Monthly Horoscopes for: March 2023


The presence of Venus and Jupiter in your sign add in a sprinkling of love and joie de vivre particularly on March 11 when Venus cavorts with your fiery ruler Mars.  Mid month is a time to keep your feet on the ground when Neptune’s surreal situations come into play and it’s harder to decipher exactly what’s going on. Aries season is accompanied by the New Moon in your sign on the 21st – a kickstart for a whole new cycle of energy which translates into how you present yourself to the world.  It’s a case of game-on.



Saturn’s new residency in the people angle of your chart from March 7 denotes a 2.5 year period of perfecting your A-team so that you surround yourself with those who are loyal, committed and true.  A group or team endeavour will be taking shape.   Mid-month brings loving Venus into your sign in a haze of Neptunian mists which put you in touch with the soul.  As Aries begins and the Sun sinks into your inner sanctum on March 20 you need precious time and space.   Perhaps the most vibrant aspect of the month is on March 30 when Venus meets high voltage Uranus in your sign – prepare for the unexpected!



The arrival of focused Saturn into the top spot (aka the midheaven) of your solar chart refines your drive into those things which are serious and sensible rather than the scatter gun technique.   Over the next 2.5 years whilst Saturn is resident here you’ll discover how to climb your own mountain, achieve great things and put yourself whole-heartedly into an end result.  Never mind the crazy stuff which reflects Neptune’s mysterious influences mid-month.   Just keep on going and you’ll find as Aries season begins on the 20th that you have exactly the right team of people around you.



After 14 years of having Pluto oppose you from its residency in Capricorn you’re getting respite care beginning March 23 as this planet dips a toe into a new position in your chart.  So bring out the bunting – especially as Venus and Jupiter are piling on the good stuff in the first half of the month.  Hang loose mid-March when Neptune’s influence is  a touch surreal.  You emerge out the other side ready to greet the start of Aries season on the 20th with plenty of new ideas to put into play.  Mars the action planet roars into Cancer on the 25th for a 6 week period – you’re on a roll!



Saturn moves on from opposing you on March 7 putting an end to the last 2.5 years of slow-going in relationships.  Now the accent is all about money and the business of collaboration and joint ventures.  Mid-month is not the time to take risks or assume everyone knows what they’re talking about.  From the start of Aries season on the 20th you’ll figure out ways of making your life more enjoyable, using your creative spark.   Pluto’s new residency in the people angle of your chart from March 23rd signifies a new era of connection is about to begin.



March is a pivotal month as Saturn moves into Pisces on the 7th beginning a 2.5 year cycle of firming up everything about relationships.  On the same day the Virgo Full Moon ups the ante and put everything into high definition and you can assume others are playing a vital role in this shape shift.  Mid-month is not the time to draw final conclusions as Neptune’s blurry influence can hide or distort information.  Wait until the dawn of Aries season on March 20th which lights up the financial and joint venture zone of your chart, bringing others forward.   On the 23rd Pluto makes a prime move into the work and wellness sector of your skies which is the start of a gradual transformation in your attitude to both – let the healing take place.



You have overhead lighting from the presence of Venus and Jupiter and later in the month – the Sun, New Moon and Mercury all in Aries during March.  This is going to put you in the spotlight and shine attention your way whilst also offering you a new direction.  The perplexing influence of Neptune mid-month should not be taken as an indicator of your future fortunes – merely a time to safe-guard your interests.  As Saturn is moving to refine your lifestyle and Pluto produces a tremendous desire to experience life to the full March is the start of a new era.



Two major planetary moves this month change the shape of things to come.  First up is Saturn on March 7th defining what you need in order to experience more of life’s joys over the next 2.5 years.  Next is your ruling planet Pluto – the great transformer visiting Aquarius from March 23rd in the home and personal angle of your chart for a few months before a major 20 year sit-in starting 2024.  This will release you from the past big-time and encourage you to live in tune with all that you are and value.  It’s a slow passage but as an intuitive Scorpio you get it straight away and can begin the sloughing off of the old dead cells in all aspects of your being.



For many Sagittarians March marks a month of defining where and how you want to live as Saturn takes up residence in the home and personal angle of your chart from the 7th.  Although some confusion mid-month reminds you not to try and build Rome in a day, you’re establishing a base that will work better for you.  A line up of planets in Aries over the course of the month reconnects you to the playful side of your nature – plenty of opportunity to fire those arrows!



As Pluto prepares to leave your sign on the 23rd having been in residence since 2008 you’re going to experience a shape shift in your life.  Pluto will come back on June 11th before making a grand departure in 2024, yet Spring and early Summer give you a taste of this new era.   Think back over the last 14 years and how far you’ve come, all the inner and outer changes that have made you stronger and wiser.  The rest of your life is about putting this wisdom to use.  In the meantime, March offers up opportunities to think of new directions and to keep out of entangled situations.



This is the beginning of the rest of your life as the saying goes.  Especially as Pluto the great planet of transformation is setting foot into your sign from March 23rd for the first time in 248 years.   He’s with you until June 11th giving those water-bearers born on the cusp of Pisces and Aquarius a taste or a trailer of what needs to change.   For other Aquarians the message will be less urgent but still a rumble of awakening.  Meanwhile March allows you the chance to communicate all your best ideas.  Although a financial matter needs attention mid-month, don’t do anything radical until you’re sure of the facts.



March is a mega-month for those born under the sign of the fishes as Saturn moves into your sign for the first time since the mid 1990’s.  You’re playing host to Saturn’s strict requirements – namely putting a lot of focus and hard work into achieving a result.  Saturn rewards effort in the long term and for many Pisceans this will be a 2.5 year era of confirming your sense of self.  Meanwhile Neptune also in your sign will be spritzing you with his mayhem and magic mid-month!  Take things slowly and move towards doing what must be done.


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