Monthly Horoscopes for: April 2020


Your communication airwaves are coming alive from April so as an entrepreneurial sort it’s up to you to instigate and initiate new ways of getting in front of people whilst physically it might be impossible.    It’s likely that you experience a new form of empowerment around the might Jupiter Pluto connection on April  5th which is followed by the Full Moon in Libra on the 8th.   This highlights relationships of all kinds – how you are getting on with others right now and what issues are being brought up.    Mercury heads into your own sign on the 11th which clears your head and offers a eagle-eyed perception of how your life is working. The Sun in Aries raises your chi energy, your vital life force which lifts your spirits considerably, even though you might face some challenges on the 14th and 21st.    Late April is a time to look at new financial directions.


Having a positive mindset is still enabling you to look forward to our future.   It is an art in the present climate!  Although you are continuing to make adjustments to your everyday way of life, in some cases you feel a sense of liberation.  It’s almost as if you’ve been suddenly relieved of what used to occupy you, and instead you get to be with yourself in your inner life, which after all is a wondrous thing.   Of course, it’s not entirely a bed of roses and events around the 14th and 21st present those circumstances beyond your control.   Yet Taurus time arrives on the 20th which boosts your internal light and warmth.  This is followed by a New Moon spelling a new cycle for April born bulls and the Sun’s union with change-maker Uranus on the 26th further compels you to make those life-altering choices.


When the goddess of love alights in your sign on the 3rd for an extended period of time you can count your blessings.  It is a rare Gemini who does not have relationship on their mind this month, particularly around the 7th and 8th.  Only you, with your superpowers of connection and communication can keep the spark alive when there are restrictions on the normal movements.  You’re also adding to your network of friends and followers and possibly dropping some around the 14thand 21st.  Re-charge your batteries from the 20th when the Sun dips low into the most private sector of your skies.   This is a form of internal feng shui.


The Jupiter Pluto union in Capricorn is a hopeful sign of better times to come.  No matter how tough it’s been, particularly in the relationship department, you’re about to turn a corner and feel empowered to transform even the most tricky of situations.  Full Moon on the 8th flags up the need to balance home and family with other things you want to achieve in life.   Priorities are altering and adjustments are being made.  You’re determined to make things work.  Later in the month you find your team or tribe of friends are taking a new direction.


Mars and Saturn are the key workers in your chart this April as they bring you face-to-face with what you have/want/do in relationships.  Perhaps people always expect your Leo sunshine to dispel all clouds, or that you will find solutions to every problem.  Yet, you need to break from what you’ve been doing and to re-evaluate what really works and whether you want to continue old patterns or not.  The Sun’s presence in the most far-away sector of your skies you’re either looking at alternative futures, or strategising for an adventure to come.  Yet from the 23rd new elements come into your mix that you have probably never thought of before.   You will need to look at how to assimilate them.


Mid month you’re evaluating exactly how much you’ve spent in the name of entertainment in recent months and vowing to streamline the things that have cost you dear.    Maybe affairs of the heart have stretched you in more ways than one and it’s time to pull back and live in the more modest side of your nature.  From the 20th your thoughts turn to future strategies yet there is a climate of uncertainty and you must be prepared for changes you’d never anticipated.


Whilst the Sun occupies your opposite sign of Aries, there’s no doubt that your eye is drawn to the state of the union, past, present or hoped for in future.  The Full Moon in Libra is also a potentially engaging connection that puts you exactly in touch with how you feel.  Other people can be a source of challenge mid-month, perhaps it was ever thus if you are a typical Libra, but your diplomatic skills come to the rescue.  Around the 23rd and 26th it’s all about the degree of closeness, trust and sharing you want to have in your life – with opt out clauses if you need them.


Whilst you’re busy working out all the details of your life and lifestyle in April, fine-tuning the appropriate way to handle your daily experiences, the universe is gearing up to draw your attention to significant others.   From the 20th, things could take an unusual turn which could be thrilling or just not what you were expecting.   The whole point is to open up to what is possible in terms of relating to others in new ways.


As early as the 5th you’re feeling a very strong vibe of positive change, perhaps it’s a moment to look at the previous folly of your ways and vow to steer in a better direction.    However, there’s no denying your irrepressible spirit which helps to boost your personal life and lifts the spirits of those around you too.  From the 20thit’s time to be more practical – you have to be responsive to what’s emerging quickly.


You might feel that an extraordinary piece of luck is landing in your lap around the 5th – and if not directly then further showerings later in the year will leave you in no doubt that there is a silver lining to any clouds you have experienced.   Yet you’re looking at ways to set your house in order so to speak, to make your priorities reflect where you are now, rather than history.   The Full Moon on the 8th could bring closure and completion.  You feel the need to align yourself with joy rather than heaviness later in the month.   This requires you to pull the plug on whatever has been a drain and align with happiness.


It’s interesting to have both Mars and Saturn in your sign for the whole month.   It certainly puts a new slant on where you’re going in life.   Perhaps the old trajectory has been blocked.   Yet ever the innovator you can see new roads and pathways ahead that look enticing and full of possibility.  From the 20th matters to do with family and home demand urgent attention – you’re poised to tackle everything on the spot.  


A friend or associate seems to have something good to offer you early in the month, that gives you the sense that life is still full of potential, regardless of how it has seemed.  Finances are needing careful calculations and strategies, yet it is your way with words that is of most value later in the month.  Perhaps this is the moment to tell it like it is, or to communicate your message in new ways.