THE WEEK AHEAD: 20-27 September 2020

This could well be a week where karma from your previous actions and decisions comes into play.  Sometimes not doing something has far reaching consequences in the same way as the things you do.  You’ll see what’s going on and the need to slow up, review, process and acknowledge comes in.   Repeating old patterns is simply not the way to go.

THE MONTH AHEAD: September 2020

During Virgo time your life force is at its strongest for pushing forward and creating new strands of confidence, particularly around the Virgo New Moon on the 17th.  Yet you can’t help picking up on the caution in the atmosphere that means people are unwilling to commit to long terms projects and financial scenarios require delicate handling.  The Mars retrograde period which begins on the 9th lasting two months is ideal for the Virgo mindset of detail and good preparation.



For many Virgos the first month of 2020 represents a culmination of what has been brewing in 2019 and vital decisions regarding matters of the heart are to be made. Being practical by nature you rarely veer from the safe and sensible and this is why you find yourself trying to keep other people’s feet on the ground, pointing out realities and aiming to preserve and conserve. However, sometimes the heart has its reasons reason cannot understand and this may be such a time. With Neptune still in your partnership zone, those close to you may be your greatest teachers even though the lessons they bring do not sit easily with you. However, there is much to celebrate this year.


As the eclipses move to accent your direction in life from May onwards, you are being offered a fresh start of sorts. It may seem more trouble than its worth as it certainly requires a Herculean effort. Yet diligent Virgo can work miracles if they put their mind to it and you may find that you are better off in a totally different setting. You are in the mood to make things work and in your inimitable style you will leave no stone unturned in the process…

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