THE WEEK AHEAD: 28 November - 5 December 2021

The celestial emphasis is on your happiness and joy so if anything is standing in the way of that do not hesitate to move away from it.  The upcoming solar eclipse next Saturday is designed to add more sparkle to your life and to up your capacity to connect at a heart-felt level.  This time of year provides a flattering backdrop for you to radiate your special brand of magic.

THE MONTH AHEAD: December 2021

Fortunately you’ve got so much inner sparkle at this time of year, you could light up a Christmas tree all by yourself.  Never forget the source of this power is inside you, even if the outer world turns a little dark from time to time.  There’s likely to be a slowdown care of Venus in reverse gear from the 19th and a need to reconsider some plans.  Saturn at odds with Uranus in the pre-Christmas period is another potential tripwire so keeps things loose and flexible.  Go for simplicity and place yourself amongst the deep and meaningful which could deliver rich dividends between now and January.


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