THE WEEK AHEAD: 11-18 April 2021

With your intense ruling planet Pluto very much centre stage this week you’re looking at changes to the way you live your life and/or your working routines.   Pluto requires you to access the utmost inner power in order to turn a corner and it some cases signifies a massive date with destiny.  The moment has come to eliminate all that symbolises merely going through the motions and live life with passion.


Striving to get things done is your major thrust during the month of April.   You’re plugging into a new regime, a new order in your life that will create a different way of living, working and operating.   Being a Scorpio makes you so resilient you probably haven’t even realised how much you’ve been putting up with a very long time – but now’s the time to clear the decks and start afresh.  Venus sashays into the relationship angle of your chart from the 14th and from the 23rd you can expect things to take off like a rocket as the planets conjoin with maverick Uranus – in some cases altering things in the blink of an eye.   The hugely important Scorpio Full Moon on the 27th reveals that you are truly at the end of one era and on the brink of another.




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