THE WEEK AHEAD: 6-12 April 2020

The Taurean traditions are being tested right now as Mars confronts the revolutionary planet Uranus.   It’s all change and you need to be adaptable and inventive and to look at everything with fresh eyes rather than  attempting to re-create what used to be.   The Full Moon midweek is a time for management of the daily rhythms and making simple but empowered changes and choices.


Having a positive mindset is still enabling you to look forward to our future.   It is an art in the present climate!  Although you are continuing to make adjustments to your everyday way of life, in some cases you feel a sense of liberation.  It’s almost as if you’ve been suddenly relieved of what used to occupy you, and instead you get to be with yourself in your inner life, which after all is a wondrous thing.   Of course, it’s not entirely a bed of roses and events around the 14th and 21st present those circumstances beyond your control.   Yet Taurus time arrives on the 20th which boosts your internal light and warmth.  This is followed by a New Moon spelling a new cycle for April born bulls and the Sun’s union with change-maker Uranus on the 26th further compels you to make those life-altering choices.



No matter what age you are, what your current situation is, the planet Uranus is re-writing your script. Perhaps you will discover new ways of relating, or have a need to explore beyond what has proved less than satisfying for your heart. Ultimately, this great awakening planet can liberate you from old notions of what love is and align you with ways to experience a love that takes you beyond old limitations.


It’s a year to tread new territory – your footfall is going to be in new areas whether that’s in terms of location or impact. So it is best to enter 2020 in an entrepreneurial state of mind, but never forgetting that the bottom line is being practical, grounded and in touch with your earthy value system. You can have great success travelling, learning and stretching your horizons although May/June and September to November are times to consolidate rather than push forward. You most certainly end the year in a new position.

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