Monthly Horoscopes for: July 2020


July brings you to something of a crunch point regarding your life goals, aims and ambitions.  The lunar eclipse on the 5th is followed by further celestial activity that pulls you between what’s right for you personally versus what you’d like to achieve and if these two things don’t gel together then something has to give.   However extreme things appear to be, there is hope and inspiration in the latter part of the month that neutralises the tension,  The message is to get rid of what is no longer relevant as so much has changed since the beginning of the year and re-direct yourself towards whatever supports the new you.


Future plans occupy your mind as you have a strong desire to make things work but are no doubt having to break the habits of a life-time.   Journeys and destinations that used to hold much appeal are still calling you, but you’re considering whether a mental holiday might be better than making a trip.  After Mercury moves forward on the 12th it becomes easier to get all your ducks in a row.  New ideas and information is coming in all the time which provide practical answers.  Late July offers up the bliss state – a place you’ve longed for.


If the last few weeks have seen some upheavals in relationship, or just a re-set of what you value, then July’s major emphasis on trusting and sharing looks likely to promote a phasing out of the less than desirable in favour of those who are truly part of your inner circle.  Financial matters prompt you to re-negotiate terms and arrangements and you’re finding new ways to protect your interests.  Towards the end of the month you’re really in the mood to count your considerable blessings.


An intense atmosphere means its time to face the music in relationships and your own need to be yourself. The lunar eclipse echoes back to January and should put closure on the last six months.  As Mercury moves retrograde in your sign until the 12th it’s important to recognise that things can change in the blink of an eye.  You are hardly in the mood for letting things drift.  In fact, as Saturn moves into Capricorn again increasing your desire for answers, you want clarity and structure.  A major step forward is possible that will take a relationship onto a new level, yet if the writing is on the wall, you’re ready for that reality check.  The Cancer New Moon on the 20th is a point of definition and will set things in place so you know where you stand.  Decisions bring relief.


Having a re-think about how you run your life, what works and what doesn’t is going to be a focus in the first half of July.  Clearly you’re capable of shedding things that no longer apply.  Whether this is changing the working pattern of your life, or what you are actually doing, a re-orientation is taking place and don’t under-estimate the power of small details to make an enormous difference to your well-being.  On the 22nd, the Sun powers into Leo upping your vital energies and enabling your internal Sun to shine very brightly and radiate the kind of positive magnetism that draws in what’s right and good.


An extreme intensity hangs over the first half of July and whether you’re clearing out or moving on, there’s a need to close the door on the past.  It could be that some Virgos are experiencing major life changes themselves or around them and your key to getting through all this is the power of discernment in terms of teams, friends and associates.  It’s not like you to put personal joy as a major goal, but if you’ve been lacking in this department then you need to take steps to invite it in.  From the 22nd as the Sun lays low in your inner sanctum it’s important to take time to reflect and recharge your batteries.  If some dreams have bitten the dust, there are new ones that are constellating.


Push may come to shove in some relationships as upfront Mars in Aries shows his impatience and desires.  Whether you can or can’t play ball depends on how much you already have on your plate.  As Mercury is in reverse until the 12th you may feel like playing slow-mo rather than fast forwarding.  However life goals do need some time and attention as do personal matters and issues.  Saturn back in Capricorn suggests practical approaches will work best and provide a solid root which will help you flourish.  From the 22nd your team and tribe are opening up the portals of connection.  This provides a much appreciated state of flow.


It may be time to set the seal on a contract or commit to major efforts in terms of a project as July contains several defining moments that vanquishes peripheral distractions and enables you to focus on what’s really important.  Whether you’re signing up for a collaboration, a role within a new territory or learning a valuable skill, there are important messages for you written large in the stars.   You need to paint on a bigger canvas, no doubt about it.  Once the Sun arrives on the pivotal midheaven point on the 22nd you’re truly aligned with this sense of purpose and receiving all its benefits.


The need to manage finances for future growth is paramount.  You’re either putting the finishing touches to a negotiation or making decisions to pull out of or plug into certain projects.  Although Mercury’s retrograde motion up until the 12th causes moments when it’s literally the first to blink, mid July you get the upper hand.   Your great gift is your ability to make the best of any situation and to spot the potential where others can only see problems.  High vibe Leo is where the Sun is heading on the 22nd, creating a bigger world for you to play in.


As Saturn moves back into your sign for the last six months of its sojourn with you, there’s an air of finishing up on outstanding matters.  Saturn is the planet of karma and it’s usually obvious if something has run its course and what you need to address now,  You’re in a highly significant stage of your climb up the mountain and although it takes effort, they will not go unrecognised.  The lunar eclipse in your sign has a resonance with what was going on in January and although you have come a long way, it could be curtains for a scenario that has kept you stuck in the past.  Wanting to move forward is vital to your growth and development and the union of Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn lights your path with the potential for positive transformation.  It seems that someone close to you has a major role to play here.


If it’s been tough going over the past few months, Saturn’s staycation in your sign has made you aware that you have to be strong and resilient in the face of realities that are not to your liking.   On July 1, this planet of duty and discipline moves out of Aquarius, giving you space and more options.   Yet the caveat is that the end of the year brings Jupiter and Saturn into your sign so these next few months are your time to prepare for a major cycle of change and growth that will come in 2021 and beyond.  For now, it’s all about positioning.  You need to establish some sort of solid ground that will support your future development.


Whether you want to be part of the group or tribe or opt out is a question that comes up at the time of the lunar eclipse on July 5th.  Perhaps there are certain people with whom you feel aligned and others that cause more trouble than they’re worth.  As Mercury maintains retrograde motion until the 12th not everything is simple, clear or straight forward and you may also ‘lose the plot’ in some ways so taking an observer stance is better than wading in out of your depth.  Mid month it looks as if people have something to offer you that is both encouraging and positively transformative.  It should add to your stack of joy and although it takes work, there is satisfaction.  By the time you reach the final week of the month you’re glowing with creative confidence again.