Welcome to your 2023 forecast for the year ahead from Debbie Frank.


The presence of abundant Jupiter in Aries up until May 16th produces –  a great lifting effect – it might not make life perfect, but the confidence boost from this planet enables you to see the positives.  Especially in March when Venus and Jupiter marry up in your sign.  This month also sees Saturn moving into Pisces for the next 2.5 years, occupying your 12th house zone.   Time to get serious about your spiritual practice and clear any unfinished business.  Also in March we see powerful Pluto moving into Aquarius for the first time in 248 years.  You’re seeking meaningful connections.  April 20 is the first of a series of eclipses in Aries and Libra which places you under the spotlight for interventions of fate and destiny.  March -June is likely to trigger an important group endeavour.  July 22- September 4 is a Venus retrograde period – expect a blast from the past when it comes to relationships.  October 14 is a solar eclipse also likely to make an imprint on the future for you and a special someone.


The electric planet Uranus is still passing through the sign of Taurus this year, mainly affecting Taureans with birthdays between May 5-14th, however all bulls are apt to feel the ground suddenly shifting beneath their feet.  In a very good way from mid May when the abundant planet Jupiter moves into your sign for a full year and life looks rosier.  Saturn’s arrival into the people angle of your chart from March 7 invites you to be discerning when it comes to friendships and team-mates – only the true will do.  Pluto is also landing on the top spot of your chart between March 23 and June 11 which is a turn of your steering wheel in a meaningful direction.  Venus moves backwards so take it easy during the Summer ready for the final eclipsed Full Moon in your sign on 28 October which has a once and for all quality.


If you’ve been champing at the bit care of Mars retrograding through Gemini during the last couple of months of 2022 it’s green lights from January 12th (albeit with a Mercury retrograde).  You have all the way until 25 March to make up for any lost time.   As Saturn swings onto your midheaven for a 2.5 year stay on March 7 it’s time to sharpen your focus and concentrate on the done deal rather than the coulda, woulda, shoulda’s.   Pluto is also carving out longer term strategies between March 23 and early June.  The Venus retrograde of late July through to early September is a time to review communication patterns in relationships.  October 14th is a sizzling eclipsed New Moon date for personal happiness leading you into a full-on flourish with Mars in hot Sagittarius late November through to early Jan 2024.


You’re still in a development phase up until mid-May with expansive Jupiter singing your praises.  On March 7th Saturn begins a 2.5 year strategy of long term goals designed to place and position you exactly where you want to be in terms of location and interests.  Later in the month Pluto begins a four month foray into the distribution area of your chart – the central hub from which you dispense your emotional and financial favours – which begins a profound re-evaluation of exactly who is worth your emotional energy and money.  Jupiter’s arrival into the people angle of your chart from May 16th onwards ensures you’re gathering an amazing tribe or team around you to take you forward.  Check in with finances during the Venus retrograde July 22 to early September and ensure you know your true worth. October is for rooting into your home and family whilst ensuring your wider circle matches your frequency.


Saturn will finally move out of the relationship angle of your chart after an onerous stint of 2.5 years on March 7.  The brakes are off – but intense Pluto is moving in that same month so be careful what you wish for!  As Saturn will now get to work on the finer points of material joint ventures, assets, investments and the trust issues you’ve got to have your sensible hat on.  From May 16th glorious Jupiter is on your midheaven helping you to aspire to greater, grander goals.  Take time out between July 22 and September 4 as Venus reverses through Leo bringing up feelings, people and issues from the past so you can integrate or let go accordingly.  then it’s onto Autumn and the eclipse season in October which offers you a new lease of life.


If you’ve been on a go-slow for several months and into the turn of the year you’ll start to zoom ahead once Mars turns direct on your midheaven from January 12th – give or take a few Mercury retrograde bumps until the 18th.  The big news is the arrival of Saturn into Pisces and your zone of relationships on March 7 for a long term stay of 2.5 years.  It will bring things to the crunch in terms of commitment.  You want the real thing – a strong partner business-wise and/or personally and none that hang by a thread.   Overhaul your health and fitness regime during the 4 months that transformative Pluto occupies your zone of well-being March 23 through to early June.  Get super-organised and work with what you’ve got during the Summer months.  As Venus backtracks through the karmic angle of your chart between July 22 – September 4th attending to left-overs is paramount – or maybe that person who got away.  A financial spark looks exciting around the eclipse on October 14th.


