THE WEEK AHEAD: 7-13 August 2022

You’ve been experiencing something of a re-set and the show isn’t over yet!  Whilst some developments feel frustratingly blocking, others jolt you into a new awareness that means you can take matters into your own hands around the time of the Full Moon on Friday.  However, be aware that for every action, there is a reaction and therefore more karma.

THE MONTH AHEAD: August 2022

The extremely rare gathering of the North Node together with Mars and Uranus in your sign means you enter this month as a newbie in a life experience that is taking you to the edge of everything you have ever known.  This isn’t it itself a bad thing as long as you view it as a voyage of discovery, an awakening, a new way of being.  However, initially it could feel like a jolt or a bolt from the blue.  Give yourself time to assimilate, process and adjust and by the Full Moon on the 12th you’ll have a handle on what’s happening.   Besides, Mars the action planet will vacate Taurus on the 20th and the pace of life will return to something resembling normality!


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