THE WEEK AHEAD: 16-23 January 2022

A time of financial confirmation sets the stage for  how you’re going to make things work in terms of earning power and outgoings.  Be a shrewd Gemini and make it clear that you’re nobody’s fool. As the Sun moves into the most outgoing and adventurous sector of your skies from Thursday you’re opening up to amazing new horizons.

THE MONTH AHEAD: January 2022

There are so many changes in the air you simply have to live in the present and take things as they come.  Things are bound to feel a little funky so reserve judgement and make friends with uncertainty, as the planets in their courses will eventually straighten things out – just not this month!  It’s a great time to look at financial matters and make changes around any drains on your funds.  Plus you can start looking at plans for the future that will be blessed by pro-active stars in February.


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