As expansive Jupiter  continues to light up the relationship angle of your chart until May 16th reaching out, connecting and partnering in a double act feels life enhancing.  The solar eclipse in Aries on April 20 is packed full of partnership potential.  In other news, sensible Saturn is in the health and efficiency zone of your  from March 7 for a 2.5 year residency, giving you the desire to tidy things up in all areas and place your well-being as a priority.  Financial pluses are in your stars once generous Jupiter moves into the gift, dividend and bonus area of your chart from May 16th through to May 2024 – an organisation or someone close will prove to be a great support. Mid July to early September when Venus is in retrograde is a season to soft pedal on group activities whilst late August to mid October when ambitious Mars is lighting your fire in Libra is your period to put yourself first and activate your goals.   The solar eclipse in Libra on October 14th is a game-changer for powering your up over the following six months.



On March 7 serious Saturn moves into Pisces and your 5th House ushering in a 2.5 year period of applying yourself to creativity, children and aspects of your personal happiness.  Pluto your powerful ruling planet also makes his first foray into your home domain for 248 years!  Between March 23 and mid-June the great transformer will be active in building up your personal power base in matters to do with home and family, before moving in for a 20 year stay in 2024….   May is a big month as Jupiter sends his sparkles into Taurus and the relationship angle of your chart for the next 12 months and the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th is a force field of endings and beginnings.  Between July 22 and September 4 as Venus retrogrades it’s best to relax on pushing your worldly goals.  Ready for a powerful flourish between October 12 and November 24th when Mars in Scorpio has you forging ahead coupled and an impactful relationship is part of this around the lunar eclipse on October 28th –


As Mars has been reversing through the relationship angle of your chart, dragging on your energy field, it will turn around on January 12 and zoom ahead through to March 25th which will produce a strong can-do vibe.  Saturn arrives into your zone of home and family on March 7 for a prolonged stay of 2.5 years – an excellent time to build a firmer base.  On March 23 Pluto’s powerful frequency percolates the projects, communication and ideas sector of your skies and you’ll be in an intense four month period of getting your message across.  April 20th’s produces the equivalent of emotional sunshine which warms your spirit for months to come.  Stay with short term rather than long term plans between July 22 and September 4 when Venus is on a go-slow retrograde.  Your time of achievement is later in the year between November 24 and into the New Year as go-getting Mars in Sagittarius amps you up.


Prepare yourself for Pluto to dance between Capricorn and Aquarius as he does his final turn in your sign having been ensconced with you since 2008.   All Capricorns have felt his  powerful energies and changes and you’ll get a taste of being Pluto free between March 23 and June 11th.  Go gently into 2023 as Mercury reverses through Capricorn until January 18th.  March 7 is when Saturn moves into the communication angle of your chart and plans really take shape and commitments to projects will be a feature of the next few years.  Late March to mid May sees Mars in Cancer revitalising relationships and as Jupiter settles into the most personal angle of your chart on May 16th for a 12 month period there’s an expansive happy quality here.  Review all financial areas during the Summer between mid July to early September whilst Venus is reversing through your zone of joint finances (including your agreements with organisations).  Launch yourself out into the world as much as possible in the early Autumn period and you’ll find the solar eclipse on October 14th is especially vibrant for making an impact.


Although the Aquarius New Moon on January 21st is your clarion call to the move forward into 2023 it’s the arrival of the most powerful planet of them all into Aquarius on March 23rd that begins to re-work what you want and who you are.   Pluto has not been in Aquarius for the last 248 years!  So welcome the slowest moving planet of them all as he spends four months in your sign initially before back-tracking to Capricorn for the rest of 2023.  This the trailer for the big new cycle as he will spend 20 years in your sign from January 2024!   You will no doubt feel so much lighter after Saturn departs your sign on March 7 (not returning for 29 years).  Since March 2020 stern Saturn in Aquarius has co-incided with both the physical lockdown period but also blocked you emotionally.   It will be a release!   In other news, a lot of activity in Leo between May and September 4 pushes your attention to close personal relationships.  Decisions and re-writes are possible.  Set sail into new adventures around the eclipse on 14 October.


2022 marked the tsunami of Jupiter and Neptune together in your sign – overwhelming at times and fortuitous at others.  2023 marks a new era as you get back onto terra firma.    However the Saturn rebuild starts from March 7 as this planet of practical construction enters Pisces for a period of 2.5 years. During 2023 it will be the February fishes with birthdays between the 19th to 27th who will be hardest at work.  Think of it as a clearing out period, enabling you to live cleaner, in a more targeted and streamlined way.  As Saturn in the planet of commitment, many Pisceans will want greater definition in relationships too.  The arrival of Pluto for a four month stay in Aquarius on March 23 encourages you to go deep and meaningful, to carve out sacred space.  On the ideas front – Jupiter is a fountain of opportunity from May 16th onwards, expanding communication and connection.  July and August is a period when people push you to do what they want but you can stand firm at the Full Moon in Pisces on August 31 which is so close to decisive Saturn in your sign.  Look for areas of mutual benefit that spark up around the eclipse of 14 October.


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