THE WEEK AHEAD: 28 June - 5 July 2020

Fed up with sweating the small stuff?  Here comes your chance to think much bigger and better as Jupiter joins up with the transformative planet Pluto.   This spells big changes and opportunities that could take you into a different league.   However, you need to remove all that has been blocking your pathway so that the new has a chance to flow in fully.


The need to manage finances for future growth is paramount.  You’re either putting the finishing touches to a negotiation or making decisions to pull out of or plug into certain projects.  Although Mercury’s retrograde motion up until the 12th causes moments when it’s literally the first to blink, mid July you get the upper hand.   Your great gift is your ability to make the best of any situation and to spot the potential where others can only see problems.  High vibe Leo is where the Sun is heading on the 22nd, creating a bigger world for you to play in.



You need to clear up any unfinished business regarding relationships, particularly between May 13 and June 25 as Venus reverses through Gemini and the relationship angle of your chart. You may need to give someone space or deal with an ex, or review where a relationship is going at this time. The autumn is another period to hold your fire rather than rushing straight in – yet you end the year with a rare clarity about commitment, with all its implications.



If 2019 kept you on your toes with new vistas of what may be possible, then 2020 is your year to manifest those opportunities into something real and lasting. Although January is most probably a defining moment for facts, figures and practical realities, the months of April, June and November present golden opportunities to capitalise and make a breakthrough. The combination of your positive attitude and being able to hold your fire when you need to could prove a winning formula so that December 2020 is a true culmination point.

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