THE WEEK AHEAD: 1-7 August 2021

You can tap into your innate adaptability to navigate this week’s swirling star-scape.   Perhaps you find yourself bogged down in a lot of responsibility whilst treading a minefield of explosive issues.   However daunting it feels, Pisces is the sign that can shape-shift to accommodate whatever comes up.   Use your super-power.

THE MONTH AHEAD: August 2021

Whilst you may be so busy with work or other wheels-in-motion issues that it’s hard to stop and think, there’s no doubt that someone close to you requires a good deal of attention.  You might find you’ve got a sparring partner on the 19th or that you just enjoy a healthy exchange of opinion or advice.   At Full Moon you simply wish to cut yourself some slack as some form of retreat beckons, maybe just some time out, a disappearing act or activities that feed your soul and replenish your spirits.


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