THE WEEK AHEAD: 25 January - 1 February 2021

You need to adopt a ‘wait and see’ policy in this final week of January.   Strategise for the long haul as Mercury will turn retrograde next Saturday and things are going to chop and change next month.  In the meantime, be as zen as possible, no matter what’s going on, you have that inner sanctuary which offers a chance to rise above it all.

THE MONTH AHEAD: January 2021

January is a veritable whirlpool of choppy water, but you are a seasoned swimmer in turbulent currents.  Whatever the world is throwing at you, rest assured that you can use your innate adaptability to move with the times.  For some Pisceans there are changes to a cohort, corporate or group of people that affects your place within it.   For others, news is travelling so fast that it makes your head spin.  For all that falls by the wayside in January, there are encouraging signs of growth and future developments that are part and parcel of exchanging the old for the new.


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