Welcome to your 2022 forecast for the year ahead from Debbie Frank.


Be patient with a slow start to 2022 because the best is yet to come!  February picks up speed and on May 10th the bountiful planet Jupiter enters your sign for the first time since 2011 – staying with you until October 28th.  With fabulous synchronicity you also have the action planet Mars in Aries from late May to early July – a great manifestor combination.  Saturn’s supportive presence in your networking zone aligns you with all the right people.


Taurus you are elevating your quantum powers by flying into new dimensions although ever ready to land with your feet on the ground.  Intriguingly the North Node arrives into your sign until mid 2023 and this closes out a cycle that began mid 2003 through 2004.   See if you can connect the dots and prepare for fresh input.    A pivotal eclipse on April 30 is your re-brand time.  November 8th for meaningful relationship.


Jupiter’s life enhancing position at the top of your solar chart allows you to experience the first 5 months of 2022 with an expansive vision of what’s possible.  You can see for miles and have the confidence to reach out.   Between May and late October the Gemini chart is infused with people power and it’s all about your team, tribe, network, friends and associates.  Autumn is your go-get time.   Then let go as Mars retrogrades in Gemini and allow things to settle.


It’s a hugely expansive year for crabs who are venturing forth into new mental and physical territory.  the crazy thing is that you’re finding it quite comfortable outside your normal comfort zone.   Proof that those lines in the sound are moveable!  An amazing circle of like-minded people surrounds you which you delights and excites you.  Mid-July to mid August is your Venus in Cancer love season.


Opening up to greater level of support and trust is part of your journey through 2022.   You’ve discovered exactly what works for you in relationships and paradoxically better boundaries also gives you the clarity to establish greater closeness both professionally and personally.  February and March are you launch pad months.  Mid April is when the cosmos is at its most generous setting you up for the rest of the year.


2022 is a year of new horizons, learning curves and a constant exchange of ideas and information that’s likely to keep your mind abuzz.  Many Virgos are wanting to explore new environments – either a different location or mentally stimulating areas.   As Jupiter sits in your relationship zone until May 10th you’ll experience a new found sense of togetherness in business or personal partnerships.  Someone is a very positive influence and more comes in the last two months of the year.


Finances and close connections are centre stage this year as the nodes move to highlight what you earn and what you share monetarily and emotionally.   This could signify a big step forward into a joint venture or deep personal involvement as part of 2022’s overall picture.  Yet you’re not a risk taker but a strategist and Saturn will strengthen your position.


The eclipse cycle is now in Scorpio/Taurus pulsing you with rebirth and relationship energy through this year.  Additionally, Uranus in Taurus is a fire-cracker that surprises you with live-wire people and events that have the capacity to wake up your capacity to connect. Jupiter in Pisces is inspiring and soulful – especially mid April which has a dreamy quality.


Jupiter promotes its blessings across your home, family and personal life, especially mid-April.  From May 10 this abundant planet moves to magnify the good times – late May in particular is a placeholder for enjoyment.  During 2022 Saturn asks you to narrow down, specialise and focus in order to get the best results.  November and December requires a wait and see approach to a relationship.


Pluto’s ongoing presence in Capricorn is particularly intense for mid-January birthdays.  However, all mountain goats are climbing up a relationship hill in January as Venus retrogrades through your sign.  Early March is a power-point of release of old baggage and awareness of what you value and want from here-on in.  Mid April suggests  a significant meeting of minds and a platform for connection and communication.    May onwards brings big pluses on the home front.


Saturn’s continued presence in Aquarius is an incentive to set your affairs in order right across the board, even more so if your birthday falls in the first two weeks of February.  Ticking those boxes, stream-lining, clarifying and focusing generates a great sense of completion. Many Aquarians are also feeling the urge to move or update their personal lives too.  You receive a sense that something is watching over you mid-April.


Jupiter infuses Pisceans with a spirit of hopefulness and optimism, not to mention drip-feeding you opportunities to move forward.  A rare alignment between Jupiter and Neptune in your sign mid-April is a green light.  Between May 10th and late October Jupiter in Aries is a money-maker and/or talent spotter and you bask in greater value.


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