Monthly Horoscopes for: May 2020


A great deal of celestial activity focuses on the area of security and finances this month.  Early in May you’re discussing matters and looking at your options before the Full Moon on the 7th provides a possibility of settling a score, resolving a financial issue or at least knowing where you stand.  The capacity to keep lines of communication open is paramount as you could find yourself in a holding pattern over various other areas of your life.   Venus turns retrograde on the 13th so plans must be tentative at this stage.  Whilst there is plenty of enthusiasm for ideas and projects, Neptune’s influence remains strong which tends to move things into a dream space rather than actual reality.  Use this time to create strong intentions so that when the time is right you can act on them.


There is a wow-factor running through your chart as maverick Uranus in your sign turns things on their head.   You may not welcome the idea of that, but to be honest you’ve been living in this realm of surprises for a couple of years now and are learning to get comfortable outside of your comfort zone!  May produces some very interesting discussions, connections and plans that confirm to you that you have something very appealing to offer others.   It’s all about you and what you can do!  Perhaps you’re doing some re-branding business wise or even personally, but whatever is happening, it works!  The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th is a big one (a supermoon) in the relationship angle of your chart so you’re also exchanging something important with a significant other, or maybe someone who used to be (an ex!).   Perhaps this is a working partnership or a crush that is in the process of becoming more, or indeed your other half, but the sign of Scorpio promises deep and meaningful here.   Yet relationships themselves are going into a ‘strange phase’ as Venus turns retrograde mid-month.   Give yourself some time before making any kind of commitments as nothing is absolutely clear.  The important thing is to focus on what you need for yourself.


May comes in with a bang even if you keep it to yourself.   There’s plenty going on in your head, if not in your physical footprint these days as you are considering revolutionising your life in some way and freeing yourself from the past.   Around the time of the Full Moon on May 7th you are looking at the whole picture of work and lifestyle, including your own well-being and it feels like a watershed.  Yet what’s so interesting about your chart this month is the arrival of the North Node into your sign for the first time in 19 years.  Take yourself back to 2001 and look long range at complete cycles in your life – 2001 has a lot to inform you about what’s happening now, there’s a link, a connection, a wave that repeats.    You also have Venus turning retrograde in Gemini on the 13th until late June which pulls relationships into a different zone.   This might be to do with the re-emergence of an ex, or that you simply don’t feel sure where you stand currently.   The Gemini New Moon on the 22nd is your cue to start a new cycle, even if there are still many question marks.


The first week of May centres around your network, social circle or associates.  Something very new is coming up and the Full Moon on the 7th is your emotional intuition point, when you know if you want further in or out and also how this fits in with love and the younger people in your life.  With Venus and the North Node traversing the most inwardly contemplative realm of your chart (and Venus the love planet turning retrograde on the 13th) you’re processing a lot about relationships and are not to be rushed.  When the goddess of love switches direction it can cause ructions in the smooth flow – a change of heart, the re-surfacing of a past connection and with the node involved this may also be connected to what was happening in your life in 2001 or be a mirror reflection.    Interesting times, that’s for sure and you may not get your head around it until May 28th when Mercury flies into your sign.


May is a pivotal month for changing the direction of your life.   No matter if you actually do the deed just yet (which is unlikely as Venus in reverse from the middle of the month makes forward motion tricky).   It is all about your intentions at the moment and perhaps you’ve got time to truly examine what your priorities are at this point.   Early in the month you’re excited about a new opening which might just be an idea, a discussion, but around the time of the Full Moon on the 7th you’re looking at home and family ties and how you can make things work.   As the nodes are moving to where they were in 2001 there is something of a 19 year cycle here.  Cast your mind back and see the parallels.  You’re zone of friendship and group connections is increasingly important.   Maybe someone has something special to say around the 22nd that makes you realise your connection transcends what’s going on and is more about the soul.


For many Virgos radical changes concerning travel, trips, journeys, far away faces and places are pulling the rug on your best laid plans.    This is unsettling but frees you up for new departures of a different kind.  Early May is all about being pulled between what you know and what you would like to learn culminating in the Full Moon on the 7th which may erase some options and clarify others.    For the most part you are focused on where you are living, with whom and issues around family.  Venus is turning retrograde mid-month so there must be some adjustments or biding of time.  Perhaps you are being pulled back into the past which de-rails how you thought the future would unfold.  As the nodes return to where they were in 2001 there is some karma to be repaid over.  19 years later, you see what unfolded from that point and whether there is something outstanding.  You can discuss all this at New Moon time on the 22nd or on the 28th when the past really does intersect with the future.    


