Monthly Horoscopes for: September 2023


The first half of September is for gaining insights and information.  Keep examining all your options and then from the 15th you’re swiftly moving back on track with a way forward that lights up the rest of the year.  Autumn Equinox falls on the 23rd bringing the Sun to the relationship angle of your chart where you can act in tandem with others and make progress with those who are part of the plan.  Your one and only Full Moon in Aries is on 29 September  bringing your personal magnetism high and setting the scene for an arrangement to work in your favour.



Adjusting to a new routine is all part of the remit in early September so give yourself time to get into the groove and the new normal whilst appreciating ‘the glimmers’ of all good things.  On the 15th a New Moon sets the Autumn intention on the same day as Mercury moves direct again and you’re lifted into a purposeful and productive phase .  Flush out anything that has no place in your psyche or environment around the Full Moon on the 29th.  It’s all about the choices you make.



September divides into two halves.   Up until the 15th, Mercury remains in reverse gear so regard everything as tentative whilst allowing yourself as much room to explore options as you need.  On the 15th itself (also the day of the New Moon in precise Virgo) Mercury moves forward and so do you.  Plans on the home-front take shape and as Autumn Equinox approaches on the 23rd you find your mojo for all things fun and fabulous.  Something to celebrate on the the Full Moon of the 29th.



Take things slowly as you enter September and float ideas rather than having iron-clad plans.  There’s a lot of goodwill supporting you but it’s not until September 15th that Mercury goes direct and things really firm up.  New Moon energy also on the 15th helps pinpoint schedules and organisation and many things that have been hanging loose start to thread together.  Your inner and outer world are re-setting in relation to each other around the Autumn Equinox and Full Moon on the 29th.  Steer your ship with intention.



As Venus ends her retrograde in your sign on September 4th you’re ready to make sense of what might have been a messy Summer.   Whilst you focus on practical matters, there’s a lot to process in terms of how you relate to others and what’s been percolating around your value system and self-worth.  So you enter the Autumn period firing on all cylinders and ready to launch new projects and prospects which will enhance your world.



If you’ve been jousting with the disparate energies of the universe this Summer, September is a month to sort things out again. Piece by piece.  The Virgo New Moon on the 15th co-incides with Mercury turning direct in your sign and a fresh cycle begins.  Answers start to come in, riddles solves – although the 19th is a sketchy day when things may temporarily drop.  You soon pick up speed, moving into a time of positive earning power which is further defined during the mid-October eclipse.



Go-getting Mars in your sign provides you with  a force field of energy even if the month begins with many planets in reverse gear.  On the 4th your ruler Venus pivots to direct motion followed by Mercury on the 15th.  So think of yourself as being one step ahead of everybody else and start putting your plans together for a fabulous Autumn.  Once the Sun enters Libra at Autumn Equinox on the 23rd you experience a resurgence of your solar light and power – just in the time for the Aries Full Moon on the 29th which offers you a chance to reformat a relationship that hasn’t quite matched your desires.



Collaboration and connection has a big part to play in September.  Together you can make things happen, especially around new ideas that emerge with the New Moon on the 15th.  You’re also quietly getting on with things behind-the-scenes, in private mode which suits your modus operandi.  Gathering your resources and lining things up ready for the action planet Mars to enter your sign mid October.  Meanwhile get your ducks in a row.



Whilst there’s a lot of ‘retro’ going on in September you’re still dealing with a back-log at least until mid-month when Mercury gets back on track.  The 15th stars a New Moon on your midheaven – something which is promises bright light in your future for new ideas and projects.  Make sure everyone is on the same page around the 19th or misunderstandings could arise.  However, an undoubted air of enthusiasm permeates the end of the month and especially for anything which resembles ‘turning a page’.



It’s time to spread your wings (even though you’re the celestial goat) and think about ways to take off whether literally to a different location or metaphorically into unchartered territory which stimulates your thought processes.  Although Mercury is back-tracking through the heavens and plans may need to be re-vamped a few times before the 15th, you’re creating new and better versions all the time.  Autumn Equinox on the 23rd highlights who you are in the eyes of the world – a legend in your lunch-time, life-time or perhaps just putting yourself out there.



Whilst planets occupy the zone of your chart that relates to other people’s stories, resources and calls on your energy you may feel there’s no end to what they expect from you.  What’s more, with Mercury in reverse plans keep changing.   So do a little side-stepping yourself and carve out some time for yourself.  You’ll feel freer once the Sun enters Libra enabling you to explore the very things that interest and intrigue you.  In fact, you’re the one who calls the shots at Full Moon on the 29th.



You’ve needed to make adjustments around other people whilst Mercury has been reversing through the relationship angle of your chart.  Fortunately you are adaptable, but it seems you have to pin everything down on around the 15th when the New Moon asks for a clear direction.  Someone’s attitude is mystifying around the 19th so stay alert to mixed signals.  From the 23rd you’re settling into the groove of joint ventures and what they offer you.  Ask for what you need at Full Moon on the 29th.


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