THE WEEK AHEAD: 20-27 September 2020

As Mercury tussles with Saturn, Pluto and Mars this week you’ll be more aware than ever that it’s impossible to please all of the people all of the time.   If this is the case then the single most important thing you can do at this point is to do what is right for you.  Coming into Libra time signifies a rise in your own vital life forces.   It would be a shame to waste the sun that smiles on you by hovering in the shadows.

THE MONTH AHEAD: September 2020

As Mercury and Venus sparkle in your sign from the weekend of the 5th/6th you’re on top form in terms of radiating out your sheer loveliness.   Yet, as Mars in Aries moves to reverse gear on the 9th for a two month period you might find others are going off the boil, slowing down or taking a step back.   No matter, as a Libra you have a great gift for making adjustments around other people.  Staying true to your own ideals may require reserves of energy in the final 10 days of the month, yet  we all know these are strange times that ask us to find our own light to navigate the way through.



It seems for many Librans there is a need for significant change on the home front, within family life or in the way you relate. Perhaps you are taking a stronger, firmer stance – there is certainly a need for this in January as you simply can’t avoid a reality that is staring you in the face. Yet 2020 deliver many kinder times when you revel in a capacity to make things better. Venus in retrograde between May 13 and June 25th is a time to give people space and when Mars is also reversing through Aries in the Autumn you will wonder where relationships are going. Yet this is a necessary pause in order to make wonderful breakthroughs in December.


The eclipses on the angle of your goals on January 10th and June 21 suggest that you must take a stand regarding where you are going and with whom. These two points of the year show you that there is a need to look at endings and beginnings and to have confidence in yourself rather than assuming other people know what they are doing. Creativity and inspiration can be channelled into working modules between March and July – a blueprint for what can be achieved in 2021 through 2023. Do not allow others to cramp your style – the cosmic message is to do your own thing.

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