The first seven days of May are crucial for establishing who owes what, how much you have and what is non-negotiable in your eyes.   Expect a summing up on the 7th as the Full Moon decrees the price of something important whether that’s financially or in terms of other measures of worth.  What’s exciting about May for most Librans is that you’re on a journey of exploration that is opening up new territory.   Perhaps even a re-connection to somewhere or someone that used to be very important in your life.  There’s a sense of going back but in a different way or returning for a reason.  Even if physical travel is impossible you can still be transported at the touch of a zoom button or text message these days.  Think back to 2001 and what constituted your sense of adventure then.  What were you learning, where were you going?   19 years later you’re experiencing a new wave but it might encompass the same feelings.  Late May is when you make the real connection.


Whenever the high voltage planet Uranus in Taurus is triggered you get something of an electric shock.   May opens on this note and so it unfolds to the Scorpio Full Moon (the Flower Moon Supermoon) which sets the seal on the exchange between you and a significant other or opposite number in business.  It might be a whirlwind of excitement, a sudden turn of events, an offer, a surprise, exactly what you didn’t think would happen – but here it is and you’re in the midst of it, performing one of your famous Scorpionic birth-death-rebirth moments in the blink of an eye.   Besides that, celestial activity in the sign of Gemini includes a Venus retrograde in your 8th house of significant emotional and financial exchange.   Time to revisit what you gave and received in previous relationships and perhaps a return of something/one from the past.  In addition, the nodes move to accent this place too thereby revisiting a cycle from 19 years ago that began in 2001.   So there’s a lot to process – you’re re-counting quite literally, the story, the money, the learning from those times.   Whatever was lost and gained in that cycle can now be re-negotiated into a new story.


You’re focusing on the here and now in a way you have possibly never done before.  Perhaps all your arrow firing into the future has had to be laid down, leaving you with nothing but the tasks in hand on an everyday basis.   Certainly there is a need to concentrate on how each day unfolds, keeping the wheels turning.   Yet there are spanners in the works, disruptions and alterations even around this – so a set routine is not readily available.  You’re considering new options particularly in the first week in May and need some valuable time out around the Full Moon on the 7th.  This allows you to dive into the more philosophical side of your centaur nature.   Yes, you do have that inner priest thing going on and this is why some mediative, contemplative time is essential for your well-being.  As Venus is pulsing through Gemini, reconnecting you to moments and people in the past on her retrograde from the 13th there’s plenty to catch up on.   Besides the South Node is with you from this month which is a karmic point that connects you further back to 2001/2.   There are lessons to be drawn from that time or perhaps the entire 19 year cycle that unfolded that will now set you on a new path.              


Breaking news early in the month means you lift your eyes from the here and now to the possibility of new connections or creative actions.  Alternatively it stirs a little romance in an otherwise set pattern or a younger person pops up to stimulate food for thought.  Whichever way, you are destined to move out of the torper.   Then there is the retrograde of Venus and the arrival of the North Node in Gemini – accenting everything to do with your workload, daily life and health.   It seems you are looking at an interruption to the old system.  The past is calling you – in the form of connections and activities from way back when.   The nodes have not been in this position for 19 years so you’re looking at what was going on in 2001/2 and seeing the whole pattern that was set in motion.  You have to a chance to re-balance things, to move on psychologically, if not physically just yet.   But that will come.


There is no such thing as sitting comfortably when you have the prickly pear of Uranus underneath you.  He is your ruling planet, so you are at least familiar with his awkward ways, but placed in your 4th house of home comforts is another story.  Early May could be a moment of revolution within the family.  Everyone wants to do their own thing and the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th gives you the pointer towards what you need to do to materialise your own aims and goals.   Yet it’s the celestial activity in your fellow air sign of Gemini that is the most intriguing.  For a start Venus in your 5th house stirs up your creative impulses and when she turns retrograde on the 13th you may be called to go back to do something that used to be quite a love in in your life.  This month also sees the movement of the North Node into Gemini where it held dominion in 2001/2 so there is a further re-wind of 19 years or so to consider.   You’ll see how it all fits together, how children, young people and fun move through a process of birth and growing up.   You are about to begin again.


If you’ve been caught in a loop then the first week of May brings an exit strategy from your own head.   This is the end of over-thinking and the start of some radical new ideas that could really alter what you focus on and how you connect with others.  It all happens so fast, as Uranus is involved and cemented with a Full Moon on the 7th that gives you a peak into the future.   However, perhaps the most important celestial events this month centre around the reversal of Venus in Gemini which alters your stance on home, family and how you live.  It’s in flux and you’re adapting to a backwards-forwards motion that is like a dance involving the re-tracing of steps.  Besides, the node also returns to Gemini where it was 19 years ago – so cast your mind back to 2001/2 and look to see where that 19 year cycle took you.  You’ll be re-working the trajectory now.