THE WEEK AHEAD: 22-29 November 2020

Even if you’ve suffered setbacks and stagnation at times during 2020, there’s a whole movement and flow that will enable you to make up for lost time.  This partly comes about because you find yourself connecting with those that are in total alignment with how you think.  This means you can take that vital step forward and cut loose from what has held you back.

THE MONTH AHEAD: November 2020

It hasn’t been easy trying to steer your own path amongst the global dynamics and waves this year.  Even your co-workers, friends and associates have been under the cosh of the covid signature planets that has meant they have exchanged the freedom to live their own lives with an enforced imprisonment.  Yet what happens when Jupiter meets Pluto on the 12th goes to show that all is not lost.  In fact, you’re being reminded that a wave of expansion could come out of all this that re-shapes the team or friendship, even your place in the world.  With a pair of eclipses due before the end of this year – the first of which lands on November 30th you’re re-arranging what it means to be you and where you’re going in life.



The universe is giving you a masterclass in love that takes 14 years! Ever since Neptune moved into Pisces in 2011 you’ve been swimming around in uncharted waters. This lesson is not about the shallow end where you can dip in a toe but where you get the full immersion of the heart. Where you are called upon to give so much more, to learn so much, to elevate yourself in qualities such as acceptance, grace and surrender. It’s a pretty special time and 2020 is no exception. In terms of friendships, being able to bond with like minds then you’re also moving through exciting times that require you to be discerning and wise. A friend could be the trigger for a whole new chapter in your life this year…..



As the eclipses move to accent your life direction on June 5th December 14th you’re feeling moved to take on a whole new sense of purpose. It feels like now or never for one or more of your goals but don’t forget that you can surround yourself with a support system of advisors or team mates that all hold the same motivation. As Mars reverses through Aries between September 9th to November 14th you should use the Autumn period as a time to review and take stock of your position so that you are well placed to capitalise on what is yours at the year’s end.

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