THE WEEK AHEAD: 20-27 September 2020

Mars in Aries is an activation of your subconscious energy – a place with which you are familiar as a Scorpio can move between the invisible and the visible with ease.   Whatever has been welling up inside can no longer be ignored.   Acknowledging what you need to do now in order to unstick yourself from blocked energy is paramount.   You will feel a power surge in your energy field as you reclaim all that has lain dormant inside you.

THE MONTH AHEAD: September 2020

The circle of people around you is growing and new opportunities are arising.  You’re enjoying the creativity and magic of those things that lift you away from the mundane.   Yet Mercury and Venus are heading into your zone of intuitive perception and soul for most of the month so it’s also good to take some time and space to ponder what’s going on for you at a deeper level.  You can take stock of where you are and clear the decks of any past residue.



As Uranus continues to alter your whole relationship to the word ‘relationship’ in 2020, it’s time to look at significant others as mirrors, teachers, awakeners – whatever it is you need to learn, you can be sure that this year will be highly stimulating. Your capacity to mentally connect – to experience that meeting of minds, the capacity to verbalise, intuit and perceive and receive others is very much enhanced. It all starts in the mind…. and your mind has the power to make magic this year.


Whatever line of business you’re in, it’s the information, words, messages, learnings and teachings that make you the big connector this year. You have to focus on what you really want to say in January and this is followed by several opportunities to leverage your reach in 2020. You can experience epic transformation through your ideas, opinions and voice and this is where others acknowledge your gift.

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