THE WEEK AHEAD: 28 June - 5 July 2020

A positive upturn is embedded in Jupiter’s fortunate meeting with Pluto in your sign this week – either the potential for a change for the better to manifest, or simply a more positive mindset.  As the old is on its way out care of the potent lunar eclipse in Capricorn next Sunday, there’s nothing for it but to allow one door to close so another can open.


As Saturn moves back into your sign for the last six months of its sojourn with you, there’s an air of finishing up on outstanding matters.  Saturn is the planet of karma and it’s usually obvious if something has run its course and what you need to address now,  You’re in a highly significant stage of your climb up the mountain and although it takes effort, they will not go unrecognised.  The lunar eclipse in your sign has a resonance with what was going on in January and although you have come a long way, it could be curtains for a scenario that has kept you stuck in the past.  Wanting to move forward is vital to your growth and development and the union of Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn lights your path with the potential for positive transformation.  It seems that someone close to you has a major role to play here.



The presence of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn this year makes it a hugely pivotal time for your capacity to relate, for your experience of love and for integrating the contradictions inherent in being connected closely to others. On the one hand your heart is opening up as Jupiter’s warm and confidence-boosting qualities relax your defences. On the other, Saturn and Pluto require you to face certain realities – whether these have to do with commitments that work, or don’t work for you anymore. You want everything to be real, including how you relate so it’s not a case of putting up and shutting up or going through the motions. Trust the eclipses of January 10th, June 21 and July 5th to do the honours and be prepared to move forward.


The extraordinary stellium in Capricorn in January focuses you on the exact nature of your journey up the mountain. Where is it taking you? Is it worth it? What do you really want? Of course, it’s unlikely that you will throw caution to the wind as you are inherently practical – yet you are no longer prepared to tick boxes for the sake of it, or even achieve positions of status if they confine you rather than enhance you. During April, June and November you receive a huge boost from the union of Jupiter and Pluto in your sign which shows you that quite literally anything is possible. You just have to land it and it’s likely you will as the grand meeting of Jupiter and Saturn marks the culmination point in December

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