THE WEEK AHEAD: 19-26 September 2021

Tempting as it is to dwell on imperfections, the only way through the twists and turns of this week is to live exclusively in the moment with an open mind.  This way you are free to make new choices and to create psychological distance between your past and the future. Saturday’s reassuring link between Mars and your ruling planet Saturn offers you the sense and sensibility to turn up trumps.

THE MONTH AHEAD: September 2021

You’re considering some new long term plans but being a practical Capricorn you’re reluctant to go after anything that takes you out of the land of security and stability.  This is really a month of micro-shifts which all add up.  Yet Mars at the top point of your chart from the 15th urges you to get on with it and be more assertive.   Even if you find yourself in a position where you’re learning on the job so to speak, think of this as a creative process that yields significant insights via trial and error.


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