Monthly Horoscopes for: October 2021


A massive line up in the relationship angle of your chart in the second week of the month suggests a very strong partner is either your ally or sparring with you.  Of course you prefer fire to flat-line, so the call to action is likely to magnetise you even more.  Mercury remains in reverse gear through to October 18th so everything must be regarded as tentative until normal service resumes.  The Aries Full Moon on the 20th suggests you get right behind decisions that will clear out all the uncertainty.


As Mercury backtracks through the heavens up until the 18th you’re busy with the day-to-day workings of your life, trying to establish better health and efficiency in all areas.  If there are any red flags on the 8th and 9th you’ll be called to make immediate remedies as the Sun, Mercury and Mars make a giant fuss about what’s not right.  Full Moon time around the 20th signals time to relax and restore yourself.  Especially as both the Sun and Mars enter Scorpio before this month is out and the spotlight falls on relationships and  attachments that are entering a dynamic phase that reach a crescendo on November 19th with the lunar eclipse in Taurus.


Nothing is set in stone when Mercury is retrograde, as you well know, so you can work all the mutations and variables right up until October 18th.  Between the 6th-9th a stream of creative flair, fun and inspiring ideas take centre stage.  High energy and personal magnetism combine to attract the people and situations that intrigue you which could translate into a transformative turn in your affairs later in the month.


A lot of energy is being put into settling your home, family and personal affairs this month – although you could say that these areas are always big for you, they loom particularly large.  Don’t be in a hurry to put your world to rights as Mercury retrograde denotes a time of experimentation and consideration of options.  It is only after the 18th and with the Full Moon on the 20th that you reach your process of elimination that sets the stage for a romantic or creative revival to be sparked in late October and November.


Re-jigging your personal agenda, plans and activities is part and parcel of Mercury retrograde through to October 18th.  Allow your mind to wander across all formats and bring what was background to the foreground and vice versa.  New priorities emerge between the 6th and 9th that call your attention to those things that have been overlooked.  The Aries Full Moon on the 20th is pivotal to your understanding of how to unfold into 2022.


Even a details-oriented Virgo is capable of missing the point at times.  So you’re likely to look at things with fresh eyes during Mercury’s retrograde up until the 18th.  Get your financial ducks in a row during a powerful injection of insight and energy on the 8th and 9th.  Letting go of old resentments is key around the Full Moon on the 20th.  You need to do an energetic clearing of your psyche and attachments.  This leaves you free at the end of the month with the arrival of Mars into transformative Scorpio to walk your talk.


The Libra New Moon on the 6th kickstarts a succession of rapid conjunctions in your sign that turn things around whilst Mercury is retrograde.  A re-think, an instinctive knowing, a new awareness which dispels your blind spots and is real and true.  You get time to finesse your action plan and around the time of the Full Moon on the 20th you can re-calibrate an important relationship. Mars is with you until the 30th, so it’s time to take the lead.


You are in a major clearing out phase during October which will dispel many ghosts from the past, shine up your energy field and get you into better alignment with what’s meant to be for your future.  Re-frame the past and allow nothing to linger.  Full Moon on the 20th is your cue to uplevel mind, body and spirit prior to a huge download of activity and energy that begins with the Sun’s entry into Scorpio on the 23rd followed by forthright Mars on the 30th.  In 2021 you saved the best til last!


The arrival of love goddess Venus into your sign from  October 7th right through to early November provides the ambient lighting that softens many of the month’s harder edges.  Relationships look up, you feel better about yourself and in tandem a riot of activity in the people angle of your chart ensures that you’re flavour of the month.  The Full Moon of the 20th also promotes the feels.   Have fun, but remember Mercury is retro until the 18th so people are changing their minds like quick-silver and this could head into conflict on the 22nd.  Your generous spirit overcomes all.


A big build up of planets on your midheaven reaches a crescendo between the 6th and 9th as you strive to formulate new plans.  Mercury is back-flipping through the heavens until the 18th so careful consideration must be given to all options.  Besides, Mercury, Sun and Mars all square off to Pluto in your sign before Scorpio time begins on the 23rd, causing controversy.  Stay neutral no matter how unreasonable people seem.  It says a lot more about them, than it does you.


There are so many plans in the works, so many things you’d like to explore.   Yet Mercury is retrograde until the 18th meaning nothing is going to happen quickly.   Plus there seems to be an unusual amount of conflict regarding how to proceed.  Nothing you can’t handle-especially with sensible Saturn in your sign. Once the Sun rises to the top spot in your chart at the advent of Scorpio time you can spread your wings and fly.


Agreements are less agreeable than they might be when Mercury is in reverse and Sun,Mercury and Mars join forces (or armies) on the 8th and 9th.   Nothing seems straight forward, yet people are demanding and combative.  Wait to see how things unfold in the second half of the month  especially between the 17th and 22nd when you see push really comes to shove.  Late October moves you on from all this, so stay open to blue-sky thinking.


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