with care and you are sure-footed enough to know that every step counts.  As generous Jupiter comes back to the relationships angle of your chart on the 29th through to May 2022 there is a lot to look forward to in closer personal relationships.


Your perspective is changing as this year draws to a close and you have to admit that 2021 has been something of a learning curve.  Your ruling planet Venus, the keeper of the heart, unites with powerful Pluto twice this month and also moves retrograde from the 19th causing you to reconsider who and what is most important to you.  You can’t deny your feelings which confirm your inner truth.  The Christmas period might not be what you expected, but it certainly gives you food for thought.


You’re entering an extremely powerful portion of the year so don’t write 2021 off just yet!  December opens with the total solar eclipse on the 4th which plants seeds of new enterprise which could affect your fortunes for the better.  As Mars moves from Scorpio to the Sagittarius financial area of your chart on the 13th you know exactly what you have to do to grow this idea or opportunity.   Yet other currents include Venus meeting with your intense ruler Pluto twice this month and turning retrograde on the 19th which could reconnect you to what used to be and ascertain if there is room for renaissance.  Truly it’s going to be a Christmas with a difference!


The pivotal new beginning on offer with the total solar eclipse in your your sig on the 4th is followed by the entry of dynamic Mars into Sagittarius on the 13th taking you through New Year and into late January.  So in many respects you may feel you’ve saved the best til last this year and that 2022 will open in the spirit of enterprise.  The money sector of your skies is also under the astrological spotlight as Venus and Pluto reveal the power spot in finances.   As Venus turns retrograde on the 19th give things time to develop.   The 19th is also the Gemini Full Moon and a sweet spot for relationships,


The big player in your sign is Venus in Capricorn – she certainly adds some Christmas sparkle yet she is getting up and close and personal with the power player Pluto twice this month and turning retrograde in your sign on the 19th.  This points to any unfinished business you may have with relationships and the need to resolve it.  Go slowly and thoughtfully as missing pieces of your jigsaw can be found and may even create an entirely different picture.


You can’t help rummaging around in your past for some answers or connections and for once you are not fast forward but dancing between what used to be and what might be.  Some home truths might emerge that help you with decisions but this is not the month to press the nuclear button on anything that could do with a little more time and patience.  Of course you can’t hold onto things forever, and certain elements of your history could do with a clear out.   But save the radical moves until you’re solidly into 2022.  Friends and fun contribute an uplift on the 4th and 19th and with Jupiter accenting greater security from the 29th there is a lot of promise for 2022.


The potency of the solar eclipse on the 4th tells you that now is the time to take hold of possibilities for 2022.  Neptune will move forwards again in Pisces from early in the month clarifying what floats your boat.  Yet the Venus retrograde period from the 19th and her meetings with the home-truth planet Pluto can put certain relationships, friendships and connections in a new light.   You could see someone from an entirely different perspective or reconnect with an important person.  Your late Christmas present is the arrival of generous Jupiter into Pisces on the 29th and resident with you until May 2022 – an offering of optimism and opportunities.


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