THE WEEK AHEAD: 22-29 November 2020

An empaths guide to the universe is what you need when Venus is pulsing through your 5th house of love and pleasure.   Since you intuitively know what others enjoy this could be your moment to turn things around and focus on what floats your own boat.  Promise yourself that you will inject that vital magic into conversations and discussions that enables those close to you to surprise you.

THE MONTH AHEAD: November 2020

So many ups and downs have characterised the last few months, but mid November has the capacity to alter your course for the better.  Where you’ve been side-lined by someone else’s needs or demands, you are now being brought forward as the key person in a working or personal partnership that will be to mutual benefit.   Perhaps the ‘hard work’ element of a relationship eases off, or you receive greater potential for success via the  benefactor qualities of another.  As Mars also comes back on line when it ends its retrograde cycle on the 13th you get a handle on where to place your energies and priorities.  This all paves the way for what transpires at the eclipsed Full Moon on the 30th – closing out the old and doing things differently from here-on in.




For the past few years you’ve experienced the North Node in your sign – the finger of destiny, karma and soul purpose and this continues up until May when the eclipse pattern also leaves Cancer which gave you a few electric shocks along the way. 2020 is mainly about who is your most significant other – and the way you are enmeshed, or separated with or from that person. January can enable you to break a relationship patterns where you have felt controlled and under the thumb or stuck in the past. As you move through 2020 there are plenty of opportunities to regain confidence and mid year at the final Cancer eclipse on June 21 a total breakthrough. So by the time you reach December you’re in a new and wonderful space.


As the lunar eclipse in Cancer on January 10th sets the stage for intense exchanges that continue with those who you feel have power over you in some way, you enter 2020 with a rare clarity about what is really going on and how you need to reclaim your space. 2020 offers many fortuitous expansions if you are brave enough to explore them. Go slowly in the Autumn period and by December you’ll see rewards are yours for the taking.
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