Welcome to your 2024 forecast for the year ahead from Debbie Frank.


You’re in gear-change mode, a transitional period as 2024 marks the final year before both Saturn and Neptune enter Aries in 2025.  End of an era in many ways and finishing up a cycle of experiences as priorities and what seems relevant will alter vastly over the years to come, a change in consciousness that expands your world.   However back to 2024 and the need to prime yourself with the mindset of discovery.  The eclipses on March 25 and April 8 in Libra and Aries respectively flag up where you need to focus and with whom.  May through to early June is your go-get period with forthright Mars in Aries.   This is followed by Jupiter’s move to the Gemini from May 25th signalling a wealth of interesting ideas downloading and by mid August you’re flying.  The depth and range of what’s possible is enhanced by Pluto in Aquarius for much of the year and the power of groups, teams and alliances becomes obvious.

Your earning power is super-starred by Jupiter’s fabulous link with Uranus in the second half of April.  A time to expand an appreciation for your skill-set, talents and profitability.  Relationships are a key theme of the year with many rams making a major change or commitment during the eclipse seasons of Spring and Autumn which take things onto a new level or clear the path for a new set-up.    All in all 2024 invites you to take the initiative, be your true self and live in a way which matches your courageous spirit.


Jupiter’s uplift continues in your sign until May 25 with a parting gift to all those born under the sign of the bull in the second half of April when this planet of opportunity gets up close and personal with change-maker Uranus.  Therefore set your intentions carefully at the start of the year and look at both tangible and intangible ways of experiencing betterment.  For many Taureans small shoots of growth need to be nurtured during Jupiter’s residency in the personal asset zone of your chart for the rest of the year.  Saturn in the people, friends and group angle of your chart continues to enable both judicious pruning of and focus on where you belong.

As Uranus sparkles through Taurus all year, particularly for the May 9th to 18th birthdays this is no time to put off shifting what’s been stuck and uplug from what you no longer need  in order to turn your attention to new areas of discovery.   Pluto’s new prime position at the top spot in your chart begins a 20 year cycle of meaningful transformation.  Go with it!

Love shines bright with Venus in Taurus late April through to May 23 followed by dynamic Mars in your sign between June 9th and July 20th.  Focus on well-being and inner values at eclipse time April 8th.   Even exponential growth requires you to re-charge your batteries from time to time!


2024 looks set to be a bumper year as Jupiter’s generous rays start playing in Gemini from May 21st onwards enhancing many areas of your life and enriching your potential for positive outcomes.  Jupiter only arrives once every 11 years so this is something to look forward to, whilst keeping your feet on the ground, Saturn style as this planet wisely encourages practicality and realism.

Pluto’s new position in your fellow air sign frequency of Aquarius also pivots you onto a new trajectory for the long term.  Opening you up to places and possibilities which you didn’t see before.  It’s a year of growth and make sure you make the most of it in mid-August when Mars and Jupiter catch up in Gemini offering a big confidence boost.

In other news there’s  a great sense of moving on from the past, opening yourself up to a new awareness which releases you from old issues by uplevelling and transcending them.  The Sun matches Venus during Gemini season enhancing relationships of all kinds.  This is followed on July 20 through early September by Mars in go-get mode.  2024 is your year to do what you’ve always wanted to do!


As Pluto finally gets his eviction notice from Capricorn, you enter the year pondering the immense inner transformation which has powered you with or without certain significant people over the last 15 years.  You’re now well and truly in the regeneration phase of relating and making tweaks up to mid-February which reflect this.  Jupiter’s presence in Taurus has widened your circle and throws a party in the people angle of your chart together with wild-child Uranus late April.

Saturn and Neptune pulse you to alter course as you see fit.  Red and green flags offer you warnings and welcomes respectively regarding future plans.  The new paradigm offered by Pluto’s long term move into Aquarius on January 21st will slowly lead you to a deeper connection with others and greater understanding and valuation of trust.

The eclipses on March 25, April 8 and October 2nd present pivot points for you to check in with your work/life balance and to focus on the eternal Cancerian dance between the inner and outer world.   Mid-June through to the Capricorn Full Moon on July 21st is a time when the heart chakra flows beautifully.  Autumn is a dynamic season with Mars in your sign pushing you on.  It’s a year of breakthroughs and investments in people and plans.


As Pluto takes up residence in Aquarius on January 21st and about to spend two decades pulsing through the relationship angle of your chart, prepare for your interactions to become more deep and meaningful, more absolute and authentic.  Whomever looms large in your life be it business or personal this is about your capacity to be your powerful self.  Pluto backsteps away from September to November 19th but the signature of 2024 is ‘game on’.

