Monthly Horoscopes for: November 2020


Your usually forthright ruling planet Mars has been moving backwards through the heavens since September 9th, snarling up your agenda.   However, you’ve learnt a lot about the subtleties of strategy and had a chance to refine what you’re aiming for so  when Mars moves forward again in Aries from mid November you’re back on track.  This coincides with a much needed positive push from the union of Jupiter and Pluto which sets the stage for a big leap forward.   Of course, you still have your challenges in terms of how others have been able to learn and grow in recent months.  If they are still repeating the same old patterns you’ll want to change the conversation.  Perhaps even cut them out and open up new channels.  


Well if October went out with a bang care of your personal Full Moon conjoined to Uranus you now have some time to settle into the new format. There may be teething troubles during the first week but a beautiful serendipity occurs around the 12th that gives you a green light ahead.  As you fire up your engines again, care of Mars finally ending its long delays in retrograde from the 14th and you greet the New Moon in Scorpio you realise you need a breath of fresh air in a relationship – either from or with someone!   Light and breezy is the answer to heavy and stuck – so go with your new programme and see who and what you magnetise.  The numbers in your budget are finally stacking up too at the end of November when a powerful eclipse sets an intention for a different self value in 2021.


You arrive into November on the heels of a rapid fire Full Moon and then take a while to land.  Yet there are positive signs that a joint venture can go the distance, that you’ll find the support you need to make things viable around the 12th and with Mars moving forwards from mid-month the team gathers around again.  The spirit is willing, but you still have to wade through the practical issues mid month to ensure everything works.  You’re starting a new line of destiny with the lunar eclipse in Gemini on the 30th signalling a major blast of intention that powers you forward to the end of the year and into 2021.


So many ups and downs have characterised the last few months, but mid November has the capacity to alter your course for the better.  Where you’ve been side-lined by someone else’s needs or demands, you are now being brought forward as the key person in a working or personal partnership that will be to mutual benefit.   Perhaps the ‘hard work’ element of a relationship eases off, or you receive greater potential for success via the  benefactor qualities of another.  As Mars also comes back on line when it ends its retrograde cycle on the 13th you get a handle on where to place your energies and priorities.  This all paves the way for what transpires at the eclipsed Full Moon on the 30th – closing out the old and doing things differently from here-on in.  


Although you’ve been in two minds about home and personal matters for quite a while, as you pass the first week in November your mind clears and you receive an affirmative boost regarding your position in the workplace, a health matter or how you’re going to move forward.  In addition, Mars begins to fire up in Aries as it moves direct from the 13th, offering you connections with people or organisations who can work with you rather than block you.  November is a turning point and it ends with a game-changing eclipsed Full Moon on the 30th which highlights your leading role as a creator rather than a follower.


If you feel your mind has been in a mess care of Mercury retrograde, you’ll soon get those neural pathways flowing again in early November.  Jupiter’s powerful meeting with Pluto mid-month is another signpost of improvement, particularly where your own happiness is concerned or has been overshadowed by others who instinctively put their own desires in front of yours.   If joint ventures or finances  have been stuck in a loop or you’ve been eternally waiting for the cheque to arrive, then Mars moving direct on the 13th is a signal that you can move forward yourself.  Yet the epic eclipse on the 30th at the top spot in your chart is a natural punctuation mark, encouraging you to consign the past to the past and begin a new chapter in terms of where you’re going in life.


Retrograde Mars has produced a backing up that is like psychic constipation.  You are now due to get released mid month onwards and you’ll feel lighter, freer and ready to move on.   But it’s not only Mars that gets back on track, but the Jupiter Pluto conjunction on the 12th that finally puts paid to a story that has tested your ideals of fairness and finally swings the scales in your favour.  Reclaiming your power will bring a mighty resurgence of energy and optimism that filters through into your home, personal and family life.  Yet Venus in your sign is also standing up to Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn – which is a test of your value system.  This isn’t the moment to continually see it from the other person’s point of view, but to come from what you think is fair and right.  You have future trajectories that are being formed that you probably never thought of.   The eclipse on the 30th lets you out of the mental cage and into new pastures.


Mercury ends its retrograde cycle on the 3rd and Mars on the 13th – so it’s back to business for the movers and shakers who were stuck in limbo these past few weeks or months.  As Jupiter joins with Pluto on the 12th you’re getting a new wave of optimism regarding your reach, your message, your writing style and power of communication.  This could mean a new platform for you, or finding your voice.  Followed by the Scorpio New Moon on the 15th you’re planting seeds for a re-branding of you, rather than focusing your efforts on what you can do for other people.  Venus arrives in Scorpio on the 21st – pulsing that Scorpionic magnetism through every pore.  All you have to do is be careful what you wish for…..


The 3rd and final meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in the financial zone of your chart is like the kiss-off.   It’s sweet, because Jupiter always opens up new potential and sometimes reveals the path to the pot of gold.  Since you’ve been struggling with Saturn and Pluto here for so long, you’ve had to work especially hard to keep things going.   Here comes the reward for your effort, new horizons open and your positive energy returns.   Just in time for Mars in your fellow fire sign of Aries to also resume forward direction, restoring your ebullient nature to its full force.  Whilst the south node travels through Sagittarius stirring up issues that are strangely reminiscent of 2001, you are also receiving a pair of eclipses before the end of the year that indicate a parting with the old and the embracing of the new.   The first of these on November 30th highlights where you stand in relation to others either personally or professionally.  Only you can decide whether you want to renew this contract or not.


There is some kind of advantage or uplift coming your way mid November, when Jupiter and Pluto hit it off in Capricorn.  Perhaps you’d rather given up hope of ever receiving this kind of affirmation or opportunity.  Besides, which there is no sign like a Capricorn for rolling up their sleeves and getting on with it and ever since Saturn entered your sign in late 2017 you’ve been well aware that everything has been a test – of your endurance, staying power and capability.   Saturn will leave you before Christmas, so this is just the farewell party.  An acknowledgement of a job well done.  On an everyday level, Mars retrograde has also kept you stuck with certain personal or family issues for a long time, but this too lifts in mid November.  Do not replay this story a moment longer.   The new awaits.


Because the line up of Capricorn planets is occurring in your soul zone the meaning of it is not immediately accessible, visible or tangible.   Yet you feel something in your aura, in your cells, in the water, in your being, that has spelled change for a very long time.  Aquarians are futuristic people and you’re usually one step ahead of the game.  Yet alongside everyone else you’ve been pushed back by Mercury and Mars retrograde in recent weeks and are itching to get on with the rest of your life.   Mercury turns around on the 3rd, Mars on the 13th – but the big guns are the union of Jupiter and Pluto that occurs in this inner spiritual area.  For some of you water bearers  it will feel as if your guardian angel or fairy godmother is waving the magic wand of promise and release.  For others, you wonder if you’re talking to yourself again, but still intuitively you sense something good is in the pipeline.   It is.


It hasn’t been easy trying to steer your own path amongst the global dynamics and waves this year.  Even your co-workers, friends and associates have been under the cosh of the covid signature planets that has meant they have exchanged the freedom to live their own lives with an enforced imprisonment.  Yet what happens when Jupiter meets Pluto on the 12th goes to show that all is not lost.  In fact, you’re being reminded that a wave of expansion could come out of all this that re-shapes the team or friendship, even your place in the world.  With a pair of eclipses due before the end of this year – the first of which lands on November 30th you’re re-arranging what it means to be you and where you’re going in life.