THE WEEK AHEAD: 7-13 August 2022

You’ve got a powerful message to put across – one that you’ve been holding onto for a while.   Suddenly an opening is here that is capable of re-calibrating the inner with your outer experiences in  life.  Make it a fresh start energetically.

THE MONTH AHEAD: August 2022

The high voltage connection between the North Node, Mars and Uranus in the relationship angle of your chart is charging things up as August begins.  There’s an element of fate and destiny here and a rapid pace that moves things swiftly in terms of a collaboration or connection, severing the unsuitable whilst sparking new excitement.  Allow things to settle down in their own time and use the Full Moon on the 12th as an anchor to ground yourself.  As Mars moves into your zone of shared business interests and emotional intimacy the coming months will give you ample opportunity to establish a way forward.




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