Attitudes to joint finances, investments and even issues of trust remain under the astrological spotlight. Encouraging you to re-distribute your time, energy and money as you see fit.  Jupiter overhead until May 25thshines a spotlight on professional and personal development, especially around the third week in April when you can take advantage of a breakthrough.

The eclipse pattern in Spring and Autumn charges up projects and future trajectories.  Yet lions are reaching a re-set point from December 6th through to early 2025 when Mars changes direction in your sign.   You end the year with a deep question to answer – what is it that you really want?


The relationship corner of your chart remains highly active in 2024 encouraging you to tie up loose ends, let go of the past and move yourself into clearer connection with significant others.  Accepting who they are is part of this,  avoiding re-runs and focusing on what is rather than what may be.  Your powers of discernment are primed for realism in relationships therefore you  provide ballast for others to keep their feet on the ground too.  The powerful lunar eclipse on September 18th is the first of a series that runs through 2025 and 2026 each one getting you closer to the one-to-one answers you seek.

Pluto’s long term move into your work and well-being zone reminds you that quality of life is everything and over the coming years you need to focus on fixes that regenerate and transform you mind, body and soul.  Meanwhile, Jupiter encourages you to open up new windows of opportunity before this expansive influence moves to the ‘big time’ point on your chart on May 25th .  From here-on in there are many opportunities to claim the success you deserve.

April is your month to kickstart new programmes, plans and prospects whilst mid-August powers you up with a burst of enthusiasm.  Financial prospects are pulsed for make-overs with the eclipses of March 25th and October 2nd.   This is your year to take hold of your drive and determination.  To discover how the qualities of Virgo translate into the biggest gifts.


As the South Node continues to rumble through your sign for one more year the overall frequency is of letting go of that which blocks your true self or purpose.  Coupled with the eclipses in Libra on March 25th and October 2nd you’re being asked to make those vital decisions, take hold of your destiny and carve out a new future.

Relationships are a key area too with the North Node pulsating through your zone of soul contracts (both business and personal) lighting up your pathway and an epic eclipse on April 8th it’s all about activating the start, refresh or delete button.  Decisions may not be your favourite thing, but 2024 has you jumping off the fence and following through.

Financial matters gain a lucky break care of Jupiter and Uranus zinging in your zone of earning power and valued skillset in April .  This is followed by a New Moon on May 8th which introduces a new revenue stream or enterprising plan.    Health and everyday well-being would benefit from a strong personal regime and self-care being made a priority including ways to introduce more peace into your life – everyday micro cells of bliss.


As your powerful ruling planet Pluto establishes itself in the most personal zone of your chart for most of this year and two decades to come, prepare yourself for the dawn of a new era.  It all stems from how you want to live, who you are on the inside and where you feel at home.  Family matters will take on extra significance as you shed the past and learn what it really means to move on – psychologically and spiritually.   All of this reveals the new you.  A Scorpio who has truly tapped into the freedom to accept joy, love and happiness without any limitation into your being.

As expansive Jupiter occupies Taurus, your opposite number until May 25th there are seeds of opportunity to connect and partner with those who bring expansion to your life.  Sizzling Uranus is also here joining with Jupiter in a seismic crescendo on April 21st just before the Scorpio Full Moon on April 24th – a wave of relationship energy culminating in life enhancing decisions.   The Taurus New Moon two weeks later on May 8th and exciting developments around the 18th propel you further into the new beginning.  The lunar eclipse on September 18th enhances your creative spark.

Joint assets, joint ventures and capital growth through shared enterprise is well starred from May 25th onwards as Jupiter’s generous influence in your zone of mutual benefits is apparent through the rest of the year and into the first half of 2025.  Trust in those who share your integrity and frequency.  Work and well-being receive re-vitalisation with the solar eclipse on April 8th.  Don’t be afraid to release the old with eclipses on March 25thand October 2nd ringing the bell on what needs to go.  Your future happiness is too important to hang onto any excess baggage .


You should be all set for a revitalised quality of life.  Work and well-being receive a huge boost on April 21stwhen your ruling planet Jupiter teams up with change-maker Uranus carving out exciting opportunities to enhance your lifestyle and living patterns including the way you spend the hours in your day.   It’s time for many archers to experience a radical make-over.

The Sagittarius Full Moon on May 23rd is a pulse point for you to focus on raising your vibration.  Just in time for Jupiter’s beneficial influence to become resident in your zone of relationships from May 25th, making this a cracker of a year for any personal or business developments involving significant others.  Early June zings with powerful encounters of light due to who’s there for you.  From July 20th until early September Mars in Gemini opens more doorways, especially on the 14th when Mars and Jupiter are in perfect union.

Money-wise you hit the ground running in January from the 2nd when maverick Mercury ends its retrograde in your sign and Mars moves from Sagittarius to the business sign of Capricorn on January 4th.  September and October are key months for enhancing cash flow through investing your time and resources with the right people.  Think differently as Pluto explores new and meaningful areas of interest from 2024 for many years to come.  A richly passionate line of enquiry is taking you beyond what you thought possible.


You are truly part of the awakening in 2024 as Pluto dances on the edge of Capricorn and Aquarius.  It marks a shift from the old to the new and as this great transforming planet has been in your sign for the last 15 years .  2024 will feel like flicking a switch – a change of frequency from January 21st to September 2nd when it pivots back for one last time before the final kiss off on November 19th.  To put all this in perspective cast your mind back to all that has happened since 2008.  Then leap forward to the dawn of 2024 – from here-on in is your ’after’.

The eclipse patterns in Spring and Autumn speak of your need to pursue your most important dreams and goals, whilst refining the way you want to live – the how, with whom and where.  April 8th in particular is a solar eclipse that encourages a personal re-birth.  This is your year to put down roots that will support everything else in your life.

Your’re finally able to make decisions from a place of wisdom rather than pressure which totally suits your strategic sensibility.   January through to mid-February when the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all pass through your sign ticking boxes as they go.

The Capricorn Full Moon on July 21 is a crescendo of the heart , teamed with Mars, Uranus and Neptune you’re feeling more emotionally available and present.  Ready to experience an openness which alters relationship dynamics for the better and showing you the benefits of being spontaneous with those you love.   November 3rd signals a further breakthrough in how you handle your personal interactions.  As Pluto takes up full time residence in the money angle of your chart from November 19th you’re all set for an entirely new take on what prosperity really means.  


Being the sign who likes to be one step ahead of the rest you’ve already clocked the vibrational changes afoot as the mighty Pluto arrives into your sign on January 21st until September 2nd and then a 20 year residence from November 19th.   This will alter how you feel about all areas of life because you, as a person, are experiencing a huge shift in what you value, what matters to you, your goals and how you want to live.  At first this happens quietly and internally so no-one else will notice.   Yet incrementally you are taking back your power from everything and everyone so that you can experience life the way you want it to be.   It is going to be an extraordinary awakening.

Mid-February through to March 22nd places vibrant Mars in your sign – encouraging you to ‘make things happen’.  As your world expands with the Spring and Autumn eclipses you start to broaden your reach with a great desire to explore new and interesting places and subjects.   These spark a passion for life that may have lain dormant in previous years.  An inkling that from now on, life will take on a richer hue.

You sparkle in many ways from May 25th onwards when Jupiter’s move to your fellow air sign of Gemini expands romance and creativity through the rest of the year, lifting your spirits and capacity for fabulosity.   The Aquarian Full Moon on August 19th high octane.  Pressure cooker Mars in Leo fires up relationships in November and then turns retrograde on December 6th giving you time to cool before coming back into play in 2025.   Altogether 2024 is going to take you far beyond your comfort zone to embrace unexpected delights.


Embrace the final full year of playing host to both Saturn and Neptune.   Saturn crystallizes what’s for real in your life whilst Neptune encourages you to let go and transcend lower vibrations.  It’s a major piece of work on your life journey and you should feel proud you’ve come this far with every lesson now steering you from your bank of emotional intelligence.   2024 is not more of the same.   It’s a step up in grounding, calling it in, ascending into manifestation with miracle consciousness.

March 22 to April 30th is turbo-charged by Mars in Pisces.   Then May 25th brings generous Jupiter to your midheaven – the prime pole for raising your visibility in the world.  The Spring and Autumn eclipses highlight where it’s possible for you to grow in self-worth and prosperity.   It’s the all-important lunar eclipse in Pisces on September 18th which is the major clearing and epic game-changer.

Close relationships are brought to the fore at the Full Moon on February 24th as you seek to balance reality with romance.  In the second half of 2024 the interplay between Jupiter and Saturn creates twists and turns which call for you to become an expert in making decisions that enable you to grow.  2024 is a year when love is rooted in fact, not fantasy.  You are discerning and at the same time allow those close to you to be themselves.


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