THE WEEK AHEAD: 2-9 August 2020

For many Virgos this early part of August will be the absolute wake-up call you need.  A jangled Full Moon on Monday is not to be ignored and can flag up important revelations that free up your thinking.  Whether you need to extricate yourself from the past or work things differently, now is not the time to fall back into old patterns that have undermined you in the past.

THE MONTH AHEAD: August 2020

Whilst the Sun and your ruling planet Mercury occupy the secret, hidden 12th house area of your chart you feel the need to go into retreat, re-charge your batteries and work on things behind-the-scenes.  If you’ve been suffering from a form of spiritual malaise, this is the time to soul-search and reconnect to your inner spirit and source energy.  Early August can bring a flare up which requires attention emotionally or physically.   So take this as your cue to ‘work on yourself’.  The vital link between mind, body and spirit is not to be under-estimated as Mars is present here until early 2021, requiring you to address what hasn’t been working or has been undermining your energy and wellbeing.  As a Virgo, attention to detail is the answer.  Once the Sun enters your own sign on the 22nd this August you’ll receive that life spark that restores and revives your faith in life.



For many Virgos the first month of 2020 represents a culmination of what has been brewing in 2019 and vital decisions regarding matters of the heart are to be made. Being practical by nature you rarely veer from the safe and sensible and this is why you find yourself trying to keep other people’s feet on the ground, pointing out realities and aiming to preserve and conserve. However, sometimes the heart has its reasons reason cannot understand and this may be such a time. With Neptune still in your partnership zone, those close to you may be your greatest teachers even though the lessons they bring do not sit easily with you. However, there is much to celebrate this year.


As the eclipses move to accent your direction in life from May onwards, you are being offered a fresh start of sorts. It may seem more trouble than its worth as it certainly requires a Herculean effort. Yet diligent Virgo can work miracles if they put their mind to it and you may find that you are better off in a totally different setting. You are in the mood to make things work and in your inimitable style you will leave no stone unturned in the process…

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