THE WEEK AHEAD: 19-25 March 2023

It seems forever that Mars has been churning up your sign with its forward and backward motion creating both fire  and dead ends.  In fact, it’s been a total of 7 months – and as it departs next Saturday, the celestial atmosphere is changing big time.  Spring Equinox coupled with a New Moon brings the breeze of something new.  Pluto makes its first foray into your fellow Air sign of Aquarius in nearly 250 years stretching your horizons beyond what you ever imagined possible in the coming years.


The arrival of focused Saturn into the top spot (aka the midheaven) of your solar chart refines your drive into those things which are serious and sensible rather than the scatter gun technique.   Over the next 2.5 years whilst Saturn is resident here you’ll discover how to climb your own mountain, achieve great things and put yourself whole-heartedly into an end result.  Never mind the crazy stuff which reflects Neptune’s mysterious influences mid-month.   Just keep on going and you’ll find as Aries season begins on the 20th that you have exactly the right team of people around you.


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