THE WEEK AHEAD: 28 November - 5 December 2021

A total solar eclipse signals an unusual and extraordinary time.   What’s starts off as a discussion or news takes shape surprisingly rapidly and you find yourself running to catch up with the new status quo.  It just goes to show how adaptable you can be when the need arises.  Have a Plan B and do not allow your own expectations to block off your capacity to be open to the new.

THE MONTH AHEAD: December 2021

Your perspective is changing as this year draws to a close and you have to admit that 2021 has been something of a learning curve.  Your ruling planet Venus, the keeper of the heart, unites with powerful Pluto twice this month and also moves retrograde from the 19th causing you to reconsider who and what is most important to you.  You can’t deny your feelings which confirm your inner truth.  The Christmas period might not be what you expected, but it certainly gives you food for thought.


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