THE WEEK AHEAD: 1-7 August 2021

You like to do things properly or not at all, yet the situation you find yourself in calls for some different moves that re-write the rules.  Remembering that life always does move on and that we are all in a process of evolution helps you to consider new possibilities.   Why would you want to stand still when you can dance in creation?

THE MONTH AHEAD: August 2021

Although you are a sign with the greatest resilience the first week of August might require a more ingenious approach rather than just battening down the hatches.  It is a classic case of should you hold on or let go?

Mid-month brings personable Venus to the most visible position in your chart which could work wonders for your presence and profile.  Allow everyone to express their views on the 19th, despite the discord.  It is only the Full Moon on the 22nd that enables matters to be resolved, transactions to be completed or deals to be done.


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