Monthly Horoscopes for: February 2024


This might not be the most romantic month on record as Mercury, Mars and Venus team up with the intense planet Pluto but it will certainly create interactive sparks that could spur you  onto resolving an on-going ‘issue’.  There are plenty of people around who want you in on the scene but you have to discern the right place for you.  As the Sun and Mercury join forces with Saturn, planet of boundaries and business you’re only going to sign up for something that works for you.



You seem to have reached a junction point in terms of what you want to do in the world.   Perhaps something isn’t working as it used to do and even a stalwart Taurus realises you need to cast your net wider.  February favours important discussions which pave the way for a transformation.   Even if you’re hugely attached to the past, all the signs are that you would do well to explore something new.   Practical steps can be taken at the end of the month and confirmation is reached which at least gives you the exact lay of the land.



You have to be very astute when dealing with such an extreme cosmic picture.   As so many planets make contact with Pluto newly arrived into Aquarius coupled with a New Moon in this sign, it’s not just meet and greet but formulating powerful strategies for the future.  You want to stretch yourself either through learning, travelling or discovering new things.   The future is bright but at the end of the month you need to call closure on what can’t be taken with you.



Treading carefully is second nature to a cautious crab and you’re well aware that one wrong move would have important consequences.   So keep yourself safe by not revealing everything at this point.   Allow others to show you what they want and respond in your own time.  By the end of February you’re able to make the kind of considered decision which feels absolutely right.



You’re stepping into the new celestial paradigm which is strongly transformational in terms of how you conduct relationships of all kinds.  It’s liberating to be able to change things up, speak your mind and be your authentic self in all situations.  Intense reactions are bound to be exchanged but late February enables you to formulate something that’s built to last.



February is not just the month that will give you the Virgo Full Moon this year but galvanise you into pursuing that which is hugely important for your quality of life.  For this end you’re prepared to go all-out and your attitude is going to be more black and white than usual.  On the 25th your Full Moon requires you to settle terms.   On the 28th the Sun, Mercury and Saturn all meet in the relationship angle of your chart which is bound to sign things off.



The intensity of the celestial climate during the month of February could fall short of perfect harmony.   However, you’re being asked to get down off the fence and make decisions based on what’s right for you.  What’s good about these stars is that it’s much easier to make decisions instead of endlessly weighing up options.  Follow your heart and you’ll be delighted at the discoveries you make.  Late February is for finalising finances.



If you’ve been pondering ways to make your personal life more satisfying and meaningful, here comes February!  As Mercury, Venus and Mars all get up close and personal with your powerful ruling planet Pluto in Aquarius you’re feeling a profound shift of vibrational energy which radiates into the outside world.  It’s time to live the way you want to or at least start taking some steps.    Late February is for crossing the threshold.



You’ve always been so far-sighted you’ve sometimes missed the signals that call you to focus on what’s here and now.  February throw up some fascinating discoveries which put you on a mission to leave no stone unturned in your quest to know everything about a certain project.   The mentor/centaur side of your nature is highly stimulated by knowledge.  Even a free-spirited Sagittarius can make a commitment to following this through.



Now that Pluto has moved out of Capricorn you’re coming to some realisations about what the last 15 years have brought …. a lot to think about including how much you and your life have changed.  But now you’re in a different landscape with Aquarian planets opening up other areas this month.  Focus on what you truly value in life, your talents and the extent to which you feel others truly value you.  Late in the month due diligence here yields hugely important results.



January brought a power play between the Sun and Pluto in your sign.   Now we have Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto as flavour of your month which is a pretty intense taste.  Whilst Pluto is a long-haul visitor, you’ll receive his pulsing energy priming you to make a break with anything you need to be free of.   No hangers on when you write the plot-line of the next part of your story.   Everything and everyone has to be for a reason.



If it weren’t for sensible Saturn providing his grounded energy in your sign you’d be living in a cinematic story which has you on the edge of your seat.   You’re not sure if it’s for real or a product of your imagination and the only way to find out is to watch it unfold and assess at the end of the month.   Certainly by then, you’ll be in full discernment mode and capable of making the wisest moves.


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