THE WEEK AHEAD: 2-9 August 2020

The Aquarian Full Moon is a blast that ignites close relationships with rocket-fuel.  Therefore if you’re aware that your connection is fragile and fraught, this might not be the moment to ‘go there’.   However, Uranus is a activist and intent on producing change.   It might be that you and a significant other will have a lot to gain from being absolutely honest and out there.  It could be this is the time to move on from the past and embrace a new way of relating.

THE MONTH AHEAD: August 2020

Your birthday month of August is full of fire, even if you’re a July born lion.  Beginning with a Full Moon that angles revolutionary Uranus – this puts you on notice that absolutely nothing is set in stone.  You could be the instigator of sweeping change or find yourself exploring new option that will add a different dimension to your life.  Yet you also need to concentrate on wellness in every cell of your being, be it mentally, emotionally, spiritually or bodily and in particular see how these areas impact each other.  Whatever has taken a toll on your sense of well-being is a messenger of the need for change in one or more places.  Mars is flagging up new adventures and possibilities  between now and early 2021, but you need to untether yourself from what has weighed you down so you can put on a growth spurt.



As Saturn, planet of karma arrives into the relationship angle of your chart late March until July 1 and you get a taste of the next couple of years in terms of what and whom you are serious about. Anything or anyone else will fall by the wayside as Saturn highlights priorities, cements ties that bind and cuts those that are too fragile to last the course. This is a good thing as from December Saturn will be resident here for 2.5 years and you need to move into that period with your eyes open as to what is built to last and what, quite simply is not.


Although Leo is always associated with giving their best, you have struggled with the discrepancy between the lack of perfection in your environment and your desire to make it better. January may be your month to breakthrough confining restrictions or to call it quits if you absolutely know this is the wrong place for you. There are plenty of opportunities to extend and expand your horizons in 2020 that will show you that you not only deserve more, but can make it happen. Although there are cycles in this year that feel quiet – this is just allowing you to process everything. December is your fanfare month.

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