THE WEEK AHEAD: 18-24 February 2024

You can dip into the gentle energy of Pisces from Monday which soothes your soul.   Even if there’s a flurry of activity in your world you find ways to maintain your connection to those things and people which provide meaning and emotional intelligence.   This is important as towards the end of the month you’re going to make some all-important choices which reflect your true inner values.


THE MONTH AHEAD: February 2024

You seem to have reached a junction point in terms of what you want to do in the world.   Perhaps something isn’t working as it used to do and even a stalwart Taurus realises you need to cast your net wider.  February favours important discussions which pave the way for a transformation.   Even if you’re hugely attached to the past, all the signs are that you would do well to explore something new.   Practical steps can be taken at the end of the month and confirmation is reached which at least gives you the exact lay of the land.


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