Monthly Horoscopes for: September 2020


As both Mercury and Venus wend their way through the relationship angle of your chart from the first weekend in September this is a prime month for moving things forward with significant others.  In fact, as Mars in your own sign turns retrograde on the 9th for a two month period you may find your own mojo goes down a gear whilst those close to you rev up.  This retrograde of Mars marks a huge time for redefining what you really want, looking at what’s worth pursuing and where you have barked up the wrong tree and must move on.  The New Moon on the 17th introduces new ways of working it that will make your life smarter and more efficient.


Whilst a lot of September is taken up with implementing systems to better manage your life and work, there’s a creative streak that brings joy and lightness around young people, love and playfulness.  This is an important balance in terms of mind, body and spirit.  Mars is also turning retrograde in the most sensitive spot of your chart on the 9th and won’t get back to direct motion until mid November so your mantra must be to look after yourself.  This will require time to clear your head, do your own thing and replenish yourself.


Whilst both Mercury and Venus occupy the most lighthearted sector of your skies there will be plenty of amusing times this month that fire your spark.   Yet these are still challenging times.  You may feel others stand in the way or circumstances beyond your control impose limitations on what’s possible.   Yet within this narrowed range of choices you still possess the capacity to spot opportunities that are genuinely positive.


You’ll find plans and project take shape this month which will require you to eliminate the unworkable and focus on the do-able.  Canny Cancerians have a shrewd eye and intuitive sense that guides you towards those people that are on your wavelength.  Although Mars begins its two month period of back-flipping through the heavens on the 9th you find that adjusting to the change of pace is not too much of a problem.  As a water sign you are especially good at handling ebb and flow and now how to make the best use of your time and when strategy is better than rushing in.   Besides, 2020 is heading towards something of a grand finale, so you can look towards that breakthrough.


Finances have to be top of your list this month in terms of creating targets and new prospects.  The month of September requires you to talk about those things you may not wish to discuss, but needs must!  Your Leo spark is still active despite the prevailing restrictions of 2020 and the climate of the new normal which is not settling into certainty anytime soon.  So live for the moment and bring yourself fully to the present – which in Buddhist philosophy alleviates the suffering of having expectations.  You have ways to make progress no matter the conditions.


During Virgo time your life force is at its strongest for pushing forward and creating new strands of confidence, particularly around the Virgo New Moon on the 17th.  Yet you can’t help picking up on the caution in the atmosphere that means people are unwilling to commit to long terms projects and financial scenarios require delicate handling.  The Mars retrograde period which begins on the 9th lasting two months is ideal for the Virgo mindset of detail and good preparation.


As Mercury and Venus sparkle in your sign from the weekend of the 5th/6th you’re on top form in terms of radiating out your sheer loveliness.   Yet, as Mars in Aries moves to reverse gear on the 9th for a two month period you might find others are going off the boil, slowing down or taking a step back.   No matter, as a Libra you have a great gift for making adjustments around other people.  Staying true to your own ideals may require reserves of energy in the final 10 days of the month, yet  we all know these are strange times that ask us to find our own light to navigate the way through.


The circle of people around you is growing and new opportunities are arising.  You’re enjoying the creativity and magic of those things that lift you away from the mundane.   Yet Mercury and Venus are heading into your zone of intuitive perception and soul for most of the month so it’s also good to take some time and space to ponder what’s going on for you at a deeper level.  You can take stock of where you are and clear the decks of any past residue.


Your network or team is centre stage this month and will have a large role to play in planning your direction.  The New Moon on the  17th is a crucial time to set fresh targets and get yourself on track.  Towards the last 10 days of the month your positive energy may meet with some pushback, so take it easy rather than entering the frenemy state.  These are times of transition and with Mars in reverse through the Autumn the normal flow is interrupted.   Yet November will bring the grand union of Jupiter and Pluto to take things over the line.


The presence of the Sun in your fellow earth sign of Virgo helps you feel that you have some direction in life.   Yet the territory can still be tricky, especially as Mars will reverse through your home zone from the 9th and pull you back into personal issues towards the end of the month.  Yet you feel you have to make some plans for your future and a positive push sees you on your way around the New Moon on the 17th.  2020 is a year of adjustment on every angle, yet your lights will turn green before the year is out.


For many Aquarians September is the month to make plans that will see you through 2020 and into 2021.  Yet what you can see now is no measure of the enormous opportunities that will come our way in December through into next year, so it’s best to take things one step at a time.   You are actually at a preparation stage and must build in lots of space for things to change and grow.  Also, even though you are an independent Aquarian you are part of the collective force and economy which itself is facing challenges.  Be part of the solution, not the problem.


Whilst the sun passes through your opposite sign of Virgo and you get a New Moon there and a Full Moon in your own sign too, there’s a huge cosmic pulse in the zone of relating. Certain people could play a more influential role in your life and you’ll see who has a tendency to string you along around the 11th.  Yet there’s a burst of fresh energy on the 17th which clears the air and presses the reset button. Finances too are under the spotlight as you navigate changing times and circumstances with an eye for shoring up your security.