Monthly Horoscopes for: August 2022


The month of August opens with a wake-up call that urges you to channel your energy into making your life more rewarding in every way.  You’re perfectly prepared to do whatever it takes, but staying the same isn’t an option.  the Full Moon on August 12th highlights just how important your team, friendship group and network are to you and they must be differentiated from the bystanders and hangers on.  As your ruler Mars moves for a long sojourn of 7 months into the message and mindset angle of your chart there has never been a better time for projecting your thoughts.



The extremely rare gathering of the North Node together with Mars and Uranus in your sign means you enter this month as a newbie in a life experience that is taking you to the edge of everything you have ever known.  This isn’t it itself a bad thing as long as you view it as a voyage of discovery, an awakening, a new way of being.  However, initially it could feel like a jolt or a bolt from the blue.  Give yourself time to assimilate, process and adjust and by the Full Moon on the 12th you’ll have a handle on what’s happening.   Besides, Mars the action planet will vacate Taurus on the 20th and the pace of life will return to something resembling normality!



There’s going to be a tremendous change in your capacity to get results.  Initially it may look as if it’s business as usual in the first few weeks of the month.  Yet there are stirrings afoot that are altering the parameters of what’s possible.  Think bigger picture and the Full Moon on the 12th will download a sense of expansion that has been missing for a while.  Then on the 20th Mars, that champion go-getter enters Gemini for a prolonged period of 7 months in your sign.  This will include a retrograde period between late October and mid January but for now you have the bit between your teeth!



There is either a fast turn-over within your team or a sudden flash of interest within a group activity that changes the status quo.  It may take until the Full Moon of the 12th to establish who is really in your shared venture for keeps.  After all it’s a serious undertaking that requires trust on a deep level.  As Mars moves into the most reflective and intuitive sector of your skies on the 20th, remaining here until next Spring your awareness will undergo exponential growth.



You might well be considering a major change in what you’re doing with your life but you do need to give yourself  time to think things through rather than act on the spur of the moment.  Gorgeous Venus enters Leo on the 11th increasing your fan-base, followed by the Aquarius Full Moon on the 12th which focuses your attention on one particular person.  Those with mid-August birthdays will be thinking long and hard about where this relationship is going.  On the 20th Mars enters a pro-active phase of people power and many Leos will find their niche within the team in a big way over the next 7 months.



The reverberations and ripples that are going on in the world are being felt on a micro level as August begins.  Try not to allow changes to unsettle you and move forward in the knowledge that you are a fixer and solver who can constantly adapt to new situations.  Making yourself strong in mind, body and spirit is a theme of the Full Moon on the 12th.  Particularly as Mars will move into your power spot on August 20th taking you  right through to Spring 2023.   You can use the Virgo New Moon on the 27th to kick-start your new plans.



Volatile cosmic energy greets the beginning of August and you’re picking up on the jolts to the system that in turn rock the so-called stable structures of society.  Of course, life and the universe are always in a process of change and your capacity to move through and make the adjustments is what makes the difference in terms of your well-being.   Go for the happiness quotient at Full Moon time on the 12th.  Strategise for the longer term from the 20th and carve out some Libran me-time as the Sun accents the need for peace and quiet from the 27th.



The high voltage connection between the North Node, Mars and Uranus in the relationship angle of your chart is charging things up as August begins.  There’s an element of fate and destiny here and a rapid pace that moves things swiftly in terms of a collaboration or connection, severing the unsuitable whilst sparking new excitement.  Allow things to settle down in their own time and use the Full Moon on the 12th as an anchor to ground yourself.  As Mars moves into your zone of shared business interests and emotional intimacy the coming months will give you ample opportunity to establish a way forward.    



If it weren’t for some on-going variables you’d feel you had the logistics of a situation sewn up.  By necessity you need to be light on your feet, however you’re not going to be deterred from moving forward.  Speaking your mind is important around the Full Moon of the 12th as it’s perfectly clear you can’t please all of the people all of the time – so at the very least put your own views out there.  On the 20th Mars arrives into the relationship angle of your chart for a long occupancy of 7 months.  During this time your interactions are going to heat up, controversies sparked, but also active dynamics that take things to a new level.



August opens with the sparkle and crackle of a celestial line up around your personal happiness.   Of course you want to stabilise the situation, yet you find yourself in unknown territory that is both exciting and outside of your back history.  Quite simply, you need to allow things to unfold without pre-judgment. The Full Moon of the 12th is a good time to resolve any outstanding financial matters or at least set out a strategy.   From the 20th it’s action stations as Mars begins a long duration in your zone of schedules, practicalities and logistics.   At least you know what it is you’re meant to be doing.



If it weren’t for Saturn in your sign you’d re-invent yourself in a flash.   You feel restless, yet Saturn’s got you into the habit of examining the consequences of every action – therefore you’re trying to take a measured approach.   The one and only Aquarian Full Moon in your sign lights up the sky on the 12th activating instincts, intuition and gut feelings that go beyond logic and reasoning.    Listen to them as they give you the stirrings of what’s possible in your future.  As Mars will take up residence in your zone of personal happiness from the 20th isn’t it time to see how many smiles you can generate?



For a long time you’ve done that Piscean thing of going along with things.   In early August it feels like a celestial intervention is making your views known – you can’t help but voice your thoughts.  This is a release and you’ll see that the sky doesn’t fall in when you do it!  In fact, it leaves you free to steer yourself in the direction that is right for you.  On the 12th the Full Moon falls in the most reflective sector of your skies and you can intuit more than most.  As the Sun and New Moon light up Virgo later in the month a relationship is going to be centre stage